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About Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight

The convertible Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight proclaims to be a handy flashlight that can be placed on the ground, if required, using its built-in tripod design. It states to be lightweight and portable to use anywhere.

Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight CLAIMS

Apart from functioning as a standard flashlight, Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight asserts to have a handy mechanism in the middle. Users need to press the yellow button and bend it at the joint to extend the three non-slip legs for laying it flat on any surface.

Fully Adjustable – Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight emphasizes to convert from standard shape to a tripod that comes with adjustable angles to ensure users get the illumination level they seek. The claims made by the flashlight will be verified only once users review it. Even the light on the flashlight can be put to low-beam setting for helping while performing handy, intricate jobs. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed.

Additional Features – The flashlight guarantees to offer 40 times brighter output compared to a standard flashlight, thanks to its 5,000 LUX output. Users can allegedly switch Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight to a strobe setting for emergencies and even zoom it out and in to use it as a floodlight or spotlight. Did you find it helpful? Send us your reviews.

Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight Review

Clarence Flores, an Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight user, writes in her review that the flashlight isn’t as bright as she expected it to be. Also, she says that the flashlight didn’t work in tripod mode when the legs detached from the magnets but would function normally when the legs were closed.

According to Otis Green’s review, an Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight customer, the flashlight isn’t powerful enough and overall is pretty flimsy.

One customer, Myra Boyd complains in her Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight review that its legs don’t close tightly and one of them kept hanging a little loose. The flashlight’s body is mostly cheap plastic and isn’t very bright either.

As per the review of Patrick Bishop, Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight isn’t really powerful enough for a flashlight that gets powered by three AAA batteries. He expected a better output for the price it comes for.

Another Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight review by Dana Fields exposes it to be a poorly built device. Its tripod legs fail to stay handheld and require two-handed assist to open and close. Her review further adds that Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight drains the battery quickly even after using three AAA batteries. Overall, she isn’t happy with the flashlight and calls it a waste of investment.

Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight Questions and Answers

Q. What are the instructions to change the battery in Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight?
A. This flashlight requires three AAA batteries, and each battery goes into a dedicated slot placed on each leg of the tripod. Simply screw off the cap at the end and slide the battery in.

Q. Does Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight come with low, medium, high, and off selection as claimed by the manufacturer?
A. It is unclear since many users have received the flashlight with a standard on and off switch. It does come in handy for people with vision issues.

Q. What is the function of the center rod that lies between the tripod legs of Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight?
A. This rod is a part of mechanism with a spring tension that opens the leg when the user pushes the yellow button to trigger the tripod mode.

Q. Is Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight waterproof?
A. Nope.

Q. What is the lumen count on Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight?
A. No information is available.

Q. Can the magnetized legs on Atomic Beam Tripod Flashlight be used to attach it to other metals?
A. No, they are magnetized for the sole purpose of keeping them together when they are closed in the standard flashlight mode.


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