Atomic Beam Switch

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What is Atomic Beam Switch?

It’s an ultra-bright LED light switch that can be put up instantly to illuminate any place you want.

Bid Goodbye to Darkness

The makers of Atomic Beam Switch introduce it as the perfect solution to the problem of darkness in places where you need light but can’t set up one. Atomic Beam Switch is an LED light switch which, they claim, is not illuminates a place with very bright light but is also handy and of great utility value. Atomic Beam Switch that can be installed anywhere indoors as well as outside wherever you need light.


Easy to Use and Versatile
Putting up Atomic Beam Switch is simple and easy. It comes with velcro strips with which you can fasten it wherever you need. It could be some corner, your closet, around the outhouse or just about anywhere. You are given the assurance that it takes just an instant for Atomic Beam Switch to illuminate any dark area. It is also quite easy and hassle-free to unfasten Atomic Beam Switch, carry it somewhere else and install it in a new place. Atomic Beam Switch can be especially useful if there’s a power failure as it generates sufficient lighting instantly.

Atomic Beam Switch Q and A

Q. Can I attach Atomic Beam Switch over my kitchen sink?
A. You need stronger Velcro strips to your Atomic Beam Switch, which you’ll have to procure separately. The reason is that the Velcro strips provided with Atomic Beam Switch may not be able to bear its weight, and you’d better not take a chance with it. Consider attaching Atomic Beam Switch with tough hook and loop fasteners so that the lights remain secure. Since you’ll be switching the lights on and off a number of times, chances of these lights coming undone would be higher if you use the Velcro fasteners provided by the makers.

They aren’t strong enough and don’t come with good adhesive. Just dump them and get stronger ones, which are made of strong plastic and have very strong adhesive. These fasteners are commonly used for attaching electronic devices like Atomic Beam Switch so that they don’t come off for long periods. At the same time, please consider the fact that lights cannot be fixed permanently as batteries have to be changed when they get drained. You need to strike the right balance for that. The option to install lights using one screw also doesn’t work with a product like Atomic Beam Switch. You need to place the lights in such a way that they illuminate the space without shining directly into your eyes and causing discomfort. Hope this helps.

Q. Is Atomic Beam Switch waterproof or water-resistant?
A- No. Atomic Beam Switch aren’t water proof nor water-resistant.

Q. Which batteries go with Atomic Beam Switch?
A. Please get three AAA batteries for your Atomic Beam Switch. You’ll need two batteries in the upper battery compartment and one in the lower battery compartment. Batteries will come included and installed with your Atomic Beam Switch when you buy it.

Q. Are the bulbs of Atomic Beam Switch replaceable?
A. It’s highly unlikely that its bulbs are replaceable.

Q. Any idea how long the batteries used in Atomic Beam Switch last?
A. It depends upon the quality of batteries you put in it. If you use good batteries like alkaline they will last really long. The batteries that come with Atomic Beam Switch aren’t premium quality, still they do work fine and can last quite a while.

Q. What are lights of Atomic Beam Switch like- warm or white light?
A- White light. And they’re very bright.

Q. Is Atomic Beam Switch useful and safe around counter plants such as basil, rosemary, etc.?
A- No idea.


Atomic Beam Switch reviews

Atomic Beam Switch has been projected as ‘ultra-bright’ LED light, but most customers are complaining how hollow the claims are. One reviewer has written that he purchased Atomic Beam Switch because he thought that it’s bright enough to read by, but it turned out to be too dim. He says Atomic Beam Switch isn’t useful even in his closet.

Atomic Beam Switch, according to some others, doesn’t come with good adhesive either. Its velcro is rather fragile and can’t be relied upon. One of the users has said that while one of lights of her Atomic Beam Switch is working, the other one conked off within a fortnight. She did whatever she could to revive the light, but nothing clicked. It made the whole deal of buying Atomic Beam Switch a costly affair for her.

Some customers say that though Atomic Beam Switch isn’t bad, its velcro adhesive strips are a problem. They are very small and so can’t bear the weight of lights well. One reviewer has described his experience with Atomic Beam Switch. He put it up above his sink, but its adhesive came off and the lights dropped into water. He had to fish it out, disassemble it and let it dry.


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