Ascella LED Bulb Reviews and Complaints

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Today many of us lay a lot of emphasis on using energy efficient devices and appliances for our everyday needs. Yet it’s surprising that many still rely on the age old light bulb, which is not very energy efficient and burns very hot. What’s worse is you have to keep changing it ever so often. The compact fluorescent light might be slightly better when it comes to energy efficiency but it’s still not the best possible option for you. That right is reserved by the ground breaking Ascella Self Powered LED Bulb.


Ascella Self Powered LED Bulb
This brilliant bulb has 26 LED lights in it, which are your source of amazing white light. Importantly it is about 70% more energy efficient than the CFL light and an astonishing 90% more efficient than your regular light bulb. While using about 5 watts of power it gives out about 50 watts of light. Another advantage of using this bulb is that it remains cool to touch at all times, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones. And it’s long lasting too; in fact it can go on for up to 12 years.

The bulb also has many fabulous features, which make it an absolutely delightful product for you. The bulb can be used in three switch positions; turn the bottom switch and the bulb will give out light like any other bulb albeit lot stronger. You can also turn it in the middle position and the bulb will come on automatically. This feature helps convert the bulb into an emergency light when the power source is cut off. Thus it’s extremely helpful when there are blackouts, hurricanes or snowstorms for that matter. The bulb will go on for 3 full hours for your benefit.

You can also unplug the bulb and pull at its neck, which then turns into a handle. Now press the switch in the third position and you will have a strong flashlight, which will be your source of light when you are outdoors in the dark. Energy efficient, cost effective and packed with sensational features, this bulb is perfect for your homes.



What do I get?
You can buy Ascella Self Powered LED Bulb for $29.95.



Ascella Self Powered LED Bulb Video


5 thoughts on “Ascella LED Bulb Reviews and Complaints

  1. It’s not strong enough. The light it gives out is too soft and not like a traditional light bulb. So you can’t buy it expecting that otherwise you are going to be disappointed.

    Light shoots up. Firstly it’s not bright enough and you need a lamp to see it. Secondly, the light shoots up rather than on all sides, which is disappointing.

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