Arctic Air REVIEW | Personal Air Cooler BUSTED

About Arctic Air

Arctic Air claims to be a personal air cooler that cools, humidifies, and cleans the dust particles to give you refreshing air and maximum comfort! It promises to be both compact and portable making it perfect for anywhere in the home!


Arctic Air CLAIMS

Easy to use
Arctic Air alleges to be easy to use and set up. Simply pour water in the tank, plug it in and this evaporative air cooler asserts that you can create your own personal climate by adjusting the digital temperature display to the temperature that suits you. At this point of time there are no Arctic Air reviews to verify this claim.

When turned on, the 750ml water reservoir produces moist air that can cool a 45 sq. ft. area. Does it cool as well as promised? Send us your Arctic Air reviews. It claims to be designed with a noiseless, two-speed fan, adjustable air vents, water reservoir and LED light.This claim can be substantiated once we look at Arctic Air reviews.


How does Arctic Air Cooler work?
Arctic Air claims that its secret is hydro-chill technology that uses an evaporative air cooling filter that transforms hot air into cool air. Whether or not it works well is a question best left to be answered by Arctic Air reviews. Arctic Air maintains that it uses the simplest and most efficient cooling technology – water evaporation, taking hot and dry air and making it cool and moist. This claim seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after Arctic Air is reviewed.

Arctic Air promises to be Freon Free and doesn’t need any other toxic coolants. This claim can be proved only after we analyze the Arctic Air reviews.


Use anywhere you want
Arctic Air states that its sleek compact design fits well on your desk, nightstand or coffee table! It’s perfect for dens, work spaces,work, dorm rooms,basements, garages, offices, home offices, reading nooks campers, benches, and more! It’s great for travel too!
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Arctic Air REVIEW

Javier Ryan, an Arctic Air customer, writes in his review that it did not really do anything as promised. He was trying to cool a 4 x 4 x 6 sound booth but it just created a pool of damp air that was a little cooler at the feet.

Another user, Joanna Hill, has a similar opinion about its functioning and was highly disappointed with it.
A reviewer, Chad Pena, reveals that Arctic Air is just very well advertised but not well made. He found it to be useless and warns others against purchasing it.

One review by Teri Hogan discloses that Arctic Air does cool the air but does it only in one direction and not three as promised.

As per the reviews of Stanley Dawson, it doesn’t work at all. The wind coming out of it is not fresh and the fan makes a loud noise without having any actual power. The system leaks easily and gets strained even if used in a tiny bathroom space. Stanley says that it doesn’t make any difference at all even if the fan is placed right at the face. He suggests other prospective customers to not buy it at all.

One Christy Edwards writes in her Arctic Air review that it is a complete rip-off and doesn’t do anything as claimed. It raises the humidity from the water poured and makes the air hotter and damp instead of cooling the environment. She suggests users stay away from it and buy a simple fan instead.

Rita Craig, a disappointed customer, exposes Arctic Air in her review saying it only provides some cooling if the user is 2 feet in front of it. She also reveals that the water runs out in 1 to 2 hours and makes a lot of noise while functioning. As per her, it is nothing as advertised.

According to the review of Aaron Snyder, this cooler is completely useless as an air cooler and only blows cold air like a small fan would do. The smaller size that it comes in really hampers its reach as it can be used only for smaller areas. People who are interested in using it as an air purifier or humidifier will need to refill water every 4 to 8 hours. He also calls Arctic Air high maintenance since it comes for almost three times the price of a regular fan and does nothing impressive to justify its cost.


Arctic Air Questions and Answers

Q: How long does Arctic Air work for? Does it have the capacity to last through the night for providing cool air while you sleep?
A: Yes, it has a two-cup reservoir that should be filled before sleeping to last overnight.

Q: Is it possible to freeze the water before using it to make the coolness last longer?
A: No, you can’t freeze the water but can cool it in the refrigerator to make it a little cooler than the room temperature. It does make air coming from the Arctic Air a little cold but doesn’t really extend its refilling span.

Q: Can Arctic Air be used to cool a covered tent if there is a power source available?
A: The idea is to provide it with sufficient amount of water that is poured into it to cool down the tent area. But remember it is not an air conditioner; it will blow cool air in a small space with a little fan.

Q: Can Arctic Air be used inside the car instead of an air conditioner?
A: No, it is meant to cool only small areas such as a work cubicle. It isn’t powerful enough to cool the entire car especially since temperatures get high inside while driving.


What do I get?
Buy Arctic Air for 2 easy payments of $19.99 | Official Website:


Our Verdict on Arctic Air Cooler

Transforming hot dry air into cool air is the basic principle of any evaporative air cooling filter. So keeping this principle in mind such coolers are best suited for the people living in hot dry climate, it won’t work out for a place with moisture content in the air instead you will feel the damp air. Thus, while purchasing the cooler do look out that it can benefit you in the type of environment you live in.

Coming to the answer of the question is Artic Air Cooler correct choice or no? As per the reviews customers are disappointed with the actual results of the cooler as opposed to what was being described in the advertisement. You can look for similar products on and do some research about its working and reviews. Following are some of the alternatives we would suggest to look for and see if it fits your requirements – Homedics MyChill Personal Space Cooler for $53.93 having 3.4 star ratings with 51 customer reviews, Ideaworks kool down evaporative air cooler for $38.77 having 2.9 star ratings with 12 customer reviews.

We would recommend you not to go for personal air cooler instead look for the traditional air conditioners or usual room size coolers. As personal air coolers are small in size its reach will be short too and you won’t be benefited by it thus not worth the buy.

5 thoughts on “Arctic Air REVIEW | Personal Air Cooler BUSTED

  1. First bought the Arctic Air cooler which I intended to use to cool the parameter of my foodcart stall instead of using the conventional fan that doesn’t humidify air when in hot season like summer. I am very disappointed as the Arctic Air is nowhere near how it’s described on TVShopping (where I bought the item) and surely would return it. It makes a lot of noise that I do not appreciate as it make it harder for me to sleep peacefully and water runs out in less than 2 hours so you have to keep on refilling it for you to use it accordingly. Not a good buy. Definitely I would never recommend this product to anybody else.

  2. Lets cut right to the chase here.
    I will not buy or advise someone, to obtain one of these “coolers”.

    Misunderstandings abound regarding “air conditioning” (AC)
    AC removes moisture (humidity) from the air. Cooling is a by product of the use of AC.

    The LAST thing you want to do is ADD more moisture to an already elevated relative humidity air in your living space during hot humid weather. Which users of AC desire. I am not so sure people in average living or working spaces want higher humidity in the Summer season.

    I have not seen an issue with bleeding sinuses from extremely dry air from an AC. Very dry room air can occur with outside sub freezing temperatures. (Heating season reduces relative humidity since the outside air is very cold and raising the air temp in a living space drops the percentage of air moisture)

    I read this unit is “350 watts of power”….
    Really now ?
    It states use a regular plug in the wall power source. OK.
    AND will work on a computing device USB port…
    A typical USB port supplies about 5.25 volts at perhaps up to 1 amp of current.
    This means about 5 watts available.
    It would take around 70 amps of current, at 5 volts to supply a 350 watt load.
    Come on now…LOL
    The fan motor is likely a very low current motor to run from USB. It is just a small fan….

    I imagine a bit of “cool” is felt near the vents of this unit. But you are adding moisture to the space overall. A poor decision…

    A central air or window AC runs warm humid room air through the coils of the AC and when the air passes these very cold coils, moisture condenses at the coils and drips water outside the living space.

    To give you some comfort without AC, an inexpensive fan will do essentially what this unit does.

  3. Recently bought evapolar Brand looks same as Artic air but had bad leaking problems and cost five times as much Artic air is a better product all off these small evaporation coolers are only good to use if you are sitting facing or laying down with one metre don’t expect them to do anything like cooling tents cars or small rooms

  4. Is there ANY good reviews on this product. I don’t think I am interested is wasting money on something that does not work.

  5. Hello Folks, I saw this ad from As Seen On TV. At first I was impressed, at the theory of it that it might work. But then I came to this site and I did some research and realized there is no way this thing can work like they say. Especially after the messages from prior duped customers. What this is, is a mini-swamp cooler inside the area. I am 65 and I am sure that some of you reading this don’t have any idea what a swamp cooler is. Back in the late 40’s, the 50’s and early 60’s, we did not have air conditioning (cold air) like we do today. We had an outside unit that measured approx. 3x3x4 feet, that mounted into a window opening, It had a water pump that circulated water through its vents (3 sides) through filters, and the fan drew the outside air through the water saturated filters and due to evaporation with the circulating air, produced very cool moist air coming into the home through that window in that room. They worked great, and provided humidity unlike central air units now that remove humidity making the air so dry that your sinus’s bleed. As the temp went down on these swamp coolers, the colder the would blow moist are. In the summer when you had one installed (say the living room) it would really blow colder air. They had two speeds generally, low and high. High would make you very cold, if you stood in front of it. And a lot of times it was good enough to cool a whole smaller home if fans were used in assistance. Any one like me remember these? You can still buy them today, but they are expensive. But not as expensive as central air units. There is no way these little Arctic Air Units can deliver what they say. Don’t buy them. They cannot do what the swamp cooler did even though they use the same theory. The trick is for that type of cooling system, is fresh water circulation, outside input and high speed/high volume fans, that made them work and they still do. Little Artic Air does not meet any of these requirements. For any air conditioning system to work, you must take the hot air inside and put it outside. What is left is colder air. The swamp cooler told you to vent your windows some of them, (so the high pressure fan, could force the hot air inside out through the vented windows as it was forcing cold air inside) I hope this all made sense, bottom line don’t buy this little gimmick want to be miniature perfect little a.c. called Artic Air. K?

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