AquaStone REVIEW | Does Aqua Stone Humidify your room? find out here…

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What is AquaStone

It is a sphere stone that humidifies a room naturally and instantly by radiating water without the need of electricity or battery to operate. You just need to fill water to get it to work

AquaStone is supposedly the most convenient way to humidify a room instantly and naturally without the hassles that electric humidifiers have. Dryness in the air causes problems like static electricity, dry skin and allergies. To eliminate these problems and moisturise the room, traditionally one has to use electric humidifiers. But these humidifiers are more cumbersome because they are bulky, make a lot of mess and run on electricity or battery. But AquaStone promises to get rid of all these problems and humidify your room instantly and easily.


An effective natural humidifier

One of the greatest features of AquaStone is supposedly the fact that you just need to fill the sphere with water and it will instantly start working in an all-natural way. Apparently, the secret of AquaStone is the porous sphere that absorbs and then releases the water with natural evaporation thereby moisturising the entire room. It is said to be just as effective as a regular electric humidifier but claims to be better in many ways. Unlike regular humidifiers, AquaStone is said to be completely silent in functioning and does not use any electricity or battery to operate.


Way more convenient than electric humidifiers

With its beautiful design and looks, AquaStone is supposed to go well with any kind of decor. The stone humidifier can believably be easily moved from one room to another since it does not have any electrical chords so it works as great by your bedside in the bedroom as it does in your living room while entertaining guests. You also supposedly do not have to worry about power failure for it to work. Electric humidifiers also need constant cleaning of filters and need to be filled with water too frequently. But AquaStone supposedly needs to be filled just once and works for days on end and gives clean moisture all the time. The natural humidifier is believed to be economical since it not only costs lesser but also does not incur costs on electricity or batteries to operate.

Aqua Stone Features

The humidifier, AquaStone, is a set of two white dolomite globes (larger measuring approximately 4.5” diameter and the smaller one 3.5”) and black dishes. You need to fill the dishes with distilled water and the natural evaporation will moisturize the air. It weighs 1.7lb, looks stylish and has noise-free operation.

AquaStone Complaints/Disadvantages/Cons

The globes of AquaStone are too small in size to moisturize the air significantly. Placing two AquaStones in the same room doesn’t humidify the air enough. It is not effective on large and open rooms. You cannot determine the correct level its bowl has to be filled with water and once you place the globe into it, water spills out onto the counter or furniture. AquaStone also needs refilling frequently – on a daily basis.

AquaStone Advantages/Pros

AquaStone can effectively humidify a room to make you comfortable. It is easy to use, compact and lightweight so you can move it around the house and place it on counters and drawers that have limited spaces. It does not use electricity or extension cords or make noises like electrical humidifiers. It looks more like a decorative item because of its stylish and sleek design. Unlike electrical humidifiers it doesn’t damage when the water dries.


    What do I get ?

  • 1 AquaStone
  • 1 Mini AquaStone

Price: $19.99 + $10.00 S&H. Official website:

15 thoughts on “AquaStone REVIEW | Does Aqua Stone Humidify your room? find out here…

  1. I purchased a aqua stone from Wal-Mart two weeks ago and now it’s covered with black mold.I need some answers I use this aqua stone for two small kids that have been sick!

    • I had the same problem. Having that black mold is defeating the purpose. I am in the process on getting a number so I can call and complain. Otherwise I enjoyed it.

    • I had the same thing happen. It made our family extremely sick and I would love to contact you so we can come together and do something about this, as this product definitely should not be on the shelf.

  2. I purchased 2 sets and placed one in our bedroom, I turned on the ceiling fan, and closed the door. My husband and my dog stopped snoring that first night and haven’t snored since, and I am not waking up choking from the dry air in the bedroom. I like that they are not electric, that they are quiet and eco-friendly. I fill the basins every 2 days and wash them once a week. Someone said in one review at that the larger sphere was made thinner, but I see no evidence of that. I am quite pleased, and am sleeping better, breathing better, and not waking up choking or to the sound of my husband and dog’s snoring. I liked the product so much that I purchased more sets from and placed them all over the house. I highly recommend this product.

  3. I purchased my Aqua Stone and was amazed at how quickly it absorbed the water. I have it in my office and seems to help with dryness in the air. I love it that you don’t use electricity and have no noise, the only down fall is to fill it frequently. Would definitely recommend. It is very affordable.

  4. The humidifier stone works very well though the bowl needs to be filled daily. AquaStone is convenient for places like nursing homes where electricity is banned.

  5. Upon delivery, AquaStone smelled strange and the globes had to be rinsed off. The water in the dish evaporates to indicate it is working and the air does seem less dry when it’s at work. If you filled the AquaStone dish in the night it will moisturize the dry air and you will wake up feeling better. It does need to be refilled frequently and even if you soak the globes in water they do not tend to work longer duration of time. AquaStone is sleek and modern so it looks like a decorative item and not an electrical appliance cluttering the room. It does not make loud noises like electrical humidifiers or even use electricity. You do not need to plug it into an extension cord so it can be placed high up without dangling wires, out of reach of your kids. It does not moisturize a big, open room and can effectively refresh only one room. AquaStone does not malfunction or ruin when it runs dry like electrical humidifying appliances tend to do.

  6. The biggest drawback of AquaStone is that it needs refilling too frequently and cautiously to prevent it from overflowing and spilling onto the counter/furniture.

  7. Aqua Stone Humidifier stone is compact, stylish, lightweight, easy to use, and ideal for small counters. However, the small globes release only a little moisture into the air. There’s also no way of knowing when the globes go dry and need a refill. The dish has no ‘Max’ or Fill line inside to indicate the correct level of water. It overflows when the globe is put in. The globe is just a hollow and flat bottomed with cut-outs.

  8. Has anyone tried the AquaStone?

    Is it really good or just another TV scam?

    Does it work for bigger rooms?

    How is the smell like?

    Would you recommend this product?

    • AquaStone is effective in naturally humidifying the room but its size is too small to make a significant difference. If you fill the dishes of the humidifier just once a day, it will get more moisture in the air and the humidity will show an increment if you check on your humidity scale. But even after keeping two pieces of AquaStone in the same room it won’t be enough and there won’t be much impact.

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