Aqua Rug Bath Mat Review

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Have you ever wondered how you can stop slipping over in the bathroom with those wet and soapy feet? Normally you would avoid such slipping by using a rubber mat with pores in your bathroom. One problem that would exist with such a mat is that it might stain the entire floor underneath and ruin all the tiling. Apart from the dirt, it will start developing mildew which can be really unhealthy. But definitely you cannot find comfortable carpets for the bathroom. Aqua Rug makes this dream come true by being the world’s first such carpet. 


Aqua Rug Bath Mat
Aqua Rug is a unique carpet which is designed to be used for the shower, tub or any other place where there is water content. It provides the coziness of carpets which feels great with bare feet and that too under water! People who have used bathroom mats know how messy they are underneath because they block some water and never dry off easily. These mats also have suction caps underneath them which can create stain marks on the tiles and easily supply a suitable environment for unhealthy bacteria and moss. But Aqua Rug’s patented design has compression proof fibers allowing the water to flow right through it without any chances of percolation and mildew development because of it. It is made out of a durable material and has a no-slip backing to hold it in its position regardless of the amount and force of water on it.

Aqua Rug is perfect for people who have elders and children at home who have higher chances of slipping on wet floors. Another great advantage of Aqua Rug is that it is completely stain resistant. It has been tested with hard stain giving materials like mud, grime and even red wine. Once washed with simple water, such stains simply go away. Even use of pure bleach does not fade or stain its surface. Placement of Aqua Rug should be done right over a water drain to get the best results. Aqua Rug is the same technology which is used for expensive cruise liners yet comes for a very less price. In fact a limited time offer helps interested buyers to get one Aqua Rug absolutely free on purchase of one Aqua Rug with a 10 year guarantee on it.



What do I get?
Buy 1 Aqua Rug for only $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H, and get a second Aqua Rug absolutely FREE. No additional S&H on the second item! Official website Allow 7-10 business days for delivery.$10 surcharge for Canada & Non-Continental U.S. orders.
Aqua Rug Customer Service
Customer service is available Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Phone: 1-866-385-5248


Aqua Rug Bath Mat Video


105 thoughts on “Aqua Rug Bath Mat Review

  1. Wow! These mats feel so good on our feet, but they are basically junk. I bought ours locally so I saved on the crazy S&H charge. That being said, even the price minus the S&H was too much. The suction cups do not hold & after having it slip out from under us we finally threw it out before one of us was killed. The so called “microban” was not used on ours or if it was it did NOT work. We had to bleach ours twice in the few months we had the thing. & we hung it to dry after each shower. I would chalk this one up under “buyer be ware”.

  2. Loved these bath mats. They was up beautifully in bleach water. Lasted longer than any mat I ever had. Where are they now???

  3. Horrible!!!!! I slipped and fell. Had to get 6 stitches to my forehead. I am now afraid of bath tubs. Very traumatizing. Do not buy!

  4. I purchased the AquaRug and it is the most dangerous Bath Matt I have ever used. I had to get out of the bath tub 2’xs to move it back to where is was suppose to be. I was lucky to be able to finish washing me hair without falling an seriously injuring myself.

  5. I love it but can’t find it anymore. I had two of them and would like to buy 3 more as mine are old,. Thank you

  6. Aqua Rug is a very stable mat , but it ” GROWS ” mildew at a tremendous rate……….. This is the second one I have thrown out

  7. Aquarug is a joke. I was hurt very badly because of this product and if you Check Amazon, you will see all the bad reviews

  8. I was going to buy this mat but read these reviews first. So glad I did. Thank you to all who posted. Sorry you had such a hard time with this scam company.

    • Debra, I wish I had read these Aqua Rug reviews also. I purchased one from WalMart and I was severely disappointed with it. It slides all over my tub and the so called loofah is a joke. The water goes through it all right but that’s all that works for me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

  9. Aside from the non-mildew thing, which isn’t true…..I love this mat….it is never cold on my feet when I get in the shower and though the suction cups don’t work that well; if you push them down when the shower is wet they seem to stay. In addition, my husband has very sensitive feet and this is the only mat that doesn’t bother him. On a scale of 1-10….I give it a 7-8.

  10. Absolutely crap! Got mildew and changed colors..washed them and they fell apart….Nothing advertised was true. big waste of money..I was so disappointed.

    • My son and I both bought these Aqua rug mats. The advertisements are full of lies. They do not dry “instantly”. In fact if you don’t hang them up they never dry. They also mildew very soon after starting use. I have not had any trouble slipping but the suction cups do not hold. So far I have not been able to get the mildew washed out.

      • Agreed. They need additional, larger, and strong suction cups. Within 6 months the mat is clogged with hair and other droppings from the body which cannot pass through the mesh. Mold and disgusting discoloration inside the mat follows. These mats would be of more value if they were 4-5 feet long, $20 each, better suction cups, and for sale in retail stores as disposable Aqua mats that were replaced every couple of months.

  11. I was thinking about purchasing the Aqua Rug, I hesitated. I wanted to read the reviews first of those who actually purchased the product; thank God I did. I always read the reviews first before purchasing any item seen on TV. I am skeptical about most TV ads that sell products offering a buy one get one ” FREE ” scheme. If something sounds or appears to be “too good to be true” it is!!!

  12. Purchased “Aqua Rugs” for my dad. The prior bath mats kept getting mildew and were nearly impossible to clean. So when I read an article and then watched the infomercial about how they do not mildew or stain, I just knew I should get them for my dads shower. Well they are right in that the water does pass right thru them. TO BAD THEY WERE NOT RIGHT WHEN THEY SAID THAT THEY WERE MILDEW RESISTANT… About 6 months after I purchased them my dad was cleaning the shower stall when he picked up those AQUA RUGS to his surprise and mine they were covered in MILDEW the only good thing was that when I washed them in the washer and using a whole bottle of bleach they actually did come out clean.

    So you decide if they are worth the money or not… I think so but they are not all cracked up to be what they say on those infomercials…

  13. Oh My! Goodness, I appreciate everyone keeping it real on this Aqua Rug Bath Mat and there are many more (bad products) out there in TV.AD lalaland. Of course I seen the same ad on TV as everyone else and thought hummm it sure would be nice to have a soft rug underneath my feet so I can wash and massage them at the same time. No-Mildew or cleaning however I got to thinking about soap residue and what it does to showers/bath tub (buildup) Is the infomercial lying to us? “Yes” So, I decided to search for reviews on this product because I’ve been burned before uuuggghhh. If I had just taken the time to search for reviews prior to purchase it would have saved me the frustration and monies. Thanks all because now I do search for reviews on all products that I’m ordering online to see if they are bonafide.

  14. I am SO GRATEFUL I checked all of you all’s reviews prior to ordering this product!!! I have epilepsy, and it would have been my luck that I would have ended up having a seizure and having this “non-slippable” rug go out from under me.

    Thanks to all of you for your honest reviews!!! We have to keep looking out for each other; cuz, the manufacturers and the corporations sure won’t.

    • So glad I still can read. Living in the tropics, mildew free products would be nice. Being handicapped, one of my biggest daily fears begins each morning in the shower. Had I bought this, I am convinced I would have fallen in shower and if I could get up again, no one to sue.

  15. Was going to buy this Aqua Rug Mat for my husband. Thank god l took the time to read the reviews, that where mostly negative. Imagine how many falls my husband would have had, as he is disabled.

  16. Thanks to all the people who took the time to write a review. I definately won’t purchase one after reading all the negative reviews. shouldn’t be allowed to sell online. Not as advertised with a 10 year guarantee

  17. Thank you for all the informative comments. I was considering ordering this Aqua Rug Mat until I read all these negative reviews. Sorry you folks had such a horrible experience.

  18. “As seen on TV” is usually junk. Any time they say “we’ll throw in a 2nd one free” you can be sure they’re trying to unload a ton of junk on the public.

  19. This Aqua Rug Mat is a rip-off when buying online. The following Caution is listed on the packaging “Do not use on textured or uneven surfaces, may cause slip and injury.” would never had order the product had this information been posted on their website due to the type of flooring in the bath but now I am stuck, can return the product but must pay the “processing and handling fee. DO NOT BUT THIS PRODUCT ON-LINE.

  20. Just purchased the Aqua rug mat and installed it in bathtub. One day later fell while stepping into tub when the rug slipped. It has only four small suction cups to hold the entire mat. I would not recommend the product especially for an elderly person who could easily fall and be seriously injured or killed.

    • After I almost broke my neck, threw both of them away, now they are supporting the local land-fill, Will avoid buying any product offered by Tristar Products, Inc.

  21. Be careful about this scam operation. I have no problem with the product but you can ignore the $19.99 scam tv price. We were charged $69.99 and when we called they would only credit $19.99. If you want one buy it from a store and stay away from their web site sales. Not a good value at $50.00 for the rug.

    Thank you
    Wayne copes

  22. Just received our rug. Very disappointed. If you have any texture on the floor of your shower the suction cups don’t stick. The reason they advertise the ‘no mold’ is because when you read the directions is says to wash often. Well, duh! Of course there’s no mold or dirt. And when you try to order, once they get your credit card number you can’t back out of the order. My ‘buy one get one free’ ended costing me $40+ dollars. A real rip-off since I can’t use it in my shower. A big, big waste.

  23. Thanks to all for your Aqua Rug Bath Mat reviews. Sorry for all your troubles you are having. will take your advice and avoid this product. It takes people like you to share the knowledge of a scam and hopefully put this rip-off company out of business!!

  24. I ordered this Aqua Rug before Christmas on buy one get one free. I had fallen in shower so thought this rug sounded like something I needed. No problem. I wasn’t “scammed” out of any money. I think my bill was about $27. Rugs came in about 5 weeks later. One for my husbands shower and one for mine. After about 3 months, mine started building mildew on it. I had been satisfied with it until then. I threw it out and my husband gave me his since I am the one that falls. Same thing! It is now covered with black mold. Suppose to be guaranteed for 10 yrs. Now I have read all your reviews and see I may as well throw this one out and forget getting reimbursed or get two new rugs.

  25. Thanks to all those who submitted reviews. I just had a bad feeling after seeing the ad on TV and went online to check. Glad I did. The “no mildew” angle seemed to good to be true, just for starters. Biology 101, mildew happens!

    Those that want to sue are probably out of luck since the parent company is more than likely overseas.

  26. Bought over month ago, never used as other amt was still ok, Spring cleaned bathroom today, went to place rug in tub, read on label, cant use on TEXTURED TUBS, DAM IT, NEVER SAID ON TV, AND MOST NEWER TUBS/SHOWERS ARE TEXTURED, AM SO SCREWED, AS NO LONGER HAVE RECEIPT, ETC. DO NOT BUY UNLESS HAVE ALL SMOOTH TUB SHOWER BOTTOM.

  27. My husband and I thought that Aqua Rug would be a good ideal, cause we have those slight bumps on the bottom of our tubs. We bought one to see if it would work being twenty dollars, before buying for the other bath. Well it is only my husband and I at home now. And neither one of us works in a dirty places. I am a clean freak. The suction cups do not stick and I have to clean it every week, because of soap scum. Not sure how you checked it out before selling it, but it is a piece of , well you know. I should have known first time of buying something I seen on TV.

    Thank You


  28. Ordered over a month ago – they can’t find me by address but they cashed my check 2/4/13 — zip code 27521 is not in Goldsboro or Raleigh – send my rug or my money !!!

  29. Thanks to all who took the time to review this !! I was going to order and now I know better, Thanks to all of you! Best of luck in trying to resolve your purchase experience.

  30. They have charged my card three times for over $180 and never delivered the rug. Every week a new charge comes in. I was going to buy one rug, get the second free and pay separate shipping and handling for $35.97. But they have billed me three times for over $180!!! Do not buy from them or this rug. There customer service is in Panama, the parent company Tri Star Products, Inc. do not respond to your situation.

  31. This a sorry rip off. I only wanted one rug and they charged me for two rugs. I called and got somebody in India…. I just wasted $35.00 on crap.

    We Americans should be ashamed that we are so STUPID…. I Am!!!

  32. I have been waiting for over 5 weeks for an Aqua Rug. Online inquiry “is not available to give you better service.” Phone rep says that they have had overwhelming response and rug will ship in 2-3 more weeks. Are you kidding, no one has received product because of overwhelming response. After complaining long and loud suddenly my order is being expedited and I will receive it in one week. Stay away from this “deal”

  33. I bought one of these mats at Bed, Bath and beyond and the second day I sued it slipped and hurt my knee..isn’t worth what I aid for it..and it’s dangerous..only 2 suction cups on the whole thing ..dishonest advertising. I’m taking it back,and get my money back for it….I should make them pay for my leg too!

  34. After reading all these Complaints I too ordered this Product and found that its a waste my time…so what happened to me that day? I went back to 2009 where I had invented a product that makes the Aqua Rug Mat Silly. Its Now called ”” and its in testing and Patent Pending. I too was pissed off about buying a product that’s not helpful to its users. What I can tell you about TheBackBuddyPro is the its gives you a Cleaner Back without using your hands, now I am like most of you that suffer from shoulder pain and yet I can not wash by back …so I made this product to become part of your everyday usage, everyone in your family who shares the bathroom will benefit from TheBackBuddyPro coming soon in 2014. Tell me what you think and that will help me in providing a better product and not like the Aqua Rug Mat. Thank You for reading my story. Please tell your friends and help me pass this on . Thanks again

    Richard-Self Inventor

  35. On 1/16/13 I ordered two Aqua Rug Bath Mat sets buy one get one free on my computer. As I scrolled up it asked “Do you want to upgrade to the deluxe” so I did. By the time I was done my total came to $125.07. The rugs did come by the way so I called and got a guy that I couldn’t understand. He told me there isn’t any deluxe rugs that they are showing how much they cost a piece, these people are scam artist don’t buy from them.

  36. Thanks to those who submitted their comments on the Aqua Rug “special offer”, but I only came across them after I had made a web purchase yesterday.

    Their site at clearly states:
    “- BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! – 1 AquaRug for $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H, an additional AquaRug for FREE, Just Pay separate P&H! (Each qty of 1 selected includes 2 AquaRugs)”
    as I read it.

    So I entered all the required info and CC info, had to click numerous times on the “No” button and for each item and then suddenly I got an Order Number/invoice to save or print without any prior confirmation for details or shipping estimate, especially since I’m in Canada.

    But what the ****?? The invoice shows:

    RUGBG Aqua Rug – Buy One Get One Free 1 $19.99
    Sub Total $19.99
    Shipping $27.98
    Tax $0.00
    Order Total $47.97

    So I called their phone number to get an explanation for the Shipping $27.98 charges, and was told in barely understandable English, that they couldn’t check as their order server which must be using some pretty slow electrons that it takes 6-8 hours for the order to show, and to call back tomorrow.

    So I did, and also got barely understandable English support person, who finally explained that the Shipping $27.98 amount was due to the added shipping costs:

    $7.99 x 2 for the two rugs for $15.98
    Plus a $12.00 surcharge for shipments to Canada.

    OK, and thanks to the reviews here, I had to ask several times if they actually had stock and when would they ship.

    He finally replied that they were “out of stock”.

    Good enough for me, so I told him I’d stay on line until he could CANCEL and confirm my order cancellation – which he finally did.

    So my thanks to some of the reviews and possible scam from other reviewers.

  37. I am so grateful for reviews. Getting our home ready to move in my 88-year-old father who has polyneuropathy in both of his legs. His safety in the shower is critical. I wonder how this company would handle a lawsuit if a user were injured in a fall due to failure of this product. Thank you all for being willing to post your experience. It truly might save someone from injury or worse.

  38. DO NOT BUY THIS AQUA RUG.IT’S A SCAM ! IT NEVER COMES,AND THEY CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD TWO MORE TIMES,WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE! IT ENDS UP COSTING 100$ ,AND IT NEVER ARRIVES. Read other reviews! People who ordered last year in January 2012,still haven’t gotten their rugs.

  39. Ordered ONE Aqua rug mat online (yes, it was an option offered for just ONE plus shipping and handling). I had to go through and answer NO to numerous other offers before I got to the credit card page. You cannot see your total order cost until AFTER you give them your credit card information. That should have been my first clue that this was a scam. After they had processed my card, I had been charged for THREE rugs plus shipping and handling of $23.95. The total order came to $63.95!! I tried contacting the company but they never answered. I sent them an email and received a reply from someone who said they would get back to me. I never heard another word even after sending more emails to them. I’m disputing this charge with my bank to get it removed. DO NOT DEAL with these people.

    • Anytime you have any difficulty with a credit card purchase it is so easy simply to dispute the charge. In your case I would have immediately gone to my credit card companies account web page and disputed the charge or if not on line then called the service number to dispute he charge. It might take several weeks but the order would have been canceled.

  40. Aqua Rug Mat does not work with textured flooring in shower or bathtub. Real scam when I returned the 2 rugs. Paid for confirmation that the rugs were received but the company refused to acknowledge receipt. Have attempted several times to receive money back. Shipping & handling for the two rugs is ridiculous! STRONGLY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!!


    • That’s why you should always use Paypal when buying online. If this situation ever arises, they will assist you in getting your money back, and you will get it back.

  41. Aqua Rug Bath Mat is an extremely dishonest firm. I saw the advert on the TV the other day. I then received an email in my inbox and decided to order one and get one free. The order for 19.99 USD suddenly turned into an order for nearly 200 USD because I could not place the order without agreeing to many different add-ons. Please avoid. This Aqua Rug Bath Mat is a SCAM. I am now going to have to chase them to ensure that I am not charged. I tried to cancel the order but they said that they would call me back as soon as the order came in. They did not call me back. From what the other people are saying, this product is absolutely rubbish in terms of quality.

  42. I was going to purchase your product , but the shipping and handling is more than the product , would purchase from a box store like Lowe’s or HOME DEPOT cheaper to drive to the store than pay shipping and handling!!!

  43. I am glad I checked with Google with respect to complaints about Aqua Rug. After reading the reviews, I am glad that I didn’t order the product. Many products look enticing on TV commercials but after you read the reviews, you realize how fortunate you are for not placing an order for those products.

  44. After reading many complaints about Aqua Rug, I am glad I took the time to go in to the Internet and see the reviews. My advise to everyone who sees enticing commercials on TV about products for sale, check the reviews first. It will save you from the grief later if you fall for the scams.

  45. Disappointing.. Placed 2 mats, the suction cups designed to hold mats in place, DO NOT. Even after folding down edges from rolled up shipping , neither one would stay put in shower. comfortable under foot but moves and is dangerous. Needed to remove and go back to rubber mats with better hold. Two different tub floors so not that. Waste of money without better hold.

  46. I ordered the bath mats in March and still no rugs! Now it seems you cant even order from their website! TOTAL AND COMPLETE SCAM! Tell your friends and neighbors! Oh, and my $19.99 mat turned into a $100 order. I can’t believe this still happens in America!

  47. I ordered 3 Aqua Rug mats on 2/09/12 and have yet to get them. I had 2 back to back calls to verify my order. They wanted to know my address, etc. I said no, you tell me what YOU have on record and I will verify. They claimed it was policy to verify, I said no, you have my info-just ship the product I requested. Then another call, right after that to “Verify my address”. Just send me the rugs, What kind of business are you running?

      • Craig, I work for a large company that sends out ed info to our members. It is standard to always verify address by asking you, because you would not believe how many times we have an old address, even though the member swears they get our mailings. We do not give the address to them because it could be the wrong party, & revealing private info. I know, that’s just the way things are these days. You might want to call the company back & verify your address. Computer databases sometimes jumble those things up. I’m not defending this company or product, just saying…..I’ve seen it from both sides.

  48. Review Aqua Rug

    Does Aqua Rug really work under water like it claims?

    Did Aqua Rug drain all the water without any problem?

    Did Aqua Rug really hold its place and not slip because of wet floors?

    Is Aqua Rug really stain resistant?

    Does Aqua Rug really come with 10 years guarantee?

    • I bought one of these wanting to replace the mat I was using. The advertising made it sound great, no more mold which you will always get eventually with a regular mat. Ewww! Can’t stand that and mats are spendy these days.

      It worked great the first few times I used it. The other morning when I was showering the suction cups on one side just let loose and of course I was flying out of the tub. I fell on to the floor, fortunately I did not get hurt very bad. It could have been so much worse than a few bruises.

      They really need to add more suction cups to the mat, the 4 that are on there just aren’t enough to keep it in place. I think if it had 2 or 3 suction cups per side and a few in the middle of the mat it might hold better. I am not sure if I will ever use the mat again, that was a scary incident. Disappointed with this purchase.

      It’s true, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If you do order, be prepared to wait for a long time to get it, 6 wks or longer. My advice, DO NOT
      ORDER! keep your money!

    • DO NOT BUY THIS MAT UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM! This mat is full of mold and mildew after a month and it won’t come out no matter how I try to clean it. It is dangerous and a total waste of money!

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