Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave Review

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What is Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave:

It is a safe, quiet, dimmable, energy efficient bulb that claims to replace your standard bulb with ease.

Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave assures you an energy efficient source of light that is quite convenient to use around the house as well. Today many of us have become environmentally conscious and want to do our bit for our planet. Simple eco friendly measures around the house can go a long way in conserving energy. But as we know the regular bulbs we use at home are not energy efficient at all. You want a pocket friendly solution that is also safe and lasts you for a long time. This LED bulb from Nuwave promises to be that safe and efficient solution for you. Sadly since we don’t have enough Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews at the moment, we can’t corroborate these claims.

Energy efficient bulb for you

If you have been looking for an energy efficient lighting solution for your indoor and outdoor spaces then you don’t have to look beyond this bulb, according to its claims. It asserts that it can replace your standard bulb and run under 10 watts. That makes them a lot more energy efficient than your regular incandescent bulbs. How true is this claim? Why don’t you tell us something about the bulb’s energy efficiency in your Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews? We also hope that your Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews tell us whether the bulb helps you save money on electricity bills month after month.

Another highlight of this LED bulb is that it features 92 lumens per watt, which means it offers you the maximum amount of light, for your dollar. In other words it’s like having a hybrid car with very high horsepower that boosts its performance. We hope Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews will be able to tell us more about these claims as well. You will also be pleased to find that the energy efficiency of this bulb has shown results. By replacing regular bulbs with these LED bulbs at the Illinois / Indiana chapter of Ronald McDonald House Charity, it managed to save $3000 on energy in two months. But of course we are more interested in knowing what your experience using the bulb was in your Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews.

Long lasting option

As a home owner when you install light bulbs around the house you want to make sure they are long lasting and give you good value for money. These LED bulbs maintain that they can because they have a lifespan of 40,000 hours. Now that is a far-fetched claim that we need to verify after going through Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews. It’s also known that CFL bulbs keep pulling power even after they die and add to the energy bills. But this LED bulb doesn’t; it never uses power without emitting light. Thus it stresses that you will never have to worry about wasting energy. What do you make of this claim? We hope to find out about it in your Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews.

In fact this LED bulb comes with a 20 year worry free warranty. Hence you will have the peace of mind knowing that your bulbs will last you for a long time to come. Did you find this warranty to be reassuring? We will look forward to your Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews to see what you think.

Bulbs for your safety

Of course you want any additions you make to your homes to be safe and comfortable for your loved ones. That’s not always the case with your regular incandescent bulbs that heat up sooner rather than later. However this LED bulb promises to remain cool to touch even after hours of use. We are going to look at Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews and analyze them before making up our mind about the bulb. Another advantage of this bulb is that its internal components are not grounded. As a result the risk of electric shock is reduced to a great extent. You can use them even in damp conditions without a care in the world. Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews can throw light on this claim.

CFL bulbs contain harmful mercury, which can be released in the air if the bulb is dropped or broken. CFL bulbs give out ultraviolet light that can be harmful to skin and triggers migraines. But there is no such worry with this LED bulb, according to its claims. Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews are awaited to look into these claims closely.

More convenient than other bulbs

These bulbs maintain that they have been designed for your convenience and fit into standard E26 sockets. What’s more, they are dimmable and thus can be used with practically any light fixture or lamps. Moreover the dimmable bulbs have 3000k color temperature, which ensures that the lighting in the home stays the way you prefer it to be. That is another tall claim that we won’t buy into before looking at Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews. These bulbs are also instant on, unlike CFL bulbs. That means your room will be completely illuminated as soon as you switch it on. Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews can offer us more information about that.

These bulbs don’t flicker, are quiet, shock resistant and dust proof as well. Thus using them at homes is a completely convenient option for you, according to their claims. Your Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews can tell us whether these bulbs are a convenient solution for your homes. These bulbs also have different options including Flood light, for indoor and outdoor needs, Candle light for chandeliers, All-purpose for all fixtures at home, Multi-use for kitchens, ceilings, bathrooms, Vanity for mirrors and of course Desk light. Alset LED Bulb From Nuwave reviews should be able to tell us how versatile this bulb really is.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 2 Alset LED Bulb for $19.99
  • Official website:
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