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What is Airocide?

It is a revolutionary air purifier that is equipped with scientific technology developed by NASA engineers and the power of nanotechnology. It clears the air of virtually all harmful gases like Volatile Organic Compounds and allergic substances contaminating your home spaces.

Time to discard the old

Airocide claims that it is an exceptionally advanced air purifier that goes beyond every other alternative manufactured to date. The promoters of Airocide state that it uses technology originally developed by NASA engineers in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin, which has consistently evolved over the years and is now available for home use. It has been in use in huge industrial spaces for years and generates no harmful emissions like most other devices. It promises wholesome and clean air that is most necessary for babies, pets and everyone.

Protects you from allergens, viruses and more

Besides purifying the air thoroughly scientifically, Airocide states that it also keeps other allergens and other harmful substances that cause health problems at bay. It guarantees total protection from bacteria, fungi, allergic pollutants, mold, bacteria, dust mites, pathogens, viruses and more. Airocide maintains that it eliminates virtually 100% of allergens smoothly, for which it is used widely in many hospitals, emergency sections, dental clinics, daycare centers and even Fortune 500 companies. It also asserts that it protects you and your pets from pet dander and pet odor at home and that it is focused on enhancing your wellness and making you feel fresh all through.


Radical technology for cleanest air

Airocide maintains that it has an edge over other alternatives on account of various features. It uses technolgy that is better than the conventional filters which simply trap pollutants and need to be cleaned. Use of nanotechnology is one of the remarkable highlights of the purifier. It works by bringing allergens and pollutants into contact with Airocide’s catalyzing matrix at the molecular level.

Powerful and cost-effective

The promoters of Airocide assure you that installing just one unit is sufficient for the whole house. That means you can expect a reduction in costs that using multiple appliances involve.

What do I get?

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