Airflow NS Review

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What is Airflow NS

The TV commercial states that it is the first ever and world’s only water filtered combination of wet and dry vacuum and air cleaner and purifier. The cleaning system asserts that it doesn’t use messy dirt bags or filters that release the dust mites, germs and dust back in the air.


The best vacuum and air cleaner and purifier

Airflow NS promises to be the world’s only cleaning system that is a water filtered combination of wet and dry vacuum and air cleaner and also purifier. That sounds like such a tall claim by Airflow NS and only user reviews will reveal the truth. Airflow NS assures that it is a revolution in home and health technology and a water, air, floor and carpet cleaner all in one. Is it possible for a single machine Airflow NS to do all that? Airflow NS user reviews must be analyzed to answer this question.

Uses Nano Silver technology

Airflow NS maintains that it captures the tiniest of dust particle by using water filtration and sterilizes the air using nano silver technology. Whether Airflow NS can really achieve that will be certified by user reviews. Airflow NS proclaims that it uses over 1 billion Nano Silvers molded into the water basin so that when air passes through it, the Nano silver engages with the water to destroy 99.97% bacteria, germs, fungi, and other pathogens. That sounds too fanciful so it’s natural to question this claim by Airflow NS without reading user reviews.

No more messy bags and filters

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that force you to deal with messy bags, Airflow NS guarantees that it has no bags to deal with. If Airflow NS really has this feature then it could be the most wonderful cleaner. But before jumping to such a conclusion let’s wait for Airflow NS user reviews. Airflow NS also alleges that unlike traditional vacuum cleaners it does not use dirty filters that only release the allergens, dust mites, dirt and germs back in the air. There are no Airflow NS user reviews as of now to confirm that this claim is true. A common problem with any vacuum cleaner is that it loses its airflow but Airflow NS declares to always keep it intact to give you great cleaning for years. Is Airflow NS really that effective for a long time? Airflow NS reviews will tell us more. The durability to Airflow NS is claimed to be lent by the absence of extra HEPA filters or sponges that lead clogging and replacing. Is that true? Send us your Airflow NS reviews.

Carries our several tasks

Airflow NS convinces that it doesn’t just clean but also squeegees, vaporizes, atomizes, deodorizes, humidifies and dehumidifies. Can Airflow NS really do all of that? Some more Airflow NS user reviews will certify. Airflow NS also assures to do all of this without using any chemicals or dry filters. Is Airflow NS really an all natural vacuum cleaner? Let’s wait for more Airflow NS user reviews.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Airflow NS for $299.97
  • Official website:
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