5 in 1 Airwolf Air System Reviews and Complaints

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Do you wake up in the middle of the night because it is too hot or too cold? Here’s introducing the 5-in-1 AirWolf Air System, to heat or cool your room to the perfect temperature anytime you want. The advantage of the 5-in-1 AirWolf is that it works as a heater, an air purifier, a humidifier, a fan, and an air cooler, all at the same time.

How does 5-in-1 AirWolf work

You can turn down the thermostat in your home and save money on your electricity bills by simply heating or cooling the room that you are in. The 5-in-1 AirWolf also acts as an air purifier to eliminate allergens, germs, and other pollutants in your room while you are heating or cooling your room.

Use the humidifier to reduce dry air. The oscillating fan feature circulates the air around the entire room so you only breathe fresh air all the time. The 5-in-1 AirWolf is easy to use and is portable too.

Unlike regular heaters that are designed to only heat the air around the heater, the 5-in-1 AirWolf uses forced air to heat the air in the entire room keeping the whole room warm.

Other heaters can be unsafe for little children to touch but the 5-in-1 AirWolf is always safe to touch. This is because the surface of the 5-in-1 AirWolf never gets too hot to touch. Even if the 5-in-1 AirWolf topples over it automatically shuts off.

Standard air coolers have to be fixed to a window and are not easily portable but the 5-in-1 AirWolf allows for easy portability from room to room.

With the use of evaporative cooling technology the 5-in-1 AirWolf keeps the air in the room cool during the hot summer months giving you cool air every time you need.

The 5-in-1 AirWolf features a remote control option so you can simply turn it on with just a touch of a button without actually getting out of bed.

The 5-in-1 AirWolf uses a 3 stage air purification process to clean the surrounding air more efficiently. It holds onto 99.9% of the pollutants, allergens, and germs in your air and with the help of the UV light it kills the germs and the negative ionizer purifies your air.

With the 5-in-1 AirWolf you will breathe clean and healthy air all the time, won’t fall sick easily, and will give you relief from allergies.

The 5-in-1 AirWolf also features a humidifier to eliminate dry air that can cause your skin to get too dry. It effectively humidifies the air by letting the perfect amount of moisture into the air.

You can use the 5-in-1 AirWolf in any room, in your bedroom, den, or your home office to get the ideal temperature anytime of the year.

The 5-in-1 AirWolf is lightweight, weighing only 19lbs making it easily portable so you can take it from room to room.

The best part about the 5-in-1 AirWolf is that it requires no assembly or installation and you can use all the five functions simultaneously.

In today’s tough economic times, finding ways to save your family or business has become a top priority. Cozy Tech‘s 5-in-1 AirWolf Air System has been proven to help lower the cost of Heating and cooling bills. Acting as a Heater, Air Cooler, Air Purifier, Humidifier and Fan, the 5-in-1 AirWolf creates comfort in the very room you’re in under a minute. The 5-in-1 AirWolf has numerous benefits none greater than the Air Cooler function.

The 5-in-1 AirWolf Air System is the ideal climate control device. It matters not the time of year or your place of residence, the 5-in-1 AirWolf accommodates all styles of living. The stylishly designed unit is lightweight, portable and safe to operate. The 5-in-1 AirWolf Air System combines three different advanced filtration technologies (HEPA, UV and –Ion) to effectively remove large quantities of particulate and molecular air pollutants.

In the warm summer months of the year the 5-in-1 AirWolf can be set on the Cooler function and run for 24 * 7 * 365 and never cost you more than $70. The 5-in-1 AirWolf Air System runs on only 65 watts of power and costs less than a penny per hour to operate. It filters and cools the air in a 10’x10′ room in less than a minute and a 3200 square foot house in less than 60 minutes.

The 5-in-1 AirWolf features three different Air Cooler settings. Inside the removable 6.5 litre water tank, the Cooler Master filters the water to produce cold, clean air without the use of Freon gas and unsightly vent and window tubes. By placing one of the four reusable ice packs inside the unit, the 5-in-1 AirWolf will produce eight to ten hours of extremely cool air.Five functions of 5-in-1 AirWolf

Cooler, Heater, Air Purifier, Air Humidifier and Oscillating Fan.

5-in-1 AirWolf warranty:
5-in-1 AirWolf comes with a warranty against any original defects in its functioning parts, material and workmanship up to one year from the time of purchase. However your 5-in-1 AirWolf has to be used according to the Owner’s manual you get with the product, for household purposes, for the warranty to hold true.

5-in-1 AirWolf can save you money
That’s because those suffering from Asthma or any allergies will immensely benefit from 5-in-1 AirWolf as it gets rid of pet dander, pollen, dust particles, smoke and mold that can cause allergies. In fact, the HEPA filter in 5-in-1 AirWolf can remove airborne particles that are greater than 0.3 micrometers in diameter up to 99.97%. Moreover the UV filter also helps eliminate airborne mold, fungus, bacteria and viruses. The Negative Ion filter on the other hand fills your surrounding air with Negative ions, thus refreshing it and reduces the amount of pollutants to a great extent as well.


“Heat” feature in 5-in-1 AirWolf and what it brings to the table
5-in-1 AirWolf has two heat settings, Low i.e. 800 watts that produces about 2800BTU per hour and it costs 0.10$ every hour according to average energy cost in the US. The High setting; 1200 watt, on the other hand can produce 4100 every hour and costs 0.14$ on an hourly basis according to average energy costs in the US. Thus 5-in-1 AirWolf is on par with other heat-only products you can get.


“Cool” feature in 5-in-1 AirWolf and how it works
It runs on astonishingly low; 65 watts and it will cost you only about 0.01$ according to average US energy costs. You can benefit from three different Air cooler settings. Freon gas is not a worry in this case as its completely absent because 5-in-1 AirWolf uses cold water and honeycomb filter to do the job of cooling.

“Humidifier” feature and its advantages
For starters, this feature works with both, Cool or Heat settings and brings adequate amount of humidity to the air. Even when you use your 5-in-1 AirWolf in Humidifier mode, you won’t notice any mist in the air. If the water level is low, the Auto Shut feature will kick in and switch off the water pump.


“Fan” feature and how it works:
It has Low, Medium and High settings and with the help of oscillating mode, the blades of the vertical fan can move from side to side. Thus the wind output radius is increased. Moreover with the help of settings you can personalize just the right wind setting for you.


Benefits of the “Swing” function
With the help of this function you can activate and control the “swing” button, which is responsible for circulating air in your surroundings from left to right instead of a steady stream of air from just one position.


“Mode” function and its use
It’s through this function that you can activate and control the “Mode” button that offers you three air flow patterns; Nature, Normal and Sleep, which have their own unique air flow movements, for your benefit. As you press the button 1 to 3 times, you will experience the three different air flow movements. However you need to remember that this function can only be “Normal” when “Heat” cycle is on, while during the cold cycle you can get all three air flow patterns.


HEPA filter replacement
It’s best to replace HEPA filter after 3-4 months regularly, but you need to change it at least once a year.


Distance from which you can use the remote control for your 5-in-1 AirWolf
The remote will work up to a distance of 19.68 feet, however it has to be pointed directly facing the unit.


The function of HEPA filter
Airborne particles can be caught by the HEPA filter; it can help eliminate at least 99.97% particles bigger than 0.3 micrometers in diameter.




What do I get?
A single heater or cooler can cost you over $900 but you can now order the 5-in-1 AirWolf for just $289 and get it shipped to you at no additional cost. It also comes with a full year unconditional warranty and a money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the 5-in-1 AirWolf simply return it within 30 days and get your money back. Official website: www.TryAirWolf .com


5-in-1 AirWolf Video


41 thoughts on “5 in 1 Airwolf Air System Reviews and Complaints

  1. I have owned mine for over a year now, and it’s starting to prove itself just gaining momentum down that familiar consumer road, where one thing after another is worn out. That is not of itself so alarming everything has that issue. But given the multufunctionality features incorporated they get a little complicated. That was great for marketing, but I am expecting that I am reaching the end of the units reliably useful life.

    For me it was the water pump and associated. Lines, then the mechanism that raises and lowers the heater coils, there are still lot more moving parts in these things. Stay tuned.

      • I called the supplier on my original invoice? They asked for $29.00 to replace the unit and the cost of shipping, then never responded again.

  2. I paid $500 for 2 air wolfs about a year ago. Not I have one that wont turn on and one that started on fire about 3 months ago. Is there anything I can do? I don’t even know how to get a hold of the air wolf people.

  3. So what’s the deal are you going to send me a replacement for this unit, no one has either called me nor e-mailed me as to what’s going on ? I most gladly will return this defective unit!

    Thank You,
    Mark Sellers

  4. I absolutely love my Air Wolf 5 in 1 but it doesn’t even turn on! I would like a replacement model, I’ll return this defective unit. Someone please contact me, my # is; 954-534-2086.

    Thank you,
    Mark Sellers

  5. I am considering buying two units and read the above complaints with a jaundiced eye. At this price, $99.00, if one option worked, I’d be happy.
    Any word on the humidifier?

    The cooling unit was actually a very successful unit in Australia where it was mass produced as a Swamp Cooler. I used a couple in the Okanagan in my restaurant and they work on water running over straw/fibre packing with a fan blowing air through the straw.

    In order to get your room cooler, you can put ice in the water cistern which cools the water running through the unit and will help drop the room temperature.

  6. Was not happy did not get cool at all very mad my sister got it for my mother after doing alot of looking around. Don’t believe the hype its a bad unit go somewhere else hope my sister can get a refund very displeased.

    • I know what you mean it was hot in Detroit so I sweat right along with my mother 82 yrs old and had to sit threw 100 plus degree heat. With a brand new piece of junk.

  7. And before anyone else says it, I’m aware of the hilarity of misspelling “you’re” in this sentence:

  8. Bought an 5 in 1 Airwolf. The machine wasn’t all that bad, but the customer service is terrible. Would not recommend the purchase of the machine just because of that.

  9. The Airwolf 5 in 1 did not do what it was claimed to do. Therefore, I tried calling the company to see if anyone could help me. Rather, I was given a Return Authorization number. I went to the UPS store and was charged $78.71 to return the item, after having paid $14.95 to have it shipped to me. I was taken aback when the clerk gave me the price for returning the item. To make matters worse, after my having called the company (the parent company is CozyTech Inc., Provo Utah), getting the return authorization – and shipping the package back to Pacoima, CA – they had the nerve to take the next payment (which would have been due if I’d kept the item). Now I’m wondering if they will refund the excess shipping charges to me – and how long it will take for me to see all of my money. The Air Wolf does not live up to the infomercial – and the company is not responsive.

  10. So my regular bedroom size will be noticeably cooler then in summer but I’ve yet to see someone comment about the heater function.

    I’m cold right now, anyone know if the heating function works well?

  11. I got these heaters because I had no way to heat my house I was told they would heat my house effectively they do not.I am a older person and I have chronic health problems the weather has changed and it is cold and I am cold I have asked air wolf to take the heaters back and they say they will have someone who can make that decision call me I think her name was Carla but she or no one else has called me I am a 100% disabled veteran I can not afford more heaters without a refund of my money I have opened only one of the heaters and have the box for the one I opened I have contacted the local news in Memphis to help me and I hope to resolve this problem. Thank you mark.

  12. I bought an infra red heater for $39.00 and an a/c unit for $89.00 that’s less than half what they want for one of these units. And the a/c works way better! The price of this is about double what its worth!

  13. If you are not expecting this to replace your $5k HVAC system, this 5 in 1 Airwolf unit is pretty amazing for the price. It is true, the cooling function is somewhat limited in larger spaces, but it definitely cools down a room. My wife and I have used it all summer when we go to sleep at night and have been able to completely shut off our a/c unit through the night, saving us a ton on our monthly a/c bill. I like to wet down the water filter in the sink(the green filter inside the back of the unit) so that we get cool air right away instead of waiting a few minutes for the water to cycle through.

    Also, this unit reduces bacteria, mold, virus, fungus, pet dander, pollen and smoke, all while you are either heating or cooling a room.

    Great value for the money. Highly recommended, and this coming from someone who rarely if ever purchases from tv.

  14. I just got my Airwolf today, all of these other comments are probably the guy in the infomercial. This has the cooling capabilities of a small fan with an ice pack taped behind it. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRAP. Do NOT buy this for the cooling capabilities.

    • The commercial BLATANTLY states that the Airwolf uses evaporative cooling. Never is this touted as an A/C unit that uses freon gas that MUST be ventilated with a big ugly tube.

      Does the Airwolf cool as good as a window a/c unit, no…but it costs 20x’s less to operated and is very portable and does a respectable job of cooling. This was the approach the marketer was presenting.

      I think some people purchase something before they understand how it works. Saying “Do not fall for it” implies the marketer is deceiving, where I actually think this marketer was responsible in how it presented the product.

    • Thanks for the “DO NOT FALL FOR IT” review post. After what you said I’ll make sure I don’t get one and I will tell as many people as I can not to get one. Most infomercials are scams anyway. They design half assed products that they claim is the cats meow. The only meow you’ll here is them purring to the bank. Why do you think they are on late at night? because the commercial time is cheap. My advice if your going to buy through infomercials is to buy at QVC. They have been around for years and any company that wants to sell their product on QVC has to go through a very extensive product examination review all the way down to how it’s packaged. Use your senses! If it’s to good to be true it probably is. Also before jumping to buy any product just google the product Name> EXAMPLE “The Dust Monster review” you should then see tons of review forums in google that go could visit. It’s a good idea to visit at least 10 reviews or more in order to make a decision. Also BE VERY CAREFUL because some of the review sites are actually made by the company themselves that pose as regular people to add even more genuineness to their scam. alot of these scam commercials claim to have warranties and are really nice on the phone, but one they get your money and you are trying to get a return or refund it pass the phone to different extensions and people time. By the time they pass you around you don’t even know who you talked to. Also whenever you call take notes. When you called, date, person you talked to and so on. You can complain to the Better Business Bureau and tell them about you dissatisfaction. You could also complain to the tv network that is hosting the infomercial. BE CAREFUL! WHEN BUYING!

  15. I have been extremely happy with our Airwolf so far. I have been using the cooling function in my bedroom every night. I have been nice and cool during a very hot summer. I don’t think I could sleep without it.

    For those looking for a very nice unit to add extra heating or cooling to a room, I think they will be happy with an Airwolf.

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