Hangman Alarm

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You are horrified when you hear stories of home break-ins in what were once considered to be safe neighbourhoods. You just wish these things don’t happen to you because it’s about the safety of your loved ones after all. And Hangman Alarm claims to arm you in this regard by offering security for your home. Hangman Alarm is a portable home security alarm that simply hangs on any door. And it promises to be smart and strong enough to be impossible for any intruder to disarm. Thus you can be at home in peace knowing you are well protected.

How does Hangman Alarm Work

You take a lot of effort in doing up your home and spend a lot of money on your belongings as well. Hangman Alarm offers you a way of keeping everything dear to you safe. It can be simply hung on the door knob and it will do the job for you. The ultra sensitive motion trigger found in Hangman Alarm is its secret and that’s what makes it capable of detecting the slightest intrusion in your surroundings. Hangman Alarm can be left on the door knob and when it is turned by an intruder, the alarm will kick off.

Hangman Alarm is supposed to stop any break-in attempt in its tracks thanks to the loud 130 decibel alarm, which can be heard from a mile away. That’s enough to put off thieves and burglars. Hangman Alarm works on batteries, which makes practical sense for a security alarm because there are no wires to be tampered with. In fact, it claims to never be disarmed by thieves because it is battery powered. Hangman Alarm can be used in offices or dorm rooms for that matter and since it’s really compact, it can be taken with you to add safety to your hotel rooms.




What do I get?

  • Buy Hangman Door Alarm at just $10
  • And get a second
  • just pay a separate $13.98 S & H
  • Official website Hangman Alarm.com



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