Zip Trainer by The Firm

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What is Zip Trainer by The Firm?

It is an ingenious fitness workout DVD designed with a revolutionary trainer that helps lose weight in just 60 days. It is available for women seeking cardio and strength training to lose weight and get a body of their dreams.


Most effective weight loss workout:

Zip Trainer by The Firm promises that it delivers a workout that combines the effectiveness of cardio and strength training for women who wish to lose weight. The problem women face is that due to a fast paced life it is quite difficult to actually hit the gym for exercising and burning the excess fat. There are many workout DVDs available in the market that promise weight loss but there is hardly any that is targeted towards only women. Zip Trainer by The Firm is apparently the ingenious design of The Firm, the innovators who are known for their revolutionary cardio-plus-body-sculpting fitness hybrid workout called Synergy Training and has been ranked America’s #1 exercise videos.


Groundbreaking ZIP Trainer System:

Zip Trainer by The Firm claims that it can help shape the body and lose the extra calories in just 60 days. These results are claimed due to their fun and effective speed-sculpting plan which is highly motivating too. Zip Trainer by The Firm features the revolutionary Zip Trainer System which is a zipped up 5-pound fitness tool and has 3-pound Core Ball which is removable to add extra resistance to the ball if needed. This amazing ball in the Zip Trainer by The Firm apparently can be used in 8 different ways to perform more than 200 exercises that are great in burning calories at a higher rate than regular workouts. It can be used to Balance, Lift, Step On, Toss, Kneel On, Roll, Lean On and Stretch On It. The all-in-one design changes the traditional fitness ball into a dynamic tool that has a certain “squish factor” that makes the moves more reactive to target deep muscles.
Additionally Zip Trainer by The Firm claims that its workout plan available in the DVD set has Short Burst Training with Interval training technique that provides the most rapid results in the least amount of time. Zip Trainer by The Firm apparently has sculpting, cardio and flexibility training all at once in just 15 minutes of time and is direct towards burning the core and firing up the metabolism. The DVD 1 has CYCLE 1: REV! Featuring amazing batch of instructors like Allie, Stephanie and Emily that help perform 15-minute workouts of Cardio 1, Sculpt 1, AMP Reps 1 and a Jump Start program that helps in building a stronger core. The CYCLE 2: PEAK! Is the 2nd DVD of Zip Trainer by The Firm and supposedly has FIRM master instructors Alison, Kelsie and Annie showing deep body sculpting with Cardio 2, Sculpt 2 and AMP Reps 2. It is said that these workouts if followed for 60 days along with a balanced diet helps in achieving a dream body.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Zip Trainer by The Firm system for $119.97
  • System INCLUDES:
  • Zip Trainer
  • 3 ALL-NEW DVDs
  • 3 lb Core Ball
  • Fitness Guide
  • Detailed workout rotation calendar
  • Nutrition Guide featuring an all-new Flat Belly Diet
  • 60-day mix and match meal plan
  • 7-Day Supply The FIRM Energy Formula
  • Official Website :

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