X-Step Trainer Review

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Do you wish to have an amazing and healthy body? Well, you might have tried various different things by now including diet and going to the gym with personal training and might have failed to attain the result you would love to have. All the workout that is done through a gym is redundant and does not effectively help lose weight or tone the body to look fit because it is not custom designed. Training DVDs available in the market promise to offer such a body but even they fail since the DVDs carry similar workout routine as the gym. Imagine if you would get a workout DVD which has the perfect balance of exercises with a single machine to support it for attaining the perfectly fit body? Well, it is totally true with the latest X-Step Trainer .


X-Step Trainer
X-Step Trainer is a 60-day workout and nutrition program combined with single workout machine created by Brenda DyGraf , a leading fitness expert, and Tom Stroup who is a SWAT Commander for people who need quick calorie burn and toning. The secret behind its success is high intensity 1 minute exercises separated by 1 minute recovery breaks which stimulates the body to burn fat quickly than any other existing methods. X-Step comes with 5 workout DVDs, the first one being nonstop 30 minutes Pure Cardio for losing excess pounds. The second DVD is the Lower Body HIT (High Intensity Training) for hardcore workout for the lower part of the body and the third DVD being Upper Body HIT for the upper body building. The fourth DVD is the Kick-X Boxing which is easy to follow right at home and the final DVD being the Combat Cardio workout which is used by Tom himself to keep his body in fighting shape.

X-Step is definitely the best way to melt fat and is suitable for anyone even people who are extremely overweight. The fully assembled X-Step machine has a strong metal frame to support a total of 300 pounds of weight over itself and contains high pressure resistance through air billows under the pedals. The pedals are designed for a comfortable step and provide non-jarring attribute regardless of the weight. The machine features adjustable resistance, tough flexible X-chords for higher resistance. Purchasing the X-Step set gets the buyer a X-Step trainer machine, X-cords, 5 workouts, nutrition plan, digital trainer and 1 Bonus workout and X-Step Mobile App.

X-Step FAQs

Q. What will I receive with the X-Step Trainer package> What is the minimum age to use X-Step?
A. The X-Step package includes X-Step Trainer with 4-function training computer that tracks calories, steps and training and two adjustable X-Cord. Bonus Core Plyo & Combat Cardio Workouts X-Step Nutrition Plan are also included in the package. Minimum age to use X-Step program is 12 years old with supervision.


Q. What is the X-Step Trainer made of? What is the weight limit for it?
A. X-Step Trainer is made of a strong metal frame covered with a tough, durable molded outer skin. Its pedals are made of engineered resin and are strong, yet light enough for fast stepping. It can handle up to 300 lbs of weight.


Q. What are the dimensions and weight of the X-Step Trainer?
A. X-Step Trainer measures 27″ L x 25″ W x 14″ H and weighs 21 lbs.


Q. How long will it take to receive my X-Step Program and how will it ship?
A. Your X-Step Program will arrive in approximately 3-4 weeks via FED EX. You need to supply a valid e-mail address to get an email with your shipping confirmation and tracking number.




What do I get?

  • X-Step Trainer
  • X-Step Cords
  • X-Step Nutrition Plan
  • Personal Training Computer
  • H.I.T. 2 the Core Cardio & Abs Workout
  • 5 X-Step Extreme Workouts
  • X-Step App

All this for just $159.80. Official websites www.BuyXStep.com and www.XStepStories.com

Customer Service: 1-973-287-5161



X-Step Trainer Video


4 thoughts on “X-Step Trainer Review

  1. How do I properly install the x-step personal training computer so it will count my steps. I have tried several ways and it does not work properly. I sure hope that it is a user error in installation because this is the second training computer and it still won’t work.

  2. Please could someone let me know how often and how long you are suppose to do the x step workouts to get the results they are saying you will get.

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