X-Slider Exercise Machine Review

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With X-Slider, you can now tone, sculpt and strengthen your muscles in just minutes a day at the comfort of your home. X-Slider is an in home fitness machine that has all the health club quality results that you need. You may have seen this X Slider lateral thigh trainer on TV and wondered if it is really works. It really does.


How does X-Slider Exercise Machine work?
X-Slider features an amplified range of motions that targets both your upper and lower body to sculpt, tone and tighten your body in just minutes a day. The secret to its efficiency is the unique cross lateral motion and combination of 12 different exercises that are very effective in sculpting and toning the body.

The workout is simple, fun and easy to do too. You will be amazed at the results you get. It also comes with a safety strap, personal workout DVD for strength and aerobic training, Slim Down plan/training guide, X Slider pedometer and bonus resistance band.

X-Slider Exercise Machine Features

  • Fitness machine for home workout
  • Sculpts, tones, and tightens muscles in a few minutes a day
  • Cross lateral motion
  • 12 different exercise combinations
  • Simple, easy, fun workout
  • Safety strap
  • Personal workout DVD
  • Slim Down plan/training guide
  • X Slider pedometer
  • Bonus resistance band



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Reviews and Complaints
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X-Slider Exercise Machine Video

  • X-Slider Exercise Equipment
  • Safety strap
  • Personal Workout DVD for Strength and Aerobic Training
  • X Slider pedometer
  • Slim Down plan/training guide
  • Resistance band.


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