Wonder Core REVIEW

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Have you been trying to get the perfect looking abs with traditional methods? You must have realized by now how difficult it is to get productive result in a brief span of time and not to forget the amount of stress and strain it puts on the back and neck section. Several abs machines have entered into the fitness market but they do not give value for money and the design is not 100% stress free. But the time for you to sulk and wonder for a miracle is over with the new Wonder Core Ab Training Bench.


How does Wonder Core Abdominal Exerciser Work

Wonder Core is a revolutionary bench that is designed specially to relieve any unwanted strain on the body and produce amazing looking abs in absolutely no time. In regular crunches the abs are worked upon only during the way up action but with Wonder Core’s dual resistance design the abs are sculpted on both the way up and way down too. This means it effectively provides almost double the workout by taking half the time a regular workout would. Another key point of its design is its capability to go beyond 180 degrees so as to provide ultimate amount of stretch and contraction firing up the upper, lower, middle and side obliques like a laser.

Wonder Core additionally provides a twisting seat design that can be used to do twists firing up the love handles and is also good for supporting the body while performing knee tucks for a great looking lower body. It provides 3 level of resistance suited for different requirements making it a universal bench which can be used by absolutely anyone. Plus for comfort the seat comes in an ergonomic design with thick rollers on the back to provide rejuvenating massage while the exercise is performed reducing strain on back. It is tested and proven to be 200% more effective in muscle activity in comparison with abs crunches performed on the floor.


What do I get?

  • Wonder Core Abdominal Exerciser
  • Workout DVD
  • Exercise Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • User Manual

All this for just $149.50. Official website WonderCore.com

Wonder Core REVIEW

Matt Parker in his Wonder Core review mentions that when using the WonderCore machine there is absolutely no pressure on the stomach/abdominal area at all. It’s like you are just sitting in a swing and moving back and forth. It doesn’t serve the purpose and is a waste of money.


Nathan Pryce complains in his Wonder Core review that you should not buy the Wonder Core unless you are less than 5 foot 10 inches tall. The instructions said you should slide your butt back as far as it will go against the back cushion and that your head must be against the cushioned head rest. If you are taller than 6 feet then the head rest will fall. (if you position yourself in the seat according to the directions). In order to get your head against the head rest, you will have to slide your entire butt off the front of the seat.


Gabriel says that the strongest tension spring does not provide enough tension to keep your from falling all the way down.


Sofia who reviewed the Wonder Core complains that the 3 resistance stretch coils of Wonder Core do not offer any or very, very, very little resistance. You will be able to bend easily all the way to the floor no matter which resistance coils you use. Also, after bending backward, you will use your own strength to bend forward, no matter how far up you want to go. The resistance coils offer no resistance no matter what your weight is.


Mike Chase in his Wonder Core review reveals that you can do every exercise this machine helps you with, without the need of the Wonder Core machine. Diet program is not very in depth. The manufacturer claims: “double the workout in half the time” which is an unrealistic promise. Not suitable for large sized people because you won’t fit on the Wonder Core device!


Jackie complains that the Wonder Core instructions are very small. There are no diagrams making it difficult to put together right. It is not very sturdy and the pads keep falling off.


4 thoughts on “Wonder Core REVIEW

  1. I received my Wonder Core on 8/4/15 & it broke on 8/22/15.
    A wire snapped inside one of the bars. I had to pay another $15.39 to return it. I feel the company should pay this since the product broke. I did enjoy using it. It was easy & fun. I’m 63 years old & the hardest part was getting down & up from the floor. I hope my next one last longer.

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