Wonder Core Cycle

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What is Wonder Core Cycle?

It claims to be a total body workout system that trains the entire body to provide tightening and toning of muscles along with heart-pounding cardio exercise.


Wonder Core Cycle CLAIMS

Total-body workout solution
Wonder Core Cycle guarantees to help achieve a great shape for fitness enthusiasts. Wonder Core Cycle assures that it does it by hiring a system that combines cycling with upper body workout mechanism. The cycle offers three modes with two position frames for use – Recumbent, Upright and Full-Body for switching between strength to cardio workouts. Wonder Core Cycle states to have patented resistance rowing bands to perform upper body workouts that target the back, chest, triceps, biceps, and shoulder muscles. Wonder Core Cycle asserts to provide toning to legs, thighs, calves and butt as well. Is Wonder Core Cycle really as good as it claims? User reviews shall reveal the facts soon.


Versatile design
Wonder Core Cycle alleges to be a universally designed workout system. It features an adjustable seat that is comfortable for use throughout the workout. Wonder Core Cycle also promises to have variable resistance to suit each body type. There are 3 levels for rowing resistance and 8 levels for cycling resistance. More shall be revealed once Wonder Core Cycle is reviewed. Wonder Core Cycle declares to offer a high amount of calorie burn in an hour by mixing strength workouts and cardio moves. A full body exercise guide is offered along with workout DVD to follow and learn. Is Wonder Core Cycle worth the money? Send us your reviews.

Wonder Core Cycle REVIEWS

Wonder Core Cycle review complaints that it is a cheaply built exercise bike with basic workout bands attached to it. The review says that a branded exercises bike and separate bands can provide better results.

Wonder Core Cycle review states that it is quite innovative and can be given a try with the $15 trial offer. The price is reasonable and has comfortable seating. The only drawback is the smaller pedal size that can hamper large range of motion. If compared to an exercise bikes in the gym, Wonder Core Cycle lacks the large pedal arms. If this design change is made in Wonder Core Cycle, it can become a highly-rated exercise system.

Wonder Core Cycle review asserts that Wonder Core Cycle doesn’t provide a comfortable seating for large-sized individuals. Also there is hardly a recumbent effect since the adjustments don’t allow for a more seated position.

Wonder Core Cycle review says that the body of the cycle is designed with cheap material. The bands are pretty flimsy and lack the resistance that is required to perform the workouts. It is suggested to look for exercise systems that are highly rated instead.

Wonder Core Cycle review reveals that Wonder Core Cycle looks highly mediocre. The addition of exercise bands makes it awkward to use instead of being helpful. The review suggests using separate systems for full-body workout and using an exercise bike solely for cardio purposes.

Wonder Core Cycle Q and A

Question: Can Wonder Core Cycle be folded for easy storage?
Answer: No it cannot be folded.

Question: What type of resistance does Wonder Core Cycle use?
Answer: There is no specific information available.

Question: What is the maximum weight it can support?
Answer: No information is available but generally bikes such as Wonder Core Cycle can easily support up to 200 lbs. weight.

Question: Is Wonder Core Cycle recommended for purchase?
Answer: No, purchase a reputed bike that has already received numerous good reviews.

Question: Does Wonder Core Cycle come assembled?
Answer: No, the assembly is to be done by the user.

Question: Is it good for use by tall people?
AnswerIt has adjustable seat and two frame modes to accommodate taller people comfortably.

Question: I am 200 lbs. will this bike hold me without breaking?
Answer: I’m 150 and it held me but it’s still not very stable do not buy this bike, go with a better brand.

Question: What is the dimension of Wonder Core Cycle’s seat?
Answer: No specific information is available but visually it is small in size.

Question: Can Wonder Core Cycle be carried from one room to another with ease?
Answer: Yes, Wonder Core Cycle is lightweight in design but also looks flimsy.

Question: Does Wonder Core Cycle make a lot of noise?
Answer: It does a little.

Question: Can Wonder Core Cycle be used by short-legged people?
Answer: Wonder Core Cycle can be a little difficult for shorter people, for example someone who stands at 5’1”. The user will need support of a small stool to get on and off from the bike and use heavier shoes or sneakers to pedal comfortably.

Question: Does it provide a good upper body workout?
Answer: Yes, the patented exercise bands help in achieving a good upper body workout.

Question: How much does Wonder Core Cycle cost in total?
Answer: $200 + $15 Trial offer.

Question: Is there any other branded bike available that features workout system with exercise bike similar to Wonder Core Cycle?
Answer: No, currently there are none available.

Question: Is Wonder Core Cycle accommodating users of a 6’2” height? Is it comfortable for taller people?
Answer: There is no specific information, but Wonder Core Cycle might be a little inconvenient for such tall users.

Question: What tools are to be used to assemble Wonder Core Cycle?
Answer: Wonder Core Cycle’s assembly would require use of an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver.

Question: Can the back rest of the seat be adjusted up and down for accommodating taller people?
Answer: The back and the seat are placed on a fixed frame. It can be adjusted up and down easily for accommodating people with different sizes.

Question: Can the handlebars be adjusted?
Answer: The handlebars are attached to the seat and backrest and move with the seat. But it cannot be adjusted on its own.

Question: How long are the pedal arms on Wonder Core Cycle?
Answer: The pedal arms are about 7 to 8 inches long.


What do I get?
The cost of Wonder Core Cycle is $199.75
Official Website:wondercorecycle.com

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