Weider X-Factor ST

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Nothing quite like it

The Weider X-Factor ST is presented as a total work out formula that can transform your body like nothing else. It’s an 8-week program that provides progressive sequence training in the Optimization Zone from the core out. It guarantees that it’s the best way to get fantastic results by burning calories and fats so that you develop lean muscles in the same workout.

Meticulously designed workout plan

The 8-week training program of the Weider X-Factor ST, according to its manufacturer, is designed considering all factors and possibilities that help one achieve the perfect sculpted look. The work out program provides a guide to work out so that you go higher and move up as each step gets progressively harder. The package provides rotating push-up stands, DVDs and an exercise program that make you perform invigorating, challenging exercises that might help you burn fats and calories fast as the work out does seem demanding.


The workout is presented in the format of different stages. Stage 1 is supposed to tear up fats for quick weight loss with 30, 45 and 90-second movements and stage 2 assists in building lean muscles to maximize your potential with its intense 90-second sequence training and strength training movements.

Only 30 minutes required

Weider X-Factor ST, according to its manufacturer, requires only 30 minutes daily to build dynamic arms, back and chest muscles. The rotating push-up stands provided combined with adjustable resistance supposedly help you personalize your workout and speed up results.

Complete attention to detail

Manufacturers of Weider X-Factor ST claim that they have left no stone unturned in ensuring that Weider X-Factor ST is a total work out schedule that provides complete solution in acquiring the fittest and the healthiest body in a matter of 8 weeks.

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