Weider Club SideKick

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Claims to chisel your upper body to perfection

Weider Club SideKick has been launched with great fanfare as the ultimate exercise equipment to chisel your upper body. Designed as a chair you can be seated on to exercise, the makers assure that it so delivers a workout customized as per the user’s need.

Impressive specifications and functions

Weider Club SideKick supposedly offers 50 lb. hand weights which are adjustable. It also has its patented Switch Plate 100 lb. hand weights that adjust from 5 – 50 lbs. for up to 100 lbs. of resistance. That is supposed to replace an entire set of hand weights with a single pair that only this machine offers. You just need to move the knob to your desired weight setting and lift it.
The weight stand of the equipment adjusts suitably so that your weights are always in the perfect position. In addition to that, its multi-position backrest features an incline, flat or decline angle, which enables you to work out using the form most appropriate for you to get optimal results. Well, its claims that it has the potential to get body you desire remains to be seen.

Well-designed components

Weider Club SideKick is promoting itself on the basis of its components that it calls smartly designed and intelligent. It has its SideKick Weight Stand that helps you grab your hand weights easily as it has an adjustable height and width which enables it to organize and store your weights in the position you want. It also supposedly features a multi-position backrest to adjust the angle of your bench for a workout you want, as well as an adjustable and removable seat to perform different exercises with.

Official Website-http://www.weiderfitness.com

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