Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight

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Claims to be the best dumbbell

Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight has been launched for those who are extremely particular about looking fit and muscular. Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight is presented as a replacement of 16 dumbbells in one single set. It weighs 100 lb. designed to be the ultimate in weight training convenience. It states confidently that this set of dumbbells is all you require for the perfect workout and you don’t need to look beyond it.

Offers great flexibility and settings options

Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight, according to the manufacturers, offers remarkable flexibility as it is fast and easy in adjusts easily. It offers eight different weight settings which can be selected and switched between quickly. The dumbbell is designed to look really smart having adjustable features. Weights can be adjusted from 15 to 50 lbs easily right on the dumbbell displaying settings that can be changed easily without any hassles. The dumbbells are made from cast iron weight plates which supposedly make it the right equipment to exercise with. Also, Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight is supported by a weight stand that offers you convenience and assists you while performing exercises.

3 phase workout plan

Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight lays out its 3 phase workout plan which, as per the manufacturers, is perfectly equipped to offer a complete exercise experience. Each workout has been designed by a certified personal trainer. The three phase plan begins with boosting endurance as the first step, followed by improving your strength and in the final phase, enhancing strength and power. The workouts are said to target different muscle groups that shape the entire body and make you look and feel confident.

Official Website-http://www.weiderfitness.com

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