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What is Vitarid-r:

It is a pedal exerciser. Vitarid offers you a simple but effective way of keeping your body moving and thus healthy like you’d want it to be.
Vitarid-r has been designed for people of all ages, and beginners who want to keep their body moving and get health benefits from it. There are times when you feel your body has slowed down after an injury or a surgery, or it could be that you are struggling to keep up because of the advancing years. Vitarid-r claims to offer you a solution so that you can get your body moving again and get easy, pain free exercise.

Vitarid-r is for moderate, low impact exercise at home

If you have been looking for a good exercise at home so that you can keep your body moving then Vitarid-r can be the right option for you. It can be used to work on your upper and lower body because of the handlebars it has. At the same time you can just use the pedals to your advantage as well. All you have to do to use Vitarid-r is get a comfortable seat and adjust the height and resistance. Once that’s done, you can simply pedal your way to good health.

Vitarid-r is packed with features for your comfort and convenience

One of the highlights of Vitarid-r is that the handlebars and pedals have adjustable resistance to make it suitable for all levels. It’s also lightweight and its compact design means it can fold up and be stored quite easily. Vitarid-r has knobbed rollers at the base that ensure you get a soothing foot massage while you exercise. Moreover they are meant to boost circulation as well. You can adjust it to fit you comfortably and keep you in the right position.


Vitarid-r has many health benefits for you

With Vitarid-r not only do you keep your body moving, you get better circulation too. Vitarid-r also means you can control your health issues, get better balance and concentration while you find your way to improved heart health as well.

What do i get?

You get Vitarid-r and Vitarid-r Book and Pharmacy Card for $89.85 plus $14.95 for s&p.Official website


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