VibroShaper REVIEW

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What is VibroShaper? – If you want to lose weight but simply dislike working out in the gym or doing normal exercise then it’s time for you to make the switch. Here’s introducing VIBROSHAPER, the ultimate oscillating gym designed to help you lose weight and improve fitness. With VIBROSHAPER, you lose weight and get a toned body without strenuous high impact workouts.


VibroShaper Features

Multi-Directional Vibration – With a unique combination of oscillating movements, the VIBROSHAPER targets areas like the tummy, butt and thighs, with up to 50 muscle contractions per second.

In-Built Computer & Remote -VIBROSHAPER features an in-built computer & remote allowing you to monitor your progress and adjust your workout. You can simply set your workout and relax and benefit with weight loss and fitness results in just minutes a day.

99 Speed Settings – Featuring 99 Speed Settings, the VIBROSHAPER lets you walk, jog and run. With just a touch of a button you can also personalize your workout at home.

What does VibroShaper do? – With Multi-Directional Vibrations, the VIBROSHAPER is designed to tone, muscles, burn fat to help in weight loss, strengthen muscles, and improve balance.
VIBROSHAPER targets and tones your tummy, arms, waist, legs, thighs, and butt.

VIBROSHAPER Benefits – The VIBROSHAPER aids in protecting your joints and bones with no jerks, works all areas of the body, simple, easy workout functions and compact for easy storage.
Perfect for all ages and fitness levels. It is perfect for all ages and fitness levels, from teens to seniors. Order it today!

VibroShaper REVIEW

Nancy May complains in her review“VibroShaper is bogus. After using it once your back may start hurting and the back pain may persist more than a week.”

Angela Quin reports in her review“VibroShaper is awesome. You will feel energized doing just 2 routines a day.

Joyce Taylor states in her VibroShaper review – “If you have a bad knee then VibroShaper can really mess it up. You may be in extreme pain and barely walk for a long time. Also, VibroShaper does not come with instructions so you have figured it out yourself. It is only good for someone who would just like to get a quick exercise fitness workout. Do not use VibroShaper if you have bad knees!”

Roger Brown states in his review – “VibroShaper is very heavy. There could have a lighter version.”

Danny Heal mentions in his review – “The oscillating motion is a bit rougher than on other machines, however it does the job.”

Aron Gordon likes the VibroShaper, in his review he states – “VibroShaper is a very good product but after some time the machine started to make a very loud noise even though nobody was on it.”

Helen Sinclair complains in her review – “VibroShaper is fairly heavy, so if you have trouble lifting, you might need some help. VibroShaper is extremely easy to put together. Simply plug in a regular outlet. The remote is great and so helpful. It is really rough, it can vibrate the fillings out of your teeth practically! That is probably the reason why people use them. It can help to firm and strengthen. Using the VibroShaper for edema can be helpful. Even if you can’t stand on it, you can sit and put your feet on it. Using the speed up to around 15, it started walking all over the carpet. The VibroShaper needs a person to actually stand with their whole weight on it so as to keep it still at that speed. Keeping the speed at 5 is good. VibroShaper is not too noisy.”

VibroShaper Vibration Questions and Answers

Q. How loud is the VibroShaper Vibration machine?
A. It is not very loud at all.

Q. What is the warranty on the VibroShaper Vibration?
A. VibroShaper Vibration comes with a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects.

Q. Does the VibroShaper Vibration plug in or do you need batteries to operate?
A. The VibroShaper Vibration plugs in. It shakes aggressively, not like anything that using uses normal batteries.

Q. What is the frequency range on the VibroShaper Vibration? I’m looking for one close to a full size gym vibe machine I’ve used, which was 30-60 Hz.
A. The VibroShaper Vibration operates like a teeter-totter from side to side. It has three patterns and is manual. It gets up to 45 to 50 cycles per second and there is a booklet that identifies the patterns. We start with P3 which takes it from zero up 35 after 10 seconds and then we switch to manual (on the fly) to hold it there. There are also plus and minus on the remote (that comes with it). There is a 10 minute timer and you can let it stop at that or any point.

Q. Does the VibroShaper Vibration vibrate vertical (up & down) or oscillate (sideways)?
A. It vibrates up and down and side to side.

Q. Is there a weight limit on the VibroShaper Vibration machine?
A. Yes, the maximum weight is 264lbs.

Q. Is there a booklet that instructs you how to start using the VibroShaper machine?
A. It does not have a booklet. Suggest you logon to YouTube. Use a speed of 20-25 for muscles. Greater speed is just a vibrator.

Q. I would like to know if I can set the VibroShaper Vibration machine at 30 Hz and if it runs in an up and down motion. Can you set the timer at one minute intervals?
A. Yes you can set it at different numbers. Hit the auto, the timer and then the + sign and select the number you wish.

Q. What is the G Force range and the Frequency range of the VibroShaper Vibration?
A. The Frequency range is: 230V,50HZ/60HZ, but do not have a measurement for the G force range.

Q. What is the warranty on this Confidence vibration machine?
A. There is a 1 year warranty.


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