Vertical Spin Trainer

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About Vertical Spin Trainer

Vertical Spin Trainer states to be an exercise cycle that helps you burn more calories in less time with its ultimate cycling workout. Vertical Spin Trainer convinces to have three degrees of activation – cardio workout at Level 1 that makes you cycle while standing, abs and core sculpting at Level 2, and shaping hips, butt and thighs at Level 3.


How does Vertical Spin Trainer work?

Ultimate cycling workout
By just spending 15 minutes thrice a week, you can have perfectly sculpted body right at home as Vertical Spin Trainer promises. It states to increase heart rate and burn more calories by making you work out while standing up. Are the results to dramatic and quick? Vertical Spin Trainer user reviews will reveal soon.


Eight resistance levels
Vertical Spin Trainer alleges to be easy to adjust and feature 8 resistance levels to give you the best workout. Vertical Spin Trainer assures to prevent soreness in your body caused by hard and skinny cycle seats. There are no Vertical Spin Trainer user reviews to ascertain this. The trainer assures that it comes almost fully assembled and folds to stow away easily. Tell us about your Vertical Spin Trainer experience through a review.



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