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What is VersaRower?

A rowing exercise machine with patented resistance mechanism that matches the pull force of the exerciser automatically and instantaneously from 4 pounds to 400 pounds in the eccentric and concentric directions

An unconventional rowing machine

VersaRower claims to be an unconventional rowing exercise machine. It is supposed to have a patented resistance mechanism that resists hard if you pull hard and resists easy if you pull it easy. This mechanism is said to match the pull force of the person working out automatically and instantaneously from 4 lbs to 400 lbs. When the pull stroke ends, the force applied during pulling is the same as the handle drawing back. Because of this, VersaRower supposedly does not require foot straps since the body is pulled back during the second half of the rowing cycle. This feature makes VersaRower claim that it is the only rowing machine that gives a user-friendly loading that is generated while pulling and the pull back stroke.


All muscle groups work at the same time

VersaRower is meant to work as a seated squat that makes the legs work while extending as well as retracting along with the arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs. The rowing machine promises to give a regimen that keeps all the muscle groups working to their full capacity concentrically and eccentrically to correspond with any fitness level. VersaRower is supposed to duplicate the motion of rowing, kayaking and paddle boarding depending on the power generated by all contracting muscles of the torso, arms, back, shoulders and legs, which is developed by engaging both concentric and eccentric muscle power.

Concentric and eccentric muscle stimulation of all muscles

The VersaRower claims that no other exercise machine can provide both concentric and eccentric muscle stimulation of all muscles. Acceleration of a flywheel generates the force during the pull stroke and decelerating the flywheel generates a force during the pull back stroke so that a maximum rate of force development for both movements is provided. You can believably check power developed by every stroke and highest power with the Inertial Power Unit Display.


    What Do I Get ?

  • You will get VersaRower for $2,695
  • Official Website:

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