VCut Exercise Machine Review

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VCUT is a revolutionary new device that takes a typical workout and turns it upside down! With VCUT, you lose weight and inches and also get to see these visible results in just a few weeks! VCUT is the most convenient equipment ever used by hundreds of happy customers, who have achieved great results. VCUT is the first and only total body workout that allows you to do push-ups or Dynamic Flank and reverse push-ups or Reverse Dynamic Plank, of your front and back for complete 360° fitness with just two moves, for ten minutes, thrice a week.


How does V-Cut Exercise Machine work?
VCUT tones, shapes and burns fat to give you a symmetrically balanced workout for a better shape and posture and superior results. The secret behind VCUT is its 3D functional fitness that works equally hard and well for both your front and back. The Dynamic Plank works the front of the body, including your chest, anterior deltoids, triceps, quads, and abs, while the or Reverse Dynamic Plank works the back of the body, including the posterior deltoids, lats, biceps, low back, gluts, and hamstrings.

It is amazingly versatile for it uses your own body weight and builds strength, making it easy for beginners and gives variable resistance for the advanced. VCUT is designed with three sets of comfortable hand grips at the optimal 45°. When you’re done, it folds up for easy storage. Start looking and feeling better by using the VCUT! You’ll also receive the VCUT 3D Fitness DVD, and the VCUT Exercise Manual and Diet Guidelines.




Reviews and Complaints
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V-Cut Exercise Machine Video
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