Tower Xpress Review

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If you are into fitness you don’t want to miss out a single workout to ensure that you keep working on those muscles that you have developed. But that’s not always possible because you might have a stressful day at work and just can’t find time to go to the gym or when you are travelling for example.


Tower Xpress
You need home equipment that will give you complete body workout and keep up the good work you have been doing. Tower Xpress is a revolutionary product in the market, which assists in your endeavor of being in fit shape and gaining some ripped muscles. What’s more you can use it at home, when you are travelling or in your work dorm too. 7 minutes workout a day will bring you the results you desire.

Tower Xpress offers you 130 lbs resistance, with the help of its strong multi tension cords, which works wonders for a full body strengthening workout. Tower Xpress is already assembled and can turn any door into your own fitness area; all you need to do is slide it on the door. This product from Body by Jake is what you need to push your body to the limits so that you get maximum benefits from your workout.

Tower Xpress works on your chest, shoulders, abs, legs and back giving you the results you were hoping for. Tower Xpress is also known for its durable steel construction, which means you can keep getting your ideal workout for a long time to come.



What do I get?
Tower Xpress with up to 130 lbs. Resistance
1 Pair of Tower Xpress Hand Grips
1 Pair Tower Xpress Ankle Straps
Instructional Exercise Guide
Tower Xpress DVD with 7–Minute Xpress Workout
You can get Tower Xpress at OR for $99.95



Tower Xpress Video
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