Total Gym Fit

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What is Total Gym FIT? – The latest home gym model from the brand Total Gym that can be set up at home for complete workout.

Best quality home gym model

Total Gym FIT promises to transform your workout routine right in the comfort of your home if that’s where you’re most comfortable. The makers of Total Gym FIT explain how important it is to exercise right, for which workouts need to be easy to follow, fun to perform and provide the right amount of motivation. They claim that Total Gym FIT offers you all that and more as it make exercising on it useful and enjoyable too.

Comes with an extensive line of accessories

The new Total Gym FIT is supplied with a number of tools to carry your home workouts with including the Total Gym total fitness system of workouts. The AbCrunch Accessory, Squat Stand, two piece wing attachment and leg pull accessory with detachable bracket come in the Total Gym Fit package. It states confidently that it with its top of the line model you get the best quality home gym experience. .

Complete workout

Total Gym FIT states that it focuses on multiple major muscle groups at one time to provide a perfect workout and perfect results. It comes with owing features such as new auto-lock height adjustment, upgraded steel frame, reinforced slide pivot assembly, new custom fender system, upgraded pulley and cable system, leg pulley accessory with detachable bracket, flexible nylon strap handles, upgraded squat stand and more. It guarantees to help you enhance flexibility, stretching, tone muscle, build muscle and get in perfect shape. .

Versatile home fitness equipment

Total Gym FIT seems really versatile as improves overall health, promises it will help you build muscle, burn calories and increase your cardio vascular fitness in the easiest manner. It helps with any fitness level/ goal and suits people of any age right from beginners to advanced fitness levels. The exercise equipment is easy to operate and the special tools provided along with it. .

Features 12 resistance levels

Total Gym FIT, the newest home gym model, comes with 12 resistance levels to provide you with variety in home work out. The Total Gym FIT, makers claim it really works and is competent to provide all that a professional gym does in the comfort of your home. It also claims it offers a complete collection of workouts and workout tools including DVS to help you attain your fitness goals so that you don’t ever feel the need for professional guidance. It offers 400lb weight capacity for total strength and stability exams. .

Doesn’t demand hours of workout

Total Gym FIT is presented as a time saver that according to its makers, helps you perform a complete body workout in a jiff that does not demand not hours and hours of sweating away. It seems to be the perfect option for those who are hard-pressed for time but like to keep fit and look great. Pumping away iron for hours may be aimless. Instead, you can give Total Gym FIT, a chance, for it really could let you actually work out smart and not hard. The intent is to make exercising fun, fast and effective and that too right at home. .

No assembly required

If you are concerned that assembling Total Gym FIT, is going to be task, you’re assured that it’s not because it requires no assembly on your part. The entire exercise equipment is delivered fully assembled so you don’t have to struggle with any tools, nuts and bolts and waste time setting it up. It comes fully assembled from the Company for your convenience. .

Ergonomic bench

Total Gym FIT,has a sleek design and is equipped with ergonomic bench, which offers maximum comfort and support while carrying out any exercise. The new glide board designed ergonomically guarantees that it offers extra comfort system that doesn’t cause any pain or tension to your body. .

No stress on joints

Total Gym FIT says that it makes you use a percentage of your body’s weight as resistance, which coupled with the support of smoothly gliding cables on it ensures that your joints don’t bear the brunt of workout. If your workout makes you end up with pain or stress, you’d better discontinue it as the experts will tell you that it’s of no use. .

Offers great fluidity

Total Gym FIT, claims that it offers great fluidity so you can glide smoothly on it. You can also switch over from one exercise to the other effortlessly. The flexibility also ensures that when you’re done with concentrating on one muscle in one position and its time to move on to the next during workout, you can make a swift switch over to the next easily and work on a different group of muscles. This feature promises you the perfect workout for strength, cardio or stretching depending on the level. .

Fast and efficient

Total Gym FIT,ays it offers faster and total body workout with proper continuity, which is essential to acquire great shape. Other tools don’t offer as much continuity and flexibility. This is where Total Gym Fit scores over others. .

Double resistance levels

Total Gym FIT states that it offers you double resistance levels. It’s supposed to give you greater control over your workout and yields the same results that you’d get from a proper gym. .

Convenient storage

Storing Total Gym FIT isn’t a hassle as it can be folded easily and can be kept conveniently under the bed or anywhere and pulled out easily when required. .


Total Gym FIT draws your attention toward gym memberships that cost a bomb these days and how much gas you’d use to get there. Compare that with how much you can save by using Total Gym FIT at home instead. It’s like making one time investment that lasts really long.


What do I get?
Get the Total Gym Fit for $1349.33 at

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