Total Flex Review

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Do you want to shed pounds and trim inches? Have you always wanted to get a lean, sexy look? If you want a great look without all those gimmicky machines, spending a fortune on bulky equipment, or wasting time and money on a membership in a crowded gym that you never use, then you need the totally unique Total Flex home gym.

How does Total Flex Home Gym work?

It is ultra-compact; it unfolds in seconds to give you more than 50 gym exercises all in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home. Total Flex folds up small for easy storage. Total Flex comes fully assembled so it’s ready to use right out of the box. You can select one of the six DVD workout programs, that’s right for you and follow along.

It’s that simple! Whether it’s a strong chest and back, fabulous abs or tight and toned hips, buns and thighs, it sculpts every part of your body! Your options are endless. It’s gym-quality, made of forged steel with comfort-padded seats. It comes with the Custom Grip handles, padded ankle cuffs and a solid steel footplate.

Lean muscles are the key to losing weight and Total Flex comes loaded with enough bi-directional resistance to challenge beginners as well as advanced alike. With lightning fast changeovers that keep your heart rate elevated, you’ll do a cardio workout too!

The Total Flex can work your entire body in as little as 18 minutes a day. You will get a complete series of workout charts and workout DVDs ensure you quickly reach your goal!

Total Flex FAQs

What the resistance weight that comes with Total Flex Home Gym? Are the additional bands sold, replacements or additional resistance?

You get Total Flex Home Gym with maximum weight resistance of 101.2 lbs. However as you purchase additional bands the maximum resistance can be further increased to 138.6 lbs. You can buy additional bands online and they can be found under the accessory section. You can also call the customer care department on the toll free number 1-877-771-7017 and purchase them.

What’s the shipping weight of Total Flex Home Gym?
Total Flex Home Gym’s shipping weight is 23.5 kg. The box measurements are 60 cm x 28 cm x 70 cm.

Is leg extension necessary for leg exercises?
Although you can perform exercises with Total Flex Home Gym that focus on your legs without the need for Leg Extension, its use is advisable for making the most of Total Flex and seeing better results.

What’s the 1-800 number to order Total Flex Home Gym?
You can order Total Flex Home Gym by calling the customer care number 1-877-771-7017.

What’s the maximum weight Total Flex Home Gym can cope with?
The maximum weight capacity of Total Flex Home Gym is 300 lbs. Those whose body weight is more than 300 lbs are advised not to use this machine.

What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 1 x TOTAL FLEX Unit
  • 1 x Ankle Straps
  • 1 x Handle Set
  • 1 x English Wall Chart
  • 1 x English Manual
  • 1 x TOTAL FLEX Workout DVD
  • 1 x Body Analyzing Scale
  • 1 x English 60 Day Calendar
  • 1 x Instructional manual (Eng/Fr)
  • 1 x 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • All this for just $199.80


Total Flex Home Gym Video

Total Flex Comparison

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13 thoughts on “Total Flex Review

  1. Thinking of buying the total flex, can you add extra bands and hook them all at once along with the original ones like four or five or even six at a time for heavier work outs do the bands in the performance package work for all exercises or just the leg raises

  2. I am very interested in this machine and I’m wondering: if you don’t add the leg extension or head rest to your cart, does this really limit the number of exercises you can do? I can only afford the Total Flex itself at the moment and I don’t want to wait to start working out. Can you still work out your legs without the extension? Is it extremely uncomfortable without the headrest? Are these things I could buy later when I have more money? I’d really appreciate anyone’s advice=)

    • You can still do most of the exercises but I would recommend having them. Specially the leg one, really good for the muscles of the top in your leg.

  3. I am asking for help for my husband. He has many health issues. We are trying hard for him to loose weight. We have tried so many times to loose weight and he will loose 50 lbs. then put it back on. I feel it is so important to his health to loose the weight. He is disabled so our income is very modest. He is a great husband of 31 years, wonderful dad and now grand dad. We need help please. I watched the advertisement of this gym. I believe it would help him to get the exercise that would help him feel a little better. I am praying for help for him!

    • It is a good machine. I am extremely obese and this is the only exercise I have just loved. Tell him to do it in front of the TV with the DVD, it passes so fast and in 15 mint you have done a very good session of exercise. It is worth it.

    I just had a very pleasant surprise. I just received a call from Thane Direct apologizing for the lack of customer service. Seems my e-mails were initially sent (how?) to a new French Canadian rep, who is now under going some more customer service training. No explanation why the founder of Thane, Denise DuBerry, ignored me but that’s understandable as she’s in California and the rep who called me was in Toronto. Denise should change her last name to “Don’t Berry”.

    Regarding the smell: The only thing we could think of was it needs a good time to air out. I couldn’t wait that long so that’s why I took it apart and washed it.

    So I will be getting 2 red resistance bands free of charge. The Rep offered 2 extra packs of the gray, black and reds as well but that wasn’t necessary. No sense in being greedy. That was very nice of her to do so.The Rep was very pleasant.

    I suggested that the head rest extension be lengthened by 6 inches. If they do that the Total Flex would be good for 6 footers. I also suggested they add a section on their website to place parts orders for extra bands etc. If you used three reds on each side, you’d be in really good shape. I asked if the machine could indeed take 3 reds on each side and the answer was yes.

    So 2 thumbs up for the Toronto Thane Direct Rep.

    As PJ Katy would say “Case Closed”.

    • After 3 months, you are now satisfied. BUT, are you getting the results that were advertised? I’m not looking for the weight loss but the muscle that you have gained. AND would you refer it to others who do free weights now and again? Thank you

  5. Regarding the Total-flex and Thane Direct: No response to my e-mails so I sent them one more asking for compensation in the form of 2 packs of resistance bands. One band wasn’t on a pulley (not visible because of protective cover) so it is now frayed/damaged. I took the cover off because the one side sounded different than the other. That’s when I found the band was off the pulley. Also the machine had a noxious toxic smell so I needed to remove the upholstery and wash it.

  6. I would not recommend this product unless:

    1) You are under 5′ 9″

    2) Have a high tolerance for plastic/rubber odors.

    3) You are in poor shape or just want to keep toned. You won’t get like the Hulk using this machine. I have had this machine less than a month and I’m already using all six resistance bands for the bench press.

    4) You have to call their toll free number to order more resistance bands. When I called it at 10 a.m. est, a message said they were closed. Plus you can’t order just 2 red bands. You need to buy a pack. I don’t know what’s in a pack because they didn’t give me that information when they responded to my e-mail asking why they didn’t answer the phone.

    Please see my blog for details of my experience with the machine and the company.

    Totalflex Home Gym Blog

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