Torso Ball Review

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Do you want to sculpt your abs in just 3 minutes a day? Then, you should try the Torso Ball. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in fitness equipment designed to transform flab to great looking abs. So, why waste your time with painful crunches and sit-ups that strain your back and neck.


How does Torso Ball work?
Torso Ball’s ergonomic design features power grip handles that maintain your body above the ground level. This helps take away the pressure on your back, so that there is no excess pressure on the back while you exercise. With the Torso Ball, all the resistance goes straight to the abs for maximum results.

As soon as you roll out on Torso Ball, you will create the secret abdominal stretch, putting your abs in the optimal state for training. With Torso Ball’s pre-stretch, you will get twice the results in half the time – more than you would from other fitness equipment.

The Torso Ball also helps you tone your arms, chest, back and shoulders. It takes just one exercise with Torso Ball and you get a total body workout. The Torso Ball is compact and lightweight so you can use it anywhere you are, whether you are at home or at a hotel.

It burns fat fast, so you can get fabulous, hot abs and a total body transformation in just 3 minutes a day. Now, you can now get that perfect body you always wanted. Get Torso Ball and work your way to sculpted abs in just 3 minutes a day!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 1 Torso Ball
  • 1 Sling Shot Power Cords
  • No-Pain Knee Pad
  • Quick Air Pump
  • Jerry Abbott‘s Torso Ball Exercise DVD
  • Jerry Abbott‘s Fat Burning Guide
  • All this for just $99.99 + $19.95 s and h. Official Offer



Reviews and Complaints
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Torso Ball Video


6 thoughts on “Torso Ball Review

  1. I have used this for only one week – I love it – it is fun to use – I’m not saying I’ve lost a heap of weight but what I am saying is that my shape, even in a week, is definitely changing – I like this piece of equipment – for me anyway it is user friendly and I’m saying it works!

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