Tony Little Private Trainer Extreme Body Workout Express Review

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The Tony Little Private Trainer is a total body gym. It is portable and easy to store. It is a step bench; it is a ballet bar and a pull up bar. It is also a push up bar, stretching bar and a workout bench if you want to sit down on it. It is an ab bench – everything you want to do is on this piece of equipment. It is designed for two different people to work out on it at the same time, male or female.


How does Tony Little Private Trainer work?
You get 88 different exercises on a laminated chart with 9 different types of exercise routines you can pick from ranging from total body express 15 minutes getting your butt in shape to upper body workout, to step aerobics, to body shaping, to dance exercises, to women’s lower body shape up, to senior shape up exercises, to teenager lean mean workout, to stretching and relaxation. You can choose anything you want from these 88 different exercises or you can go into specific routines.

The Tony Little Private Trainer comes with a 21-day fat burning eating plan with menus to follow for 21 days to help with your resolution to lose weight and shape yourself up.

The menu changes every single day. Your target heart rate zones are in there too. It also has a personal trainer DVD to help you through 15 minutes every other day. You also get your own personal trainer that allows everyone in your family to call certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine daily for a whole year. It’s free for the phone call and for the personal training.

These personal trainers will help you when you hit those blocks – Try this or do that or alter that.

Get together and start working out with a partner, whether it’s your teenager, a neighbor or your mom.

The Tony Little Private Trainer teaches you the dance moves, the stretch moves, how to modify your leg movements, etc. It incorporates all the necessary components for total body weight loss, total body shaping, everything. It’s also available at an unbelievable low price for everything you get.




Reviews and Complaints
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  1. This is certainly getting much more subjective but for me I significantly prefer some form of step bench physical exercises. The user interface of every bench is vibrant , has much more exuberance , and some awesome features that permit you to quickly see some results to your body. Stepping on one of those will focus on what your body needs, and will make it possible for you to navigate around exploring what can be good for total well being .

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