Tony Little HealthRider Twist Review

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Do you spend long time working out every day to get into shape of your life? Is your fitness regime not offering you results you want to see? In that case it might be time to take your fitness routine to a whole new level altogether with Tony Little HealthRider Twist. This is a brilliant body work out with a twist, so to speak and helps you work out your upper and lower body through a simply twist of handle bars. Now you have an effective workout, which will be fun and easy to follow at home


How does Tony Little HealthRider Twist work
You have the option of being in one position and working on your calves, glutes and thighs while from another position you will be able to strengthen your core, build your arms and work on your back too. With 4 easy to follow DVDs, this workout regime is ideal for people with different fitness levels who want to get into perfect shape. The back and forth motion that’s at the heart of this program has low impact on your body but it’s still quite effective.

There are many exceptional features that make things more comfortable for you. Like the rotating two position handlebars let you customize your regime and work out different muscles from different positions. The rowing handles, which are removable, let you imitate the rowing motion, which is responsible for a complete body workout. The dual pedals on the other hand ensure that you bring more muscles into action when you work out and burn more calories. The LCD monitor is meant to track your results while the padded adjustable seat allows you complete comfort while you work out.

Move this brilliant workout system around the house thanks to built-in transport wheels and hop on to the ride that will lead you to a great shape



What do I get?

  • HealthRider Twist
  • Total Body Weight Loss & Conditioning Workout DVD
  • Awesome Legs & Butt Workout DVD
  • Cardio Row Total-Body Calorie Burning workout DVD
  • 20-Minute Quickie Total-Body Express Workout DVD
  • 8-Week Guide to Healthy Eating meal plan
  • VIP Personal Trainer membership card
  • Owner’s manual
  • Manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty

You get all this for $299.95 at


Tony Little HealthRider Video


3 thoughts on “Tony Little HealthRider Twist Review

  1. The HealthRider Twist is even better then the standard version as it allows for that twist while in motion. You can also keep your upper body straight if you desire? The added hand grips allow for another muscle group to be worked without having to grip the middle of the bar (on the standard unit), This machine will kick your but…flat out. Is it worth the price?? Depends?? Can you afford it?? If not, wait and watch as statistics show, most people invest in these machines in hope of some magic, and the only magic is getting off your behind and doing it! (what a concept!) I own the new unit and I have the regular version as well. Both if mine allow for added weights for more resistance. I keep 35 lbs on at all times, so I really love mine and the results are great for me! Hope that helps and I’d say GO FOR IT!!

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