Tony Little AbRider Plus Review

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Who doesn’t want to have perfect washboard abs? If you think you have piled on a few pounds in recent times, then your endeavour will be to look slim and get that gorgeous figure. And you want a workout routine that helps you work on your core and get you the desired results. That’s exactly what Tony Little AbRider Plus does with its 180 degree ab rotation technique. What’s more, now you have complete control over your workout as you can choose between side-to-side or front-to-back workout or both at the same time


How does Tony Little AbRider Plus work
It has a built in sit up position, which ensures that you can comfortably do crunches and get the perfect balanced conditioning you are looking for. However you can also look after your lower body muscles by making the most out of the squat station. This exhilarating workout system with its 180 degrees ab rotation means you can strengthen your core and work out on different muscle groups in your body to get target specific results. Moreover you can benefit from the 3 position adjustable incline system, which lets you customize your workout in three different incline positions.

But that’s not all; the cushioned seat made out of memory foam is incredibly comfortable to work out on and the LCD counter lets you monitor your results. The workout DVDs are easy to follow and you won’t struggle keeping up with them. And you can easily move this amazing workout system in the house thanks to the built in wheels. There are many other features like vertical and rotational lock, soft grip handles meant for your convenience. And the fact that it’s made out of durable solid steel means you can use it for a long time to come.

Oh and did we say, you get access to 1 year long VIP personal trainer hotline membership too?



What do I get?

  • AbRider unit
  • Abs Plus More workout DVD
  • Sexy Abs workout DVD
  • Nutrition and Diet DVD
  • 1-year VIP Personal Trainer Helpline membership card
  • User’s Manual
  • Manufacturer’s limited 1-year warranty

You get all this when you buy Tony Little AbRider Plus for $179.95 at


Tony Little AbRider Plus Video
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4 thoughts on “Tony Little AbRider Plus Review

  1. I purchased the Ab Rider first week of July 2012. I still have not received all the parts to use the machine. When I first got the machine, it had NO hardware. The box was smashed and torn and looked like someone tried to tape it back up. It took 21 days to receive the machine. My first call I requested a hardware package. Three weeks later, I received the hardware package in small baggies. It was missing nuts, bolts and the rod to hold the machine stationary. Also, the console was missing. I called the customer service number, again, to order the missing parts. Three weeks later I received all but the backordered nuts for the handlebars. The console that was sent had a male end on it, and couldn’t plug into the male end that was already installed on the machine. I called the customer service number to explain that the console piece had a male end and the machine had a male end, so I needed conduit with a female end in order to use the console. Three weeks later I was send another console with a male end. One week after that I finally received the nuts to the handlebars. I called customer service again to explain the conduit wires and how something must be wrong at their end because I keep getting consoles with male ends, and the machine conduit has a male end on it. She finally found out that it must have been a manufacturing issue, and told me they would send me a female conduit to replace the male one on the machine. Three weeks later I received another console with a male end, ONCE AGAIN. It is now Nov. 1st and I still don’t have all the parts to this machine. I also have not received the rod to hold the machine seat stationary. I am so very displeased with customer service. I wanted to use this machine so badly but I don’t have all the pieces. Four months later and I still don’t have all the pieces. I do not want to call customer service again and explain again how the conduit pieces are wrong and they don’t fit together. Please tell me what can possibly be done to make this right.

    • I had the same problem but I was putting mine together wrong can u post a pic of the part u are trying to put together? I can’t remember which part I had the problems with but I do remember trying forever to get to pieces that I thought should have been male female parts together.

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