ThunderBell by Teeter Review

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If you are a true blue fitness enthusiast for whom staying fit is genuine passion and an art, exploring ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program will change your perspective towards fitness, and keeping fit will never be the same again. ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program, which is a total body training system, will revolutionize your ritual of working out as it is encompassed within just one special training tool and infinite possibilities of using it.


ThunderBell by Teeter
The ThunderBell is an incredibly versatile exercise tool with a patent- pending seven grip design that more than doubles up as a dumbbell, barbell, kettle bell, medicine ball and many other varieties. It’s a ten pound tool which can be used in a wide range of ways to build up and heighten your strength, endurance and chisel your body just the way you wish to. It has multi-handle grip and ergonomic design that allow a limitless choices of multiple joint and muscle training movements and exercises, developing balanced muscle groups and functional fitness for best results. ThunderBell Training Program helps you attain agility, flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, stability, strength, momentum and everything you desire to be fit.

Navy SEALs and elite pro-athlete trainer Jeremy Levine have developed the energetic and fantastic ThunderBell Training Program. They highlight of the program is that it based on unflawed coordinated, synchronized muscle movements and constant sequenced motion patterns that produce the best results in minimal time. With the ThunderBell, you will begin burning calories speedily, enhance strength and stamina and also be acquire a lithe, sculpted look.

The Thunderbell is a product designed around the needs of the body and is ideal for all fitness levels. Its multi-grip design enables you to accomplish exercise and equipment metamorphosis as you seamlessly incorporate a wide range the most effective types of exercises and exercise equipment effortlessly. This brings you the ultimate workout experience.

ThunderBell Training Program has been developed from years of studying fitness equipment shortfalls, the needs of the body, and current research in fascial and muscle training. It has incorporated the intelligence of traditional weight lifting with efficient, transitional, active and movement-integrated patterns.

The ThunderBell weighs 10 pounds, which is sufficient for most people. Your stamina and strength will be challenged as the ThunderBell program progressively adjusts variables of speed, range of motion, rhythm, exercise sequence, and intensity.

You’ll have to take the ThunderBell program slowly and patiently, and ensure that you reduce the risk of injury by employing only proper techniques and don’t force any movements or strain during any training sessions. The feedback in the program comes from your body’s response to reacting forces and spreading the forces associated to the muscles and joints as a whole. When you use the ThunderBell program, you will be able to determine when you are ready for more advanced moves at greater intensity.

Move over the outdated or traditional workout methods and equipment that simply train muscles and joints without coordination and just end up segregating one muscle group from another. There are reasons galore for you to switch over to ThunderBell.

With your purchase of a ThunderBell, you will receive the Training & Level 1 DVD that contains a Members Only Healthy Eating Guide and a smart fitness calendar too. With such a long list of merits, there is just no reason for you to deprive yourself of this fantastic movement called ThunderBell.



What do I get?
Teeter ThunderBell is your for just $49.90 + $14.95 s/h. Official Website

ThunderBell by Teeter Customer Service
To Order: 1-800-975-6826, 24 hours/7days
Customer Service: 877-244-6162 (9am-4pm PST), Monday-Friday
Mailing Address:
Teeter Hang Ups®
9902 162nd St Ct E.
Puyallup, WA 98375



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  1. Is there any age limit for a person to begin using ThunderBells?

    Can ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program be taken for a lifetime?

    Are there guaranteed results that prove ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program’s effectiveness? Can you furnish them?

    Are there regular updates on health and keeping fit for those who register for ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program?

    Can ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program be combined with other forms of exercising and activities like athletics, sports, meditation safely?

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