Tiger Total Body Trainer Review

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Are you fighting to pull up your pants? Are you sitting down all day instead of exercising? If you want to do a workout filled with fun then its time to ride the tiger. The Tiger is a fun, energizing fat-burning workout that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

How does Tiger Total Body Trainer work?

It is the ultimate body shaping machine that combines a body shaping resistance workout with aerobic exercise. It is designed to change your body from fat to fit.

The Tiger guarantees you noticeable results in just 30 days. You can lose up to 10lbs or 10 inches in 30 days or get your money back.

The secret is the innovative dual-motion technology that combines all the best body sculpting moves to give you the body you always wanted.

It combines the leg press, squats, rows, and crunches with aerobic exercise to give you an effective calorie burning body toning workout. With The Tiger you can burn up to 220 calories in just 10 minutes.

The Tiger is fast and easy to use too. It is designed for adults of all ages. Exercising on a treadmill can cause your back to hurt and can also give you a knee pain but The Tiger is so smooth to use and gives you a low impact workout, avoiding stress on the joints.

The Tiger provides a comfortable seated workout ensuring your full body is supported as you ride. It tightens, tones, and sculpts your body with smooth gliding motion targeting all your major muscle groups.

The Tiger helps you shape your buns, hips, thighs, shoulders, back, chest, biceps, and triceps using your own body weight as resistance.

It also targets your problem areas like the back of your arm.

Use the Tiger anywhere you want, use it while watching TV or while watching your kids to get the toned fit body you always wanted.

Forget doing cardio exercises at the gym and using bulky machines that cost thousands of dollars when you can ride the tiger and transform your body in just few minutes a day.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • The Tiger Ultimate Body Trainer
  • Weight Loss Guide
  • 30 Day Meal Planner
  • The Tiger Workout DVD

Order The Tiger today and you will also receive the Ultimate Burn System which includes your Weight Loss Guide, 30 Day Meal Planner, and the Workout DVD for just the 5 payment of 49.99 plus $29.99 shipping and handling.



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5 thoughts on “Tiger Total Body Trainer Review

  1. I bought mine 10 years ago and used it daily for about 20 minutes a day and lost 84 pounds. I love it. Still have it and still use it from time to time. Be thing so far to use and not painful.

    • Any chance you can scan and post or email me the paperwork positions for the total tiger, had one 20 years ago and just found another at a thrift store in brand new condition for 5$, cant remember all the moves. Thanks in advance if you can and dont mind.

  2. Has anyone tried the Tiger Total Body Trainer, is it any good?

    Does The Tiger really help you tone your body?

    Is it easy to use?

    Can it be used by all ages?

    Do you see results in just 30 days?

    Does it shape all the parts of your body?

    Has anyone tried The Tiger, is it any good?

    Is it easy on the back?

    What are the pros and cons of the Tiger Total Body Trainer?

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