The Rack Workout Station Review

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Do you desire a fit and sculpted body? You need the revolutionary Rack Workout! The Rack Workout is a fitness breakthrough that transforms in to three body sculpting positions to give you the ultimate body workout! The standing position uses all your body weight to build muscles; the bench elevates your body for rapid muscle sculpting, and flat to get ripped abs.


How does The Rack Workout Station work?
The Rack Workout machine is made up of 30 pounds of solid steel that is virtually indestructible. It is the better way to make big sculpted muscles fast. The secret behind the Rack Workout is that it uses a revolutionary zone progression training exercise method that rapidly moves from exercise to exercise to burn fat and build muscles.

It targets the upper body with exercises like shoulder presses, elevated pushups and extreme pull-ups for a chiseled and well defined upper body. The core zone is dealt with exercises like the reverse ab crunches and scissor kicks; the lower zone is targeted by power squats, one leg press squats for powerful chiseled legs.

The complete workout routine would take you less than 30 minutes to give you a complete health system. You will also receive a Nutrition Guide, Workout Guide and six DVD workouts where Owen Mckibbin will be your personal trainer to guide you through the workout routine for the most optimal results for you.

The Rack Workout is versatile and portable as it folds easily; it is easy to assemble too. Get the body you always dreamed of with the amazing Rack Workout!

The Rack Workout Station is available for a free trial for $14.99 for 30 days. You pay $14.99 in the first month and you get to use it for 30 days and if you are satisfied with it you can keep it but you have to pay an additional $39.99 for the next 4 months.

The Rack Workout Station includes 6 workout DVD’s, owner’s manual, and a nutrition guide.

If you want to get serious muscle gain and shape up and lose 10-15 pounds then the Rack Workout Station is not the ideal machine for you to use.

The Rack Workout Station may not give you the benefits you want and it is not worth paying $180 for it. You could do push ups at home instead or put two chairs together and do pushups and make it tougher or you can do pull ups on your door.

You can even buy a pull up bar for just $19.99 and fix it on your doorway. With the pull up bars you can save yourself a lot of money. Doing pull ups, push ups, and crunches at home will not cost you anything.

The Rack Workout Station is not worth the money, it is a complete a rip off. The maximum cost of the workout machine should have been just $25 plus S&H.

The disadvantage is also that it does not come with weights so you have to purchase the weights too. You can’t even buy your own weights you have to buy their weights.

If you want to get a ripped and pumped body then you need the Rack Workout Station. The Rack Workout Station can give you the results you need in just 12 weeks.

You don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight and get into shape because with The Rack Workout Station you can get into shape right at home.

You will be so happy with The Rack Workout Station because it is the perfect fitness machine. The Rack is a whole new concept in fitness. It uses your body weight. It uses nearly 30 lbs of resistance in a revolutionary series of workouts that are specifically designed to give you a good workout.

This breakthrough combination works your entire body to help you lose weight and get ripped. The Rack Workout Station will help you to train and transform you body in just 12 weeks.

You can stand it up and use all your body weight to build muscle or you can throw it down to knock out core rep exercises that sculpt and define muscles. You can even lay it flat to exhaust every major muscle in your body or fold it for ab chiseling extension exercises and roll it back for reverse ab crunches that get your abs ripped and defined.

In the gym you spend more time resting between sets than actually working out and so you don’t get the right results. So why waste your time and money when you can use The Rack Workout Station just like other participants.

With The Rack Workout Station you get real results, real fast in just 12 weeks. The participants who used The Rack did not spend any money on a gym membership.

Owen McKibbin, former professional athlete and master fitness instruction who is photographed in fit cover models ever is the creator of zone progression training and also started using The Rack Workout Station to help rebuild his body. With The Rack he got into shape and was able to maintain it without using and wasting time on gym machines.

He uses his proven exercise called zone progression training. When you compare it to traditional workouts done at the gym you will understand why it is so effective.

When you workout in the gym you go from machine to machine and work one muscle at a time and rest between sets and that takes time to get results but with the zone progression training method you work an entire muscle zone by moving rapidly from one exercise to the next within that muscle zone until it fatigues, then you move onto another muscle zone. This keeps your calorie burning capacity on high while you are building muscle. The best part is you can do it in workouts in as little as 30 minutes.

The Rack Workout Station comes with 5 zone progression training workout DVD’s. Each of these DVD’s features Owen McKibbin who shows you how these DVD’s are designed to work on every major muscle zone on your body.

The 5 DVD’s includes: the Explosive Chest, shoulders, and back DVD uses The Rack to build a cut and defined chest and sculpted shoulders and back, the Big Arm Blast DVD maximizes the weight of The Rack to pump and build rock solid biceps and massive chiseled triceps, the Ripped Abs DVD uses The Rack to give you lean and sculpted abs fast, the Fat Shredder DVD uses The Rack to burn fat and calories faster, and the Total Body Express Workout DVD to blast your body for incredible results.

You also get your own meal plan and custom workout guide. It is a total world class training system to get you perfect results.

You can use The Rack in your TV room, the beach, the garage, the park or just about anywhere in your house into convert it into a 24 hour elite training center.

It will get you ripped and get you to shed fat faster than anything you have ever tried before.

It is nearly 30lbs of solid steel and it is a hardcore training machine that adds a new dimension of variety and intensity to traditional body weight exercises.

These zone progression training exercises maximize your fat burning and builds lean sculpted muscles in a workout that takes as little as 30 minutes a day.

You can now get a trial of The Rack for 30 days for just $14.99 plus S&H.

What Comes with The Rack Workout Station

5 lbs weights; set of two
Now you have the option of taking your Rack workouts to another level altogether. For a more intense workout you can add more resistance by getting 5 lbs weights, which are highly recommended. What’s more, this set of weights is made specially to be used with the Rack. These weights are available for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $5.99.

Cushion Seat Pad
Now you can work out with the Rack in utmost comfort by adding this strong foam cushion to it. It’s advised to place Cushion Seat Pad on the Rack when you do abdominal exercises. It can also be used as a cushion when you do floor exercises. You can stay in perfect balance and just the right form when you do your reps. Cushion Seat Pad is available for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $5.99.

Now you can feel your best throughout the day, every day of the week with all-natural blend of EBoost, which contains green tea extract and vitamins. Now you won’t feel fatigue or jitters after every 5 hours. EBoost is regular dose of energy and the healthy alternative for your overall wellbeing. You can get a 20 day supply of EBoost for $24.95. A 10 day supply will cost you $19.95.

The Rack Workout Station Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a weight limit for the Rack?
Yes there is. Ideally your body weight should not be more than 300 pounds.

Is there a height restriction too?
Those who are around 6 ft 6 inches or taller might struggle with some of the exercises like the Full Body Dip for example.

Does one require special training for using the Rack?
There’s no special training required but it’s advisable to speak to a physician before starting any exercise program.

What’s the weight of the Rack?
The sturdy frame made out of steel, bolts and wheels weigh about 30 pounds.

Is it easy to move the Rack around?
Definitely; the Rack can be folded and locked in place for storage and it is portable too.

Are there any special tools required?
You get the Rack with two wrenches that are easy to use; those are all the tools required.

Can you assemble the Rack without any difficulty?
It’s very easy to assemble the Rack. You need to screw in 4 bolts, attach washers and 4 more bolts; that’s it.

Do you get weights with the Rack?
No, however when you are ordering the Rack you will be offered the option of buying additional weights, which are specifically designed to be used with the Rack for best results.

Can the weights bought with the Rack stored and used on their own?
These 5 lbs weights have been designed to work well with the Rack as they fit perfectly.

What does the $14.99 for 30 day trial entail?
Through this risk-free trial offer, you will be able to try The Rack All In One Gym at home for 30 days by making a simple payment of $14.99 and shipping and handling charges. You will be charged 4 monthly payments of $39.99 if you choose to keep the Rack. If you want to return the Rack, you will get full refund (minus shipping upon return).

When does the trial period start?
As soon as you get the Rack, your trial period will begin.

Is it safe to use credit cards online?
All the credit card information is secure. Any sensitive information like credit card details that you offer will be protected thanks to the best security and encryption technology used.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • The Rack Workout Station
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Workout Guide
  • Owner’s Manual
  • 6 DVD Workouts
  • Trial for $14.99 + shipping/handling.


The Rack Workout Station Video


51 thoughts on “The Rack Workout Station Review

  1. I’m seeing alot of negative reviews on here and alot of positives that sound kinda phony so I felt the need ot write an honest review.

    I bought the rack system 3 years ago after seeing the infomercial. I paid the 14.99 for the 30day trail and then the 39.99 for 4 months. thsi totaled just under $175. I felt the price was high and still do especially since they now sale it in target for $99 but I knew I needed something that would motivate me to work out that I could stick to. Well over the past 3 years I have started and stoped this system multiple times, becuase like most people I get very motivated to get in shape and work hard for a few weeks and then that fades and I quit. But this year has been different. I started using hte rack again in January, I used it for 2 weeks, I am 5′ 8″ and was 243lbs well into the obese range espaically for a woman. I jsut couldn’t do the work out and burned my self out. So I stoped the rack and started ot run three days a week and do push ups and sit ups 3 days a week. I did this untill just 2 weeks ago when I added the rack back into my work out. now at 196 I am below the obese threshold but not at a healthy weight yet, but my real goal is to be fit as I am trying to get into law enforement and this is where the rack comes into play.

    Every time I have used the rack I have noticed more muscle definanition in even jsut the first week, it’s no different this time. Even to know I can’t do the exercises all the way (I don’t get as low on most of them as Owen, but I cna do as many reps) I can see my bis growing and my shoulders are more defined. This system really does work, atleast for those of us who are very out of shape.

    When I ordered my rack 3 years ago it came in 4 weeks, and none of the parts where rusted nor bent. I did have one of the bolts that hold the wheels on snap recently, but i think thats more of the poor storage it has received over the years now. I would like ot have seem the wheels attached permanity into the postion in which the machine rolls instead of being able to move but thats really my only complaint.

    I would recommend this exercise equipment to anyone who is looking ot get into better shape and needs somehting to keep them on track and motivated, or needs a place to start and doesn’t know how to exercise.

  2. I bought my Rack more than 10 years ago. Back then it was sold by Bollinger and didn’t have those ‘cheap plastic wheels’ everyone’s bitching about. It cost me 50 bucks brand new at Sports Authority. Even after all these years I still use it 2-3x per week and it helps keep me fit. It’s an excellent piece of equipment and I highly recommend it.

  3. The Rack Workout Station ad starts out, “Do you want a body like this”. It has this dude that is totally ripped and shredded and oiled up. Now come on people, he did not get that way from using this hunk of metal. He is on the juice and lifting iron. Can you get a workout from using this thing? Yeah. Probably a pretty good body weight workout. Can you do all the exercises in their video with things around the house and get the same workout? Hell yeah! Dips = chairs, elevated pushups = anything you can use to elevate yourself, Curls = anything heavy, pull ups = pull up bar for $19, abs = leg lifts and crunches (fundamentals), squats = body weight squats or hold something of weight, and Shoulder press = resistance bands. This is just another fitness gimmick/scam. If you buy this you might as well buy a Thigh Master while you are at it.

  4. There is no other machine that can work your chest and give you so many hand exercises at the same time. No other piece of gym equipment works like The Rack. With The Rack you get to do all your workouts in this one piece and keep moving to the next workout.

    Many people who have been going to the gym have now switched to The Rack because of the amazing results. The Rack helps you shed weight faster than ever before. You get results in just 12 weeks.

    Zone Progression Training performed on The Rack is a time tested method by Owen McKibbin, former professional athlete and master fitness instructor.

    It works muscle groups to the maximum. Constant changing of hand positions and changing angles will get you big time results real fast.

    The Rack Workout Station makes you exhausted and gets you into shape. You get results with every singe workout you do on The Rack. If you are consistently using The Rack you will lose weight and get defined faster than ever before.

    You start to sweat quickly and you feel the burn and the workout with the Rack. You realize you are actually getting a real workout.

    In Zone Progression Training you don’t take rest, you just keep exhausting your muscles. Zone Progression Training gives you cardio which burns your fat.

    You can use The Rack at the park, the beach or anywhere at home. If you want to shed fat, get a sculpted body, get better muscle definition, and better abs The Rack is what you need.

    You can use get a toned, defined body at home with workouts as little as 30 minutes.

    Zone Progression Training is a total body workout system where elite fitness trainer Owen Mc personally guides you through 5 muscle sculpting fat burning zone progression training workouts. He targets every major muscle zone in your body so you sculpt a lean, ripped body in just 12 weeks.

    The set of 5 DVDs include: Explosive Chest, Shoulders, and Back, Big Arm Blast, Ripped Abs, Fat Shredder, and Total Body Express Workout.

    Order now and get the Rack and Owen’s Zone Progression Training DVDs for a 30 day trial for just $14.99.

    Call now and you also get The Rack Nutritional Meal Plan, Workout Guide, and the Bartendaz Workout DVD.

    • Cons of The Rack Workout Station:
      When you order the Pro Model of The Rack you expect it to have solid, skate like wheels that you see in the owner’s manual. Unfortunately what you get is a plastic wheel that breaks before you know it.

      For the price of a product like The Rack you expect it to be better constructed and certainly a lot more durable. But the fittings are bent, often misaligned and hence prone to breakage sooner rather than later. Moreover the workout you get using this product is more cardio type rather than weight training. You don’t really need The Rack for cardio training and if you want to get ripped muscles you need to lift weights. Now that goal can be achieved by using dumbbells that cost a lot lesser.

      The Rack is not well made at all and the parts used in it can be quite flimsy. In fact there are instances of the product falling apart during assembly. The nut welded to the wheel assembly is particularly dodgy and can fall apart as you fix the red knobs on the wheel.

      The exercise using The Rack can be quite awkward and can need some getting used to. However in that case you run the risk of getting bored or giving up before getting a hang of the exercises.

      The problem with bent parts in The Rack Workout Station is that it makes assembly quite difficult as you are not able to align the holes for bolting. It can lead to unbalanced symmetry when you use the product, which can be quite annoying. It’s also found to be a bit rusted on the inside, which is hugely disappointing and also a sign that the product might not last the test of time. The protective caps fall off quite easily too, which doesn’t augur well for the protection they are supposed to offer.

      Tips to use The Rack for better results:
      The assembly might be tricky but you can get good results out of The Rack if you follow a few simple tips. For starters, it’s a good idea to get the reinforced version that weighs about 30lbs as opposed to others that weigh around 23lbs. You might have to mail order it but it’s worth the effort.

      Your equipment shouldn’t be tossed around in any case, but if you have to do it, then better on a matted surface than a hard one. Hard surfaces can have a detrimental impact on the plastic wheels, which are just not meant to withstand it.
      You will be better served working out on a matted surface and getting a decent removable chin up bar is also recommended.

      Remember, the videos that come with The Rack are important for the success of your workout. Hence if you are buying a used product, make sure you get these videos with it too.

      If you are into weight lifting, The Rack might not be what you are looking for. But it works well for flexibility training on your off days. The Rack is good for core training and it’s a brilliant calisthenics machine, nothing more than that. It serves that purpose if used well and if you don’t go in with expectations that it’s not meant to fulfill in the first place, you will not be disappointed.

      • I think your review on the The Rack Workout Station cons is BS. You can and will get ripped on the Rack, I have been using it now for 6 months, not only have I lost 42 lbs and 4 inches off my waist, the rack gave me a sculpted chest, arms and stomach just like it said it would. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Also, I have the Rack Pro, and the piece is solid as it gets. Nothing has broke on the piece nor do I expect it will. The wheels are plastic of course, but they are made of hard thick plastic and if you are only doing the recommended exercises for the ab workout the wheels are more than efficient.

    • The rack is mainly driven towards men. My wife who is an exercise nut tried to use mine and found that if she kept using it she would start building cut muscle mass which is not the look she wanted. But in saying that she does do the ab workout for a tight core.

  5. I got mine at Target for less than $100 instead of the $160 plus shipping from their website. I was motivated to workout since my baggy jeans got tight on me and my vacation pictures looked super fat. I’m currently on my fifth week and my pants fit back to normal and I haven’t had lower back pains like I used to. I also tried my brother’s P90X prior to this and I couldn’t get past two weeks on it due to the length and strenuous activity. I’m not following the nutrition guide although I’m trying to eat better. All in all this product is getting me the results I wanted which was to lose weight and get a little cut without feeling discouraged like the P90X used to make me feel. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t look forward to working out and always checking the calendar for my next off day but I and the people around me have noticed results so a little sacrifice to get what I want. Finally, I got this at Target not only because it was cheaper but it was also easier to return if I didn’t like it like P90X (which I’m just not in shape for but would recommend to someone else who is more in shape than I am).

  6. Just an update to my prior comment.

    Yes, the “973” area code number which is (973) 287-51xx was the “Racks” sales agent calling me back! You would think that after declining their ridiculous offer for this workout device/hanging up with them, that would have been the end of things. No, this organization lifted my phone number off of their caller I’d and called me with the intention of harassing me into buying this cheap thing. I informed the lady (which sounded like the same person I originally spoke with) that I was not interested in purchasing the “Rack” and to not call my house again or I will swear a telephone harassment warrant out on her. She then quickly got off the phone w/me.

    Having said all that, and what I gather from the rest of these negative posts, I would not use this thing even if it was given to me! Also, you can totally tell by some of these positive” comments, that the people who are leaving them, are clearly working for this company…..

  7. Just recieved my Rack Workout Gym. One of the cheap plastic wheels was broken. The owners manual shows the wheels to be soild skate style wheels. I ordered the Pro model. Wondering if the ChiCom that put it together used the wrong wheels. Will be calling customer service in the morning to find out whats up.

  8. The Rack Workout Gym Commercial said it costs $14.99 plus shipping and handling. WhEn I called their 1800 number I got a much different quote. As soon as the customer service lady asked me what state I was calling from because I may have won a special discount, I knew there was something fishy. I told the lady that o was willing to buy thE “rack” for $14.99 just like the commercial offered, and she said “oh no sir, its going to cost you four easy payments of $34.99. I immediately hung the phone up. Now I’m getting calls from this company with a 973 area code (I assume they got my number off of caller I.D.). I haven’t taken the call yet, and they haven’t left a message, but I’m willing to bet its from them! Just another SCAM for a work-out device, that isn’t worth the time they spent making that ridiculous commercial! – in my opinion

    • Lion,
      This is not a scam. The Rack is the best purchase I have made in fitness. I have treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, total gym and none compare to what the Rack can and will give you.

    • Lion,
      You are right, the commercial does advertise it for 14.99 for 30 days. if you can’t find any fine print on their website, I would insist they live up to what they advertise. But, the Rack is not a scam, it does actually work.

  9. This Rack Workout Station should be better constructed for the price. ‘Bent’/misaligned fittings that could lead to breakage sooner.

    Flashy, embellished commercial. DON’T expect to look like the models on the ad. They did NOT get those ripped, bulky, muscles using the rack.

    Provides more of a cardio type workout, which could be done equally without the rack. To rip muscles and add muscle on top of that, you need to lift weights and greater resistance. You can do pushups on a pair of dumbbells or with push up floor bars that are sold for $10. You can do cardio on your own. I am trying to sell my Rack Workout Station online now and sticking to the bench and free weights.

  10. Very disappointed with the Rack Workout System…..and I haven’t even had a chance to use it yet! It broke while assembling it! I was installing the red knobs to the wheels and the nut that is welded to wheel assembly snapped right off. I’m hoping I can just call customer service tomorrow for a wheel replacement without too much hassle. And hopefully this next one won’t break as well!

  11. I’ve had my Rack for about 2 weeks now and I like it a lot. Some of the exercises do feel awkward, but that’s because most people are not used to using a device like this for their workouts. Awkward but you really feel it targeting your muscles. I’ve done the p90x but all the exercises are too long, the rack videos are short and to the point. I’ll have this for a long time, and when I can no longer use it, my kids get use out it. Go get one, you can always send it back if you don’t like it.

  12. I have been doing P90X for the last year and half but when I saw the Rack on TV I had to try it. I ordered it online through the official website and got it a week later. Simple instructions to put together and I love it. Workouts range from 20 minutes to 50 minutes. The workout manual is easy to use and the program is pretty straight forward.

    I have been extremely happy with the Rack.

  13. The Rack workout system is amazing and kicks some serious A**… MINE! I don’t have a lot of time to take to go to the gym and I have rather limited space in my Los Angles studio apartment. The workout dvd’s gives me an amazing workout including cardio in just over 20 minutes or so. After only 2 weeks I am seeing some incredible results.

    The cost is less than a year membership at a gym and I recommend rendering the the workout pad too to use for abs apps. I would check it out if you are serious about gritting into shape.

  14. I was excited when The Rack arrived. Assembly was not a big problem but one of the pieces is slightly bent, making it difficult to align the holes for the bolt on the right side of the frame. It does work though and I’m not too worried about the unbalanced asymmetry created by the slightly bent frame. I would call for replacement if I was. It’s almost in the right place. I’m sure that if it were replaced I would have the same problem with the replacement, if not immediately, sooner or later. It is a bit flimsy and will probably be useless within two years. The machine is rusty on the inside. I found out when the loosely placed protective plastic caps fell off the the frame during my first workout. I am very disappointed with The Rack. A flimsy and rusty set of hollow tubes.

    • Same here…mis aligned on the right side, same as my friends. He sent his back and got a replacement – it’s bent also. Are all Racks bent or what? Could customer service be any worse or what.

      • Just received mine yesterday. it also seemed to be (the right side) was misaligned. it looks like I received 2 left sides… I was considering sending it back and getting a replacement, did you guys ever figure anything out?

    • I am confused, you started off saying good things then you switch to negative things. Which is it, you like or you don’t.

  15. I like what I have. I ordered it mid January, and just got it last week. Outside of that issue, the workouts aren’t that bad. I’m kinda excited to see what’s up for the next day. I’m on week 2 day 1. It’s gonna be hard, because there are three videos to do, but I’m sure I can do it. I weigh about 230 and I’ve tried different things. I just fail to stick with them. Well, since I have what I need here, there’s no excuse. Bring It!!! I’ll update later.

    • Just a suggestion with exercise equipment you see on tv or any other as seen on tv items in general wait a month or so after you see the advertisement that go to bed bath and beyond they usually have it.

  16. Let me be the first to give it good reviews, I received mine with minor issues (one pin is harder than the other to pull and lock), outside of that I started the workout serious and I am enjoying the workouts, I have been as big as 205 lbs, and as low as 145 lbs. I am a serious health person and the exercises are simply and made for men, women, and young people trying to develop with minimum risk. I enjoy my unit and look forward to sharing the unit with friends.

  17. Totally agree with everyone else here. Let me add when you do finally get it, it won’t even be square. My pins don’t work properly, when opened up it looks bent out of shape. Calling “NON Customer Service” is a total waste. And if you order from Canada expect the extra $45 bucks from UPS brokerage fee and that’s regular shipping. I even told them Never UPS because of this and they still sent it UPS. Take the advice here, DO NOT BUY THE RACK.

  18. You all sound like a bunch of self centered cry babies!
    Grow up! Pushing – lifting and puling your own weight is harder than pumping iron. As a former Special Forces in the Military we did much of the same thing and it works. The Rack Works – if you do what they say – and eat correctly.

    You will get results.
    And Yes you must add some weight – the ZPT work out ( Zone Progressive Training ) does work. Don’t listen to these fools – try it first.

    I am Glad I got mine!

    Gary, Denver, CO

  19. Was supposed to get The Rack Workout in 2 to 3 weeks…Ha!…its been 5 weeks and I still don’t have it and customer service SUCKS!

    • Its been 6 weeks just got off the phone with them and they said “The Rack” has been shipped and will be here in 7-10 days their service sucks….I will never ever recommend anyone to order from them (Official Website).

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