Panther Elliptical Trainer Review

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Today as there’s growing awareness amongst people about health benefits of a regular workout, many of us are trying to take steps in the right direction. But taking time off your schedule to go to the gym every day is not always possible and you have to think about the extravagant membership fees as well.


Panther Elliptical Trainer
You need home workout equipment for you that gives you desired results and Panther Elliptical Trainer does exactly that. It offers you a low impact workout and targets different parts of the body from shoulders to arms, chest to back, thighs and buttocks. Thus you get a well rounded workout without exerting yourself too much at home.

And that’s something you are conscious about as a beginner; you don’t want to get into a workout regime that makes you exert your body. You want something that’s easy to use and Panther Elliptical Trainer is just perfect on that count. Its several features including the Low Impact workouts you get are perfect for you. Its Dual Direction feature helps you run and walk backwards and forwards while Adjustable Arm Bars make it convenient for use. It has Sturdy Foot Pedals, which are non slip and thus ensure safety while the Tension Control can be adjusted as well.

Panther Elliptical Trainer is made out of Solid Steel but is quite portable because of the Roller Wheels. What’s more, it has a unique feature in the form of a Fan Flywheel, which offers you cooling breeze as you work out. You can track your progress with the help of an on board Digital Mini-Computer that gives you an idea of the time and distance you have covered and also calories you have burnt. You also get a Meal Planning Guide with Panther Elliptical Trainer to make sure you eat right things as you get maximum benefits out of your low impact workout.



What do I get?
You can get Panther Elliptical Trainer plus the Digital Mini Computer and Meal Planning Guide for 4 easy payments of $49.95 each plus P & H charge at


Panther Elliptical Trainer Video


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