Thane STEELABS Review

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Abs is one of the most difficult body parts to build. Crunches on ground and on inclinations, hanging from bars may not really give the desired abs but surely some sore body parts. But now there is a simplified solution to all of it, STEELABS.


STEELABS is a simple yet effective automated solution that allows the user to train their abs with the latest 10-10-10 workout method without the need of counting your reps. It follows a 10 second hold with each 10 reps you perform using the “Hold and Mold” technique.

STEELABS has an available 110 lbs. of weight resistance option to tone or sculpt the abs at different levels. The beauty of STEELABS is that the inner abs called Transverse Abdominus (TVA) and outer abs which form the upper, lower, middle and oblique flab are worked upon in one single routine.

This powerful routine is built upon the Pilates technique to help achieve a perfect abs tone. Given all the attributes, STEELABS is not just for the hardcore body builders but is also customized for every fitness enthusiast of any body type.

STEELABS comes with a comfortable padded seating and a robust steel frame to hold with a free form roller carriage. To top it up, the inventor of STEELABS, Rodeo Cowboy Ryan Ehmann hosts some core blasting workout routines.

STEELABS machine is the leading and the most effective abs workout machine out there. To prove this claim, there is a 30 day trial exercise program available for free whereby anyone interested in checking the machine can start for a month of free routine with the help of DVD support provided with the machine. Special features, such as upper body resistance band, are also provided for a mean sculpting routine.

The best part about this trial is that if you are not satisfied with the machine then the money is refunded. What’s more, keeping in mind the nature of a workout routine, nutrition guidelines are additionally provided with the machine.



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4 thoughts on “Thane STEELABS Review

  1. hello yes I too bought the Steel Abs Machine and its fantastic, I started to see good results, n I recommend buying one to anyone would be a good investment. Right now though I have lost the workout DVD of the Steel Abs n was hoping someone one could send me a replacement DVD. I lost packing up my home n moving to an other place n I haven’t been able to find it, so can anybody help me PLEASE to get another DVD of the DVD workout.i love the 10 second hold n mold. Regards Mariann Miles

    • Trust me, I’ve tried them all. NOTHING compares to the superior results of my new Steel Abs machine. I’ve gone from a size 38 to a 33 inch waistline in record time. Every morning, for 10 mins, I enjoy an easy to follow workout routine. My wife is super impressed with the confident and good looking new me. To boot, last year I spent over $750 at my gym and could never lose my “love handles”, despite everything I had tried. This year, I’m off to a great start AND I’m actually looking forward to our summer vacation, plus I now have all the confidence in the world when it comes time for me to take off the shirt and go for a swim with my wife, friends and family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



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