Tapout XT Review

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If you’re planning to get into some seriously heavy duty fitness program to shape yourself the challenging way touching the extremes, look no further. Stride into the challenging world of Tapout XT, the one and only true mixed martial arts style home fitness program devised to get you to lose weight, build lean muscle and get ripped in just 90 days and crush fears and traditional attitudes towards fitness!


How does Tapout XT work
Tapout XT will push you toward the edge and show you new levels of fitness the forceful way wherein you can burn fat, shred abs without doing the conventional weights or pull-ups. Developed by the renowned fitness expert and pro trainer, Mike Karpenko, the program is founded on a synergistic combination of cardio, strength, core and power exercises blended with fun and the challenging mixed martial arts (MMA) inspired kicks, punches, elbow movements and more to attain great body!

Tapout XT comprises 12 extreme mixed martial arts inspired DVD workouts that will help you touch new heights of fitness by redefining the concept of working out at home. Tapout XT has been constructed with meticulous attention to detail and is founded on the right combinations of the different types of exercises and moves. The XT stands for Extreme Training and that is what this home fitness DVD workout, the ultimate in extremes will get you to achieve. Do it for less than one hour a day for just 90 days where you’ll actually burn a whopping 1,200 calories every single time you work out and move toward perfect fitness!

Get your fill of the 12 stimulating MMA style workouts in your own home and acquire that indestructible Tapout body. Go for the Tapout XT kit that includes 12 sweat inducing workouts, a strike training DVD featuring some of today’s top MMA fighters, 10-Day Slim Down Guide, XT Pro-Grade Resistance Band, Workout Calendar, XT Training Leg Band, Tapout XT Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide and the Tapout XT Workout Towel too!

All you have to do to own the amazing kit is make just three easy monthly payments of $39.95 plus shipping & handling, or select a single payment at checkout. Push yourself to the limits and chisel yourself to a perfect ten only with Tapout XT!

About Tapout XT

Do you wish to have a perfectly toned body that you can proudly flaunt and sweat it out in the gym daily without success? Now you can burn fat, tone your abs and build a lean physique with the home fitness DVD Tapout XT, which has 12 extreme MMA (mixed martial arts) inspired exercises. Created by fitness expert and professional trainer, Mike Karpenko with his decade long experience with other MMA fighters and professional athletes, the Tapout XT program uses a synergic combination of cardio, core, strength and power exercise along with the kicks, punches and elbows used in MMA. This makes it a complete fitness experience and as XT stands for Extreme Training, with this workout that takes less than one hour every day, you will get the body you have always dreamed of in just 90 days. You do not have to do the regular weights, pull-ups or long workouts and with the combination of MMA, this is a fun workout that uses the RIPP (Rapid-Fire, Interval, Precision, Power) principle, which has explosive bursts of strike and kick combinations along with power training and resistance that enhances metabolism and can burn up to 1,200 calories per workout session.

Lose excessive pounds and get the perfectly toned body in 90 days dedicating less than an hour daily with Tapout XT home fitness DVD. The 12 MMA-inspired workouts sculpt the upper body – shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps. With its explosive plyometric lower body workout, it burns fat and enhances athletic performance. The cross core punches and kicks burn fats and carve the abs. Get a toned butt, stretch with Yoga, train like an MMA fighter with the signature Tapout XT program, use Muay Thai, RIPP (Rapid-Fire, Interval, Precision, Power) conditioning, ultimate abs workout, extreme Cardio, legs and back sculpting.



What do I get?

  • 12 MMA Inspired Workouts
  • 1 Strike Training DVD
  • 1 Fitness Guide
  • 1 Nutritional Guide
  • 1 XT Xtreme Resiatance Band
  • 1 Tapout XT Training Band
  • 1 Tapout T-Shirt

All this for just 3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF $39.95 (+$19.95 S&H). Official website www.TapoutXT.com
Customer Service
Phone – (855) 462-6822
Email – CustomerService@TapoutXT.com.


Tapout XT Video


4 thoughts on “Tapout XT Review

  1. You need a resistance band, it comes with the package when you order. You have to push yourself to burn the max calories. Calories burned depend on how hard you work and your body weight. A heavy person will burn more than a smaller person usually. You should always consult your physician before any exercise regimen is started, that includes walking, running, anything. Though not everyone does. Just be sure you are in good overall health. If you have had an injury recently, you should DEFINITELY consult a doctor to get the okay. Combining two regimens is up to the person doing the workouts. If you think you can handle it, go for it. Just figure out which two you are going to do together, workout a schedule that works for you. That’s all the questions I can help you with. I believe everyone is different. Not everyone can use the same routine and get the same results. I have friends who do great just with walking. I have to have weights and cardio, usually circuit training to get the best results. But any workout is better than none!

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