T-Core for Men Reviews and Complaints

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Are you ready to get real and do what is required for a great core? Are you ready to put your lower abdomens and upper abdomens and oblique on fire? You must be ready for the T-Core Ab Machine, which is the radical new core workout for men and is guaranteed to kick your butt in six minutes flat! Ordinary crunches can strain your neck and shoulder, but T-Core harnesses the abs flattening, muscle burning power up to 120lbs of progressive resistance.


T-Core Abdominal Workout Machine

It is guaranteed to build stronger, in three levels of radical resistance ; with a simple adjustment to the T-Core, you can take it from 40lbs to 80lbs and 120lbs too. It is designed to target your body’s entire core in a four seeded range to work on your upper abs, lower abs and those hard to reach obliques. All you have to do is just sit down, plug in the T-Core Ab Exerciser and start pumping; you will immediately feel the burn, in seconds. With T-Core’s unique swivel pad, you can move your body from side to side, to target those hard to reach obliques.

Then lean back for a radical leg lift to give your abs an insane burn. You can shrink your mid-section; build definition and core strength fast with the T-Core exerciser! You will also receive a bonus six minute upper body workout DVD that will put your feet to the fire with an effective six step workout. With the T-Core for Men, you can target right where it’s required and all while you are seated!



What do I get? (Official www.TC4Men.com Offer)

  • T-Core Abdominal Workout System
  • Upper Body Workout DVD


T-Core for Men Video


113 thoughts on “T-Core for Men Reviews and Complaints

  1. When I first bought it, I used it every day for a year.
    Had surgery, had to stop for a while. Started using again after 6 months, the orange band snapped. Tried to hook up the yellow, it snapped also. The red band is left and that will snap and day now. I got at least one good year out of this POS.

  2. I had been meaning to purchase T-Core since I saw it on television but had to be sure about the views other people have regarding it. So I thought of looking up on the internet for “T-Core Reviews”. The search engine piled a lot of links like tcorereviews.com, epinions.com, tcore.eu, opworkoutprogramreviews.com, amazingproducts.tv, etc. The T-Core had rave reviews on all these websites. I was at first quite happy but later realized that the content on these sites were pretty similar. It seemed that it might be a work of some advertisement agency since it had links to purchase the product right away. Also after every paragraph there was an annoying banner saying “click here to go to the manufacturer’s site”. This has to be some kind of scam since no real user would try to promote the product even if they rate it highly. The sites also had annoying pop ups which would not let you easily exit. Thankfully I came across this website where the reviews seem to be genuine and very helpful. Thanks a lot for taking out time to write a review for everyone.

    • Manufacturer’s these days sponsor websites to top the search engine results using the search engine optimization tricks. What these websites do is trick the search engine by using lots of keyword rich content. The users than surf these top links and many of them get tricked into buying the product. Here on this site the reviews are kept genuine and for helping others.

  3. Had this T-Core for 3 months, bands broke called company they want me to pay for shipping and send $15.00 cheque for them to send it back to me ..not worth the money at all unless you can find it on sale.

    • While I agree with your post – it is ridiculous that the bands cannot be replaced easily and cheaply by the user – I do like how the product works and found an easy work around you might try. I bought some inexpensive springs at a hardware store (I just got ones that looked like they would fit where the bands go). Then I drilled a couple of holes at the top and bottom of the black plastic area where the bands go, cut away the bands, and attached the springs. While the device is a bit noisier but it works just as well. Takes a couple of minutes – give it a try.

  4. I bought this T-Core product at Walmart, saved excessive wait due to shipping, and honestly found the product worthwhile. Even excluding the fact, that the 120 lbs band broke the first week. The 80 lbs band broke about three months into a daily routine and the last band broke this morning. I would think that T-Core would have instructions and replacement bands available to product purchasers.

    I will follow up with response to inquires in one week. I am also sending inquiry to Walmart asking why they would be selling a defective product and what steps have they taken to contact the manufacturer for its customers. The relatively low $27.98 purchase price does not let anyone off-the-hook — not with the current economic situation. Senior citizens should be protected!

  5. This is typical, this product was a good idea and has merit but as usual they are out to cheat their customers. They took a good product built it so cheap to make as much money as they could. They don’t care if it works they just want your money and that is a shame. That is the trouble with this country very few people have any honor.

  6. Great ab workout in short amount of time. I really like this machine. The base can fly out like a missile if you are not careful about how you sit on the wing. I now have the first broken band after two months. My t-core was delivered two months after I ordered it and I had paid for the express shipping. My card was not charged until after I got it. After reading these reviews, I will buy a replacement at Wall Mart.

  7. The grip is horrible. Leaves lines and hurts hands. Still hurts with gloves and slips out of hands. I immediately wrapped the grip in DUCK TAPE and it is fine.

  8. My orange band snap too, but I found a replacement band. I just went to Ace hardware and ask if they have the similar band. And they do so, just look and you’ll ind it. T Core works for me specially I always go home late.
    Honestly I loose few inches on my waist.

    • How,once you got a replacement band,were you able to put it on??? Doesn’t seem to have a obvious way to replace and the band is solid so how would you get it through the holes??? Thanks for your help

      • OK I found out there are some screws in the handle and some on the part you hook the bands on. Unscrew those pull the yellow spring off. There will be some more screws on the bottom of the band piece unscrew those pull out your band replace do in reverse.

  9. I bought the T-Core and got it. But 2 months later the snaps broke. It is the cheapest thing you can buy, and after that time my stomach hasn’t change.. don’t waste your money.

  10. Am I the only person who finds it interesting that the yellow base cannot be fastened to the T-Core?? Yes, I understand it is meant to be inverted so that you can use it on either your lap or the floor, but when I used it as directed, while following along on with the DVD, the T-Core slipped out of my lap during a crunch and the yellow base shot through my new plasma HD 3D television set!! When I brought my grievance to the attention of T-Core, I was ignored and my complaint was dismissed as a “user error”.

    Tell me something? Why would you design a product, that has the potential to turn into a dangerous projectile, and have you follow along with a DVD so your TV gets smashed!!!??? Yeah I’m sure that some people are happy with it, but now I’m out over $1,300 with a 50” paperweight that I’m still making payments on!! Thank you T-CORE!!

    Do not buy this product. It is unsafe and the T-Core Company assumes NO liability with its faulty design. Obviously no one cares about a $1,300 TV, but as you read this, the next thing this T-Core might crack could be your child’s skull.

    • How did it shoot off of your lap like that?? I have no problem with the T-Core. It isn’t the greatest thing in the world but as someone who has no time to do anything besides work at my desk and exercise from there it’s working out great.

    • OMG – I’m so sorry about your TV..but man..reading your review made me laugh so hard, I got a stellar ab workout for the day … lol…best wishes in getting all your stuff replaced, though..that sux about the TV…

      • Ii ordered the T-Core for Men 2 weeks ago. It has 3 rubber tension bands – red, yellow and orange. The orange band broke. How do I receive a new one or what do I do.

    • Dude if it smashed through the thing it either means you’re not strong or you just lost your grip no need to be mad at the thing. It’s your fault for doing it in front of your TV.

  11. It’s all about physics, gentlemen, when it comes to the T-Core resistant bands. When not in use, right after you use your T-Core, place all three resistant bands back into the handle, do not leave any of them expanded in the shaft. When they are expanded, undo stress is being placed on the bands. That is fine, when in use. If not in use, you do not want undo stress placed on the bands. I only extend the bands when I am ready to use my T-Core. I have practiced this method of use since I first bought my T-Core at Walmart over a year ago, and I have had the original bands without breakage. I know nothing lasts forever, but from what I’ve been reading here, a year is a life-time for these bands.

    • Thanks, I just bought one for my husband at Target. Had no idea about the problems with it till now. Hopefully he’s not too hard on it so it will last. I’ll definitely make him put the bands back into the handle so they don’t have any undo stress. Thanks again for the insight.

  12. Bought the T-CORE thru Amazon since the TCore website was not able to take my order or provide the product. This is bad. What is really bad is that after two months of using the product two of the bands have broken making the product now worthless and the customer service department is not standing behind their product. I guess for $30 they think they have a disposable product.

    • Yeah I ordered this product more than 3 months ago and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of it plus when I called their customer service they practically swore on the bible that, they were sending out the back orders now when I call the customer service and the order number I dont get any answer and the operator said that the call cant be completed, if someone knows of another way that I can contact them before I go to the FBI or my attorney.

  13. Ordered it, never got it. Finally I called and they informed me the order was canceled due to the fact that they were backordered for so long.

    Called, they told me it was canceled but they could take another order and ship it 2 to 3 weeks. I told her to forget it, I’ll go to Walmart.

  14. Hey people take a solution, when you buy in walmart buy 4 T-Core system then disassemble 3 T-cores and take the band and send back to Walmart like it was a defective product.

    Cuban idea

  15. Got the T-Core from Wal-Mart, $30.00 been using it for a 8 days now and I can say that it works great. Didn’t expect too much from something so cheap but its rather good. Just today though, the orange band broke. Plans are to buy another one from Wal-Mart and then return the defective one.

  16. Ordered the T Core but was told it was backordered and will be shipped in February some time. Chic on the phone didn’t seem to give a care. With all the comments about broken rubber bands and the base not being a bit flimsy, wondering what I got. (or haven’t yet). I paid extra for more prompt shipping. Totally it was $44.85, with $14.90 of that for shipping. Guess I had a stupid moment.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. There must be tons of pissed of customers. Can’t they get sued for that? I ordered my t-core online back in January and still have not received it. Every time I ask customer service about it, they simply just say it is still on backorder and have no idea when they will be shipped. I’m going to give it a couple of more weeks and if I still don’t get it I’m going to demand my money back. I’ve heard the easy sit-up is a better product anyway.

      • I originally ordered the T-Core back in mid-October. I wrote T-Core Customer service many an email and even the last one I asked if this was a real product because even if it was put on a slow boat from China, it shouldn’t have taken so long to get here. That was in January. As of this date, February 24th, and when I went on line and found all these reviews and found it most interesting that many of you got it at Wal-Mart. I found the item to be “in Stock” at a Wal-Mart near me and not on “back order”. I bought one today, for a $29.77 plus local tax plus the free DVD is part of the package.

        So for all those frustrated with waiting for their “backorder” shipment to arrive, go to Wal-Mart as so many of us have done.

  17. My friend and I split the price of one we bought at Walmart it was 30.00 and neither of us has any complaints on it . I’m a Sgt in the army and my roommate is an oilfield worker with very little time and it does a good job but I don’t expect a $30.00 piece of plastic with 3 rubber-bands to last forever lol so enough complaints you get what you pay for people.

  18. I bough the T-core for men on the x-mas weekend. Didn’t get to work on it so much only 2 times a week the first time cause of the holidays. But on the 2nd of Jan. I hit it off everyday till today. It really works, I put up the time on it to make it work. First I started with the 40 lbs resistance and in like a week I was doing the 120 resistance. The only problem I see with this ab machine is the handles on the top. When u grip it and doing the 6 minutes or more by the end your hands have marks and it sorta hurts. I think they need to make it smother. Also the base sometimes slips away when doing the lower ab exercise. Hard to keep the pace if I have to stop every so often to adjust the base. But overall I like the way its changing my abs. 3 weeks into it and I see results.

    I rate it 4/5 as a ab machine.

      • I’ll go along with another skeptic, Kevin who posed the question….How can you say that something works after only ONE day? Kinda silly, isn’t it?!

        • Hey I just got it today too, and after those 6 minutes I can honestly say that it works. Gives a good burn at just 40 lbs. resistance, so it definitely does its job and then some.

  19. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write comments/reviews and give feedback on T-Core for Men. I’m seriously desperate about getting in shape and staying in shape, but I don’t have time for scams and drama. I feel I have valuable information and insight to make informed and wise choices as to obtaining the product, giving it a chance to be proven in my situation, and avoiding all of the blatant crookedness and foolishness of the company advertising on television. Once again, thanks for all comments, and let’s keep working together to expose fraudulent practices and to protect one another as consumers.

    • I bought the T-Core 3 weeks ago and it really works!!!!I just broke the red band on it, but I’m going to Wal-Mart to buy another one!!!! I’m going to find a way to replace the band in the first one if I have to Jerry rig it myself!!!!!

  20. Was happy for the first few weeks, then one of the resistance bands broke. I bought the T-Core for $29.95 + shipping. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, but you have to pay $15.00 restocking fee and pay for the shipping in order to return it. You pay more than half just to get a new one and what happens when another band breaks or anything else for that matter. I was not happy when customer service would not replace product. Had product for just a few weeks and it broke. Not a good product, breaks to easily. You’ll pay more than you want for this product. I say hands down. Do not buy this.

  21. This T-Core for Men is highly similar or possibly the same as Bally Total Fitness Ab Tightener. I purchased this product at Marshall’s for $5.00 on clearance. It did actually work and I had results. Only problem was one of the bands broke. There is no way of fixing it. I continued to use it at a lower resistance until a second band broke. I just saw this product at Walgreen’s for $29.99.

  22. It amazes me how dumb some of you can be, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to avoid up-sales…..just say your not interested in junk products ….and keep it moving!!

  23. I bought the T-Core for Men from Amazon…no shipping charge…no added expense and delivered promptly. My only problem is the video… it will not work…dvd player says it can’t recognize that type of disc. I e-mailed the company but have rec’d no answer. You really need the video to know how to use it properly, has anyone else had this problem?

  24. I saw the TCore ad on TV. After reading the T-Core reviews, I have noticed a repeating problem for customers and I’m sure a deliberate move on the part of the company. Many customers as I, want to order on Fridays. No help until 3 days later (Monday). It’s been electronically processed. They are hoping that it is too much of a pain in the ass to pursue getting your money back. By the way it’s Friday and I want one.
    Only thing wrong is the broken rubbers. No replacement?

    I think I’ll go to Big 5 and get it sooner. Naturally it is X-mas weekend.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  25. I have a few questions.

    I read this site first and saw the T-core complaints about the charges that the company tries to sneak/force onto the customer. I went out and purchased a pre-paid debit card and put a set amount on it to avoid being over charged from the company.

    I placed an order for T-core for Men online on Sunday and got an email as well as a conformation number. I then looked at my card to see if it was processed, and found that my order wasn’t.

    I gave them the benefit of a doubt seeing as it was the weekend.

    Monday evening, same thing with no order processed.

    I called today(Tuesday) to see why my card and order had not been processed, only to be told to try again at night.

    Called back a few hours ago, only to be told that they didn’t get my order, and that the order did not go through. I asked if I could place an order over the phone and was told I couldn’t by the sales rep. in one breath, then 3 minutes later, he tells me that If I had any further problems that I could place an TCore order over the phone.

    I told him thanks and hung up, called back around an hour later with another rep. and placed the order again (there is only $50 on the card to cover the shipping/product) And again, no order or charge to my account.

    My only guess is that they will not place the order unless they are sure they can double bill me for two items? Anyone else have any enlightenment on this situation?

    • I was told after my first email asking the same question, I was told my credit card would “not” be billed until the order processing began and the order actually shipped. You may want to just cancel and use the prepaid credit card at Wal-Mart. Like one person said, you have 90 days to return it even if the bands break, just make sure you keep your receipt!

  26. Ok so I just got this T-Core like two days ago and I could never do crunches or anything cause I have a bad back but now I got this and I can use it and work out my core it really does work and I recommend buying them from a store like some big 5’s have them go and get them there instead of buying them off the tv then you get it right away and don’t get over charged but this thing really does work.

  27. This question is for those who have already bought the T-Core. Does it really work. I mean the T-Core. I see there are many complaints about the company’s deceptive practice. If it is done purposely, it’s a shame. Especially, if the T-Core really works.

    Does it work? Please advise. Thank you.

    • I’ve purchased a T-Core and it hurts to use it but I can see the definition and the tone that it should deliver I am glad I purchased this item!

  28. I just picked one up. After reading the T-Core reviews on THIS site, I decided against the T-Core website and went with Amazon.com. I’m not sure, I think it costs more (Amazon = $29.99) but if you don’t mind waiting a week, I got it with FREE S&H. The T-Core comes in three main pieces, 2 of which take a minute to screw together. The stand at the bottom isn’t a fixture, it will be turned upward or down depending on which of the workouts you’re doing. Essentially you have a resistance machine (like a gym) in your house tailored specifically to your core. I’m 5’10 and 195 (?)lbs and found the upper ab & oblique workouts could be done immediately on the 2nd (of the 3) settings. There are three bands inside the top piece that need to be pulled and secured to determine the resistance level. As long as you are aware enough to keep your arms and shoulders locked in place and force the movement through your abdomen, there’s no question you will feel it. The lower ab movement (feet off the ground) was far more intense to me, and required me going to the lowest (1 of 3) setting. Physically, the device seems durable as well. The plastic platform bottom is somewhat slick, so, keeping it in place was easier against bare thigh rather than cotton or mesh gym shorts. I only received it yesterday, but as far as value vs price, I have no complaints.

    • It would be good to get Mo’s opinion after the passage of time since December 11, 2010. Mo’s manner of written description appeared to be very professional indeed. Here’s hoping for a lucid, factual follow up from him.

  29. It happened to me, I ordered one T-Core Ab Exercise Machine and ended with 2 units up on my card. I called the T-Core customer service and sent an email, and was told that it was to late. From what I’m reading it’s happening with a lot of people. Time to call the BBB and the law.

  30. I have been using my T-Core for about 3 weeks. I am slightly overweight but have been making all the lifestyle changes. I can’t say if this thing works as advertised, but I can say after I use it I HURT in that good way. The DVD is a 6 minute workout which is fine, but I try to do it 2x a day. I have lost 35 lbs this year and am hoping to lose another 30. This will put me at my CORRECT weight for my height and age. I won’t stop using it, if that helps…

  31. Well I haven’t ordered one yet, but for those of you that are considering ordering one, but don’t want the website to scam you (which is where I am), try ordering it off amazon. I just found it there and it’s $30 w/free shipping

  32. This is supposed to be a review of the T-Core for men product. Has anyone ACTUALLY used the T-core or has everyone here just ordered it. I want to know if the thing works.

    • I purchased the T core from Walmart several months ago. I am 52 years old 5’11”. I85 lbs. I have been on a good balanced diet and working out with P90X for 10 months. Due to a back injury 24 years ago, (Fractured L1. vertebrae), I can’t workout using my back, I do all my work from a bar. I developed very good definition in my shoulders, arms, neck and upper back. I developed upper ab muscle but could not concentrate on my lower abs or oblique’s.

      I have been working with the T core on settings 1 & 2 and have developed the definition in my lower abs and oblique’s. Since I can’t run due to my back injury, I have to eat a very low fat diet to keep the lower abs showing and the belly fat off.

      Bottom line, if you are willing to religiously put in the time and discipline to exercise properly with the T core, you will get results, how quickly and how sharply defined depends on your effort and diet.

      Remember the first step in your journey is always the toughest, all this exercise and balanced diet, sucked at first, now I can’t do without it. Good luck all……

  33. Can I get some real T-Core for Men feedback from some people who actually used it to let me know if it works the and good.

    • T-Core works the abs, as advertised. However, the resistance is produced by 3 rubber bands. One of mine broke rather easily and quickly, and I don’t see how it can be repaired.

  34. It looks like they have a good product, but it’s a shame that they have to be so shady and fraudulent. More than likely, it will kill any business that they had to begin with.

    Here’s what happened to me:

    Nov 13 – Ordered one T-Core for Men. When the order was processed, it had added 2 additional products to my order. I did not agree to purchase these items, only the one T-Core. Immediately sent an email within seconds of placing the order and also tried the phone number and got a recording that said they were closed until Monday.

    Nov 15 – Received an email from Pat telling me that it was too late to make a change as it has gone into the shipping process now.

    Nov 16 – I sent an email back to explain that this was their error and not mine.

    Nov 16 – T-Core sent charge to my Mastercard.

    Nov 17 – Mastercard posts the charge to my account.

    Nov 18 – Received a standardized email from T-Core saying that the order had been shipped today.

    Nov 18 – Received an email from Heather that said it has been shipped now. Too bad, so sad.

    Nov 18 – Wrote back to Heather and said that I will be refusing the order at the door and it will be sent back at their expense. Will be filling a complaint with Mastercard.

    Interesting notes:
    – Mastercard has verified that the charge wasn’t sent to them until November 16th, 3 days after my first email about the issue. This takes it from being just a simple mistake to being fraud. They fully knew that I did not agree to this amount but they charged it to the card anyway.
    – Watch out for this company. They could have an excellent product here but most of us will never know it because of the scams they are pulling.
    – We need to warn everyone we know to prevent this scam from escalating. I plan on starting an Adwords campaign that will dominate their search terms in Google to send traffic to a website warning people. It’s worth the cost to prevent more scams from happening. What will you do?
    – Everything I have written here is 100% true.

    • I no longer trust the tv ads. I like honesty, I don’t find it there. So I now use a back up visa, you know the kind of card you can get at Walgreens. I check the full price including taxes and shipping on the web and I add $5 just to make sure so if they hit my card for more money they are SOL. SO NEVER USE YOUR EVERY DAY CARD ON ANY AS SEEN ON TV product.

      • that is a really good idea that I’m sure a lot of people don’t think about but for the most part if you see something on tv you can look it up online and see where it is sold in stores long story short get up and go to the store…plus it beats waiting 6-8weeks for your product.

    • thanks for your posting. I just saw the commercial and I almost impulsively bought one on a card that I can only afford to spend the amount they claim to charge. Thank goodness I found your comment. It has probably saved me the headache dealing with the company, and the money that I can’t afford to get scammed off my card. Thanks again and happy new year.

    • My husband ordered from them also after seeing the tv commercial. He mistakenly placed 2 orders, 1 that was cancelled the next day and the second one was cancelled the day he received an email about them being on backorder. A week later my checking account was debited again for the already cancelled order. When we called and asked about the unauthorized charge to our account, we were told that it would was already shipped out and that they could not find the supposedly recorded call when we called and cancelled the order. I have filed a complaint with my bank and the FTC. Good luck!

    • Is this the same as advertised on tv-Not at the web site of walmart–I reside in New York—did y ou purchase same there?.

      • I actually saw this for sale at Wal-Mart in Buffalo, NY and I’m kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it. Now they got over $100 out of me and I only agreed to pay $29.99 plus shipping. SCAMMER.

  35. I think if we try the 1 800 number, we can manage the order as we want, and not by internet, that is so complicated to close our order with only the T-Core abs machine.

  36. I just wanted to clarify (and no I don’t work for t-Core) There sales path is not tricky, it is up-selling you… which any site on the web will usually attempt to do (even dominoes pizza has up-sells). If you follow the path and say no thanks to all the other offers, the price comes out exactly as advertised. I went for the express shipping, and expect it to be here next week. It may be similar to other products available, but for the price its worth the shot. I work in an office all day, and will most likely be using this T-Core Abdominal Exercise Machine at work on my lunch break 🙂

  37. Haven’t gotten T-Core for Men yet but did note the website was trying to trick me into buying extras. I’m glad I didn’t fall for their crap because it would have been easy to be duped by their practices. If they manage to trick you (which is obviously their goal) You can’t change the tricks they have played on you at the end. By the time they show your receipt your purchase “(s) are already processed. SHAME ON THEM!

  38. Ordered T-Core for Men through their official website website, very very tricky and deceptive. After you place the order for one, you get a second page to confirm and what it does is that it adds a second T-Core for Men unit! Then the next page tries to sell you another unit at half price and then other stuff like the shaker deal. Anyway after refusing all of them, I get to the end just to see they added 2 T-Core units to a tune of $67.00! Ordered on Saturday, called Monday morning only to be told it was being shipped, BS, they wanted to charge me $5 for express order processing and I refused and now that I am calling to cancel its already been processed, man , glad I didn’t spend the $5, now just trying to get my money back.

  39. T-Core is the same as a crunch, just change the position and use rubber bands instead of gravity. Add to that, the fact that if you don’t do it exactly right you’re going to be working your back not your abs. They say right in the commercial that it’s like using a lat machine (which is your back muscles)

    This product has been re-made every couple years, it’s garbage, if you want one go to some garage sales and you’ll find the same product for $1 with some other name!

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