T-Core for Women Reviews and Complaints

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Do you want long, sleek, and sexy abs? Or a flat tummy and that hourglass mid-section? You know you want it and you have probably tried doing dozens of crunches, getting down on the floor, pulling your neck and shoulders, and straining your lower back. Now you can lose the floor, eliminate the strain on your neck, shoulders, and lower back. You can replace gravity with smooth and targeted resistance. Do this while being comfortably seated with T-Core for women.


How does T-Core for Women work?

T-Core is a revolutionary, new, elite abdominal exercise device that will target, tone, and sculpt your entire core in just 6 minutes a day – Guaranteed! Your upper abs, your lower abs, and even those hard-to-reach obliques can be exercise while being comfortably seated.

That’s right. Now you can comfortably work that mid-section, get sleek and sexy abs, that flat tummy, and that hourglass mid-section while being comfortably seated. Center the T-Core to do a fluid crunch that will target your upper abs. Move T-Core to the side to target those hard-to-reach obliques and to create that hourglass figure. Lean back for a leg raise, the ultimate T-Core exercise for targeting lower abs.

6 minutes and you are done. Get the T-Core today and tighten your abs without straining your neck, shoulders, or lower back.



What do I get?

  • T-Core for Women Exercise Machine
  • Common Sense Meal Plan
  • 6 Minute DVD Workout


    Reviews and Complaints
    Please see the “Reviews” section below.


    T-Core for Women Video


    6 thoughts on “T-Core for Women Reviews and Complaints

    1. T-Core For Women was being sold like a revolutionary, breakthrough product for women. But I wanted to know what the fuss was all about before buying it. So I typed in T-Core For Women Reviews as my keywords and began my search for reviews. But one site after another, everything that came up had nothing to do with a review about this product. These sites were going on and on about how fantastic the product was and were carrying the same jargon and marketing spiel that was used by the manufacturers. It didn’t take me long to figure out what these sites were meant for; but I am appalled that these sites are allowed to function like that. I think they should be banned for good.

      • That’s what many users seem to think and with good reason too. Many end up wasting their precious time on these sites while others are lured into spending their money as well. This is not a good practise and it shouldn’t be encouraged but since search engines haven’t done anything about these sites so far they haven’t been banned or punished either. Hopefully action will be taken against them one day.

    2. From everything I’d read on the men’s T-core website…First thing, find a store and buy it. I read over ten comments about the scams on the “official” website, when you can just buy it at Walmart.

      Second thing I kept reading was how the bands break easily on the T-core for men, and there is no way of fixing it. One guy just kept using the t-core at of course a lower resistance, and another band broke. So, a few maybe 5 men were actually satisfied with the product. I’ve heard no testimonials from women, and I don’t know if they have the woman’s version at Walmart…but after what I’ve heard, I won’t be purchasing one.

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