Supreme 90 Day Review

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The Supreme 90 Day Fitness Program is a fitness breakthrough program of the decade. This program lets you get your body ripped in just 90 days. Ordinary workouts don’t let you see the results that you actually want to see. They run out of steam because muscles plateau.

How does Supreme 90 Day work?

Supreme 90 Day employs the power of muscle confusion to accelerate fitness results. Each routine brings on muscle-shocking moves so your body stays challenged and you keep getting stronger. You get ripped, you get strong and you get lean, and all without going to the gym. It is backed by real science.

In an independent clinical study, an astounding 88% shed excess body fat while ripping muscles to sculpt lean body mass. Get guaranteed results fast and easy. You can see incredible improvement right through the program. These workouts are the real thing.

Get supercharged workout DVD’s now. Just put them in and play and get to it.Have you been neglecting your body while busy taking care of your family?

Now there is n easy and affordable way to transform your body and your life. Here’s introducing the Supreme 90 Day Workout to help you shed your excess weight and sculpt lean muscle in just 90 days.

The Supreme 90 Day Workout is a body transformation system that is backed by science. It is a proven to give you a complete full body workout. An independent clinical study that was conducted showed that 88% of the people who used this workout shed excess body fat and built additional lean muscle.

It is designed for use by both beginners and advanced athletes.

The Supreme 90 Day workout costs just $20. The best part is that for $20 you don’t have to pay shipping charges or wait for the shipping.

The workout will totally rip you off. The Supreme 90 Day workout comes with 10 DVD’s, an eating plan, and a calendar.

Supreme 90 Day FAQs

Does Supreme 90 Day really work?
It’s a 90-day workout system clinically proven to transform your body.

What does it contain?
Ten workout DVDs, a simple meal plan created by Tosca Reno, a success graph and free online support.

What are the workouts made of?
Cardio interval training, strength training, core exercises, stability ball exercises and plyometrics combined together.

What’s the duration of the workouts?
Six days a week under an hour everyday.

Does one get good results in under an hour?
The combination of high intensity work periods and short intervals of rest helps burn more calories.

Does it require any equipment?
A stability ball and a set of dumbbells.

Any special foods needed for the meal plan?
The meal plan lets you begin the program immediately and includes everyday foods in your house. Consume our special recovery drink after workouts or to replace any meal on the plan.

Supreme 90 Day Vitamins

For best results of Supreme 90 Day Workouts you need Supreme 90 Days Vitamins, the daily vitamin specially created to boost your metabolism and make your workout more energetic. Some of the intense exercises will anyway need lots of energy. An intense workout results in the need for vital ingredients to get best results and for fast healing process. These ingredients have specific, vital vitamins and nutrients to improve your energy, promote muscle growth and improve stamina.

Supreme 90 Days Vitamins initiates your metabolism before exercises to optimize their efficiency. Even after your daily workout you will feel fit, alert and energetic through the day. Enhance your muscle tone and speed up your body’s recovery time between workouts. With the vitamins your exercise performance will improve and every workout will be more effective. Realize your body’s actual potential and let it function at optimum levels before, during, and after workouts.

Supreme 90 Day Workouts

Tone your body in just 90 days with Supreme 90 Day Workouts, the 10-DVD workout system. The 10 workouts challenge your body with “Muscle Confusion” to transform it completely.

Chest and Back Workout
Tone and strengthen your upper body by working your chest and back. The intense workout uses traditional exercises.

Ultimate Ball
An ultimate cardiovascular workout that uses an exercise ball and gives you a great workout that is fun and no-impact.

Tabata Inferno
This is a full body workout that’s a nonstop conditioning experience to sweat you out and push you to your limits real fast.

Shoulders and arms
Strengthen and define your arms and shoulders and make your upper body shapely like never before.

Cardio Challenge
Break down fat in your body and burn calories superfast with this challenging workout that will usurp your energy completely to give you lean muscles.

The best lower body workout you can imagine that will make you feel the burn and work on your legs like never before.

Total Body
Create muscle confusion with these vigorous exercises that will hit your entire body, shed claories and strengthen every muscle.

Core dynamics
Build a strong, lean and well sculpted mid body by hitting the core from every angle possible.

Back and Bi’s
Tone your back and biceps and improve your overall workout with this super powerful strength workout.

Chest, Shoulders and Tri’s
Sculpt your chest, shoulders and triceps and build lean muscles with this intense workout that challenges your upper body.

The 10 Supreme 90 Day workouts that you get are:

  • Chest and back
  • Ultimate ball
  • Tabata inferno
  • Shoulders and arms
  • Cardio challenge
  • Legs
  • Total body
  • Core dynamics
  • Back and biceps
  • Chest, shoulders, and triceps




What do I get?

  • 10 Supercharged Workout DVDs By Award Winning Producer Cal Pozo.
  • 5 Body Sculpting Workouts
  • 3 Cardio Workouts
  • 2 Ab And Core Workouts
  • Supreme Nutrition Progress Chart, Online Support & Abs DVD.
  • The S90 Day calendar shows you the workout to do on each day. You do 6 workouts on 6 days and then you get a day off to rest.

    You can also get the Supreme Rock Hard Abs but that will cost you an additional $5.99.

    You can now order the Supreme 90 Day Workout for just $19.99 plus S&H. you get 10 DVDs including 5 Body Sculpting Workouts, 3 Fun Fat Busting Cardio Workouts, And 2 Ab And Core Workouts. You also get the Supreme Nutrition Meal Plan and the Success Chart revealing which workout you did each day.

    If you place your order right now you will also get the Supreme Rock Hard Abs DVD to help you get that sexy six pack, just pay separate S&H. Official website




    Reviews and Complaints
    Please see the “Reviews” section below.


    Supreme 90 Day Video

    Supreme 90 Day
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    269 thoughts on “Supreme 90 Day Review

    1. I have used this exercise program for many years and it’s my go to DVD set when I need to refocus on fitness! It keeps you moving and changing up the routine helps you not to loose interest. Oh and it MAKES YOU SWEAT!!!!

    2. I bought the Supreme 90 Day system in NC, I just noticed that it’s missing the Tabata Inferno DVD. We dont have the store I bought it an here in MD where I live, so can anyone tell me how I can get the missing DVD?

    3. I am 33 yr old, 5’8″ and 160 lbs, I just purchased S90 off of eBay. Reading the reviews is making me second guess the purchase. I am looking to loose about 20lbs and have a bathing suit body by summer. Any advice? Does it REALLY work??

      Sincerely skeptical,

      • Mel – It DOES work. I am on day #38 and am feeling/getting stronger and my pants are getting looser. I have lost a little weight, but the scale isn’t a good gauge because you are also building muscle, which weighs more than fat. As of my experience so far, I do NOT regret this purchase. I was considering P90x and Insanity, but was not too happy with the price they charge. After I read the online reviews of Supreme 90 Day, and that it is every bit as good as both P90x and Insanity, I ordered it off of eBay. I’m happy I did. You should definitely have a bathing suit body by summer, especially if all you need to lose is 20 lbs.

        It REALLY works. Let your skepticism subside!


      • I am a 44 year old female, 5’4 140. I have had five kids. people tell me I dont need to loose weight, but I do not like the giggle I have on my back side and in my arms. I did this program over a year ago and loved, loved, loved it. In a years time I got divorced and let myself go. So, last week I pulled the videos out ans started again. I absolutely love this system. I too consider all the other videos out there but went w/ sup90 because of the price. Also, the other video’s seemed so INTENSE to me. Supreme 90 is amazing. I promise you if you do it for even two weeks straight, you will notice a difference in your clothing and how strong you have become. I am excited about the summer. I know all the giggle will be gone and I can once again be confident in summer clothes. Stick with it. It’s worth it.

    4. I bought my Supreme 90 Day from Big Lots for $4 so I couldn’t go wrong. I am about 30 days into it and am unhappy with the repeat exercises from one day to the next(Dead lifts, Push ups, etc.) but do like the fact it is less than 45 minutes a day. I haven’t followed the meal plan but am happy with the results so far. Can’t beat it for $4. P90X is far superior in my mind but it was too much for me to start out with. I hurt myself about day 30 on it. I hope to try it again after I finish Supreme 90 Day. We’ll see.

    5. I bought the Supreme 90 Day program for $7.99 plus S&H. The program has worked for me. I have lost six lbs. but more importantly I have reduced my waste size. I am now 40 days into the program.

      As an x baseball catcher with two bionic knees some of the exercises are tough on my knees but I do struggle through them.

      I agree with William above and that I do not do the diet plan. I too have reduced the portions.

      I like the program and intend to keep it up.

    6. Does anyone watch impractical jokers?? I think I saw the hot guy from these videos on there, in fact I am 100 % sure it was him!!! Anyone know for sure?


    7. I got mine @ Big Lots for $4. Not sure of some of these dvds are enough and not thrilled with 3 days in a row with push ups. What about muscle confusion?

      I like the system well enough, and for $4 you cannot go wrong. However, I’m replacing some of the lamer workouts with my own.

    8. Love the Supreme 90 day system. I have many other CD programs and this is my favorite. I can actually do the workouts and push myself to the max.

    9. Got this at BB&B a few months ago for $9.99. Started my first video yesterday June 1st 2012. I can definitely feel it today. 31 y/o female 4″11′ 116lbs. Will continue to post my progress. Hoping to lose 10lbs and get the toned body I used to have. I was going to send in $14.99 s/h for the pull up bar, but reading the bad reviews here about how long it takes for them to ship products, I will just get one from Ross for a couple more dollars. Good luck everyone!

    10. Just bought this at as seen on tv store, I refuse to pay for p90x or insanity, after 5 minutes of Tabatha inferno, I was sweating and asking my son to call 911. I love the cardio mixed with weights, I have only done 5 DVDs and I am not really following the diet and I have lost 4 lbs. I love these DVDs, you never get bored and I am super sore after each workout. I can barely keep up so I pause the DVDs and finish the reps alone. highly recommend supreme 90

    11. I just started plan today but haven’t gotten to workout yet. My job is physical and hard for me to deal with the no sugar . I feel so tired and have no energy. Hoping someone can tell me how much roughly can we lose per week with plan and workout. I’m 5’6 170 lbs.

    12. Just finished day nine. Love the program and am addicted. I was pretty mush a couch potato, now I can’t wait to get home to work out. Only problem is muscle soreness. I figured by now it would be gone. Anybody else have this problem. Have just started a recovery drink that appears to be helping.

      • I don’t have any energy drinks but I do want to say that I also get a lot of muscle pain later after the doing the Tabatha inferno DVD from supreme 90 days. What I did is ride my bike for 15 mins and the pain decreased by a lot, but I knew the soreness was from all the squats and lunges I had to do in the Tabatha inferno DVD, so just try riding your bike for more than 30 mins and you’ll probably have less pain.

    13. I have started the workout in January 1st 2012. I have completed the first 90 days and enjoy the work out around April first.. I did not follow the eating plan at all just tried to eat healthy and lost weight 15 pounds. I have been lifting weights for years started this did not realize how much I needed this type of workout. I really like that these workouts are short and intense don’t drag on for an hours and if you lift weights or walk you can incorporate it into your routine. If your starting the Tabatha inferno is going to work your butt off. Overall good work out. Taken a couple days off starting on the second round of 90 day workout may even diet.

    14. For those comparing Supreme 90 Day to P90X, please stop. The two are not comparable. Clever marketing but it is not a cheap P90X option. I did Supreme 90. It’s a good beginner’s workout. Better to compare it to Power 90.

      It will help with weight loss and toning but getting “ripped” is going to be a stretch without good genetics. This series just won’t do it.

      You get what you pay. I sold beginner’s course.

      When you finish it pay 39 bucks a month for 3 months for P90X and got to the next level.

    15. This work out is very good…. I got it for my overweight butterball nephew. He’s 5’8 and weighs 247 pounds .. He’s been doing this for two weeks and has lost a total of 9.6 pounds(he’s doing the diet as well) .. Not bad at all ! I also enjoy doing this program it’s pretty fun. I like insanity much better much most people have to work there way into that one though lol

    16. I just started my supreme 90 day workouts 18 days ago. I am not following the meal plan but I do track calories on my iPhone with lose it app. I have already lost 7 Lbs and my husband which started 17 days ago has lost 6lbs. Everyday we wake up so excited to work out. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!

        • I always tone and lose weight doing these types of exercises and I NEVER do their nutritional plan. As a matter of fact, I chuck it right out of the box. I eat healthy on my own and don’t choose to change to their way of eating. I can’t be bothered..:) I love this program so far and it’s only my 3rd day in. I’ve done P90X, Insanity, Insanity Asylum, P90X2 and a few others. So, here I am on to this one.

    17. I purchased this program about a year ago from Bed Bath & Beyond. At first I was hesitant because I thought it would be some P90X knock-off. I had also bought the Jillian Michaels DVD’s about the same time and enjoyed doing those. Then I finally put in one of the Supreme 90-Day workouts. Why did I wait so long? I haven’t touched my Jillian Michaels DVD’s. The Supreme 90 changes your body. You will build muscle, you will burn fat. I am also using the My Fitness Pal calorie tracker and watching what I eat. I am not following the eating plan that the program comes with. I am loving the results that I am seeing. I started the workout program when I initially got it and then got lax in working out. Man do I regret it, the holidays were not very good to me. But now…my body is changing again. I’m so mad at myself for quitting the first time, but this time, I’m committed!

      • Hello Jessica. I have owned this DVD system for some time and it is by far my favorite workout program. I have done P90X, Jillian Michaels, Tae Bo, etc. This one gets me sweating, builds my muscle and burns off that extra fat.

    18. My two cents. I just completed my first month of this program and let me tell you the results have been amazing. I was very skeptical when I first started. I actually bought this at a store for 6 bucks as a gag Christmas gift for my wife. I mean come on look at the cover. Christmas 2011 I was gifted a new pair of pants (36) that have always been my size but they were a little too small and because they were a gift I could not return them so I bought a larger pair(38). Started the program Jan 01, 2012, along with the eating plan(very important). Wow not only did I see results the first week but I was able to fit comfortably in those Christmas 36 pants within the first 2 weeks and now after 30 day I think I might be able to pull off a size 35. Don’t get me wrong, the workout are a ball buster but the results in only 1,2,3 and 4 weeks have been amazing. You don’t need weights to start. You will need weights eventually as you build muscle. I know this might be cheap but I started with strong plastic half gallon milk containers that I filled up with dirt for weights before I bought dumbbells. Hey I’m just saying the important thing is to start the program because it takes time to build muscle a get used to the eating plan(important) and dumbbells are expensive. I do believe that this is one if not the best program with the quickest results for the money. Good Luck and push hard.

    19. I am nearly done with the first 90days and will continue through it another time. I am not doing the eating plan as I try to watch how I eat already. I started out at 185-187 and am now int the 182-185 range. I am 57 years old and the DVDs kick my butt each time but I do what I can each time. the body is transforming but not a great loss of weight. That is OK. anybody else in my age range doing this program? I love it.


      • I too, Don, am in your age range (52). I’m probably not working hard enough, but I do the exercises as hard as I can, so I am still functional the next day (I love the soreness the next day:D). In any event, I am seeing results. Granted, they could be more dramatic, but I’m not in a true hurry.

        • Hey Don,

          I know you are not doing the meal plan and I know that the meal plan seems unrealistic but I have lost 10 lbs in my first 30 of this program and I have to say that I believe it is mostly because of the meal plan. You don’t have to eat exactly like it says in the book you just need to find meals from the book that fit your life style. The author says don’t consider these meal plans cast in stone but you can replace meal 2 with another meal 2 just don’t cross over to meal 4,5 etc… Good luck.

      • I have been doing the S90 workout for a few days, I was concerned about it not being a good workout for woman who want to be lean. I want to lose weight while becoming tone, I don’t want to be just ‘ripped’. Is this a good workout for woman?

    20. I agree with most of what’s written here. I actually find Tom’s errors endearing, and I’m a language Nazi. 😀

      I am seeing results even without doing the program exactly. While I wouldn’t recommend it, the divorce diet is rather effective for weight loss. 🙂

      I have the outline of abs which I’ve NEVER seen in my entire life. When I get back to better eating habits, I’m sure the results will be more impressive.

      • Oh, the other thing I wanted to say is, I like Tom’s approach better than most of the exercise leaders. He’s motivational without being too perky or rah rah, an approach I despise more than the weight I want to lose.

    21. I know that they don’t recommend this for extremely overweight people but here I go just did day 1 I am 5’3″ and weigh about 255 will keep updates.

    22. Hey all,

      I purchased mine on amazon. Received it in less than a week. I am on day 6 today. Although sore, I feel more energized. The meal plan is easy to follow. I love not having to think about what I am going to eat and counting calories. However, I do see it geting a bit expensive to maintain. I took the before pics and am looing foward to taking pics and measurements every 2 weeks to monitor my progress. So far the work outs seem great! I think that for people who have limited gym time and need guidance like I do this program is great. I’ll post again in a couple of weeks with my progress stats 🙂

    23. Started Supreme 90 Day in August. I am on my last 4 days and I got great results. Went from a size 38 in jeans to a 32/34 depending on the cut, I can now wear shirts that 3 months ago couldn’t fit in and have abs again. My experience has been great. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to get fit and anyone who wants to get fit and has a busy schedule. Follow it and it will work.

      I read some of the reviews and I am here to tell you, if all you got to complain about is Tom screwing up his lines then you don’t have a complaint and you missed the point of the whole program.

      Tom is great. He was real. He made you feel like you could do anything and made you feel ok about not being able to keep up if you were a beginner. Yet, with that being said, he still pushed me and motivated me to get up and keep going when I had thought I had nothing left in the tank.

      Now lets talk about Sally. She is a BEAST! She can’t be human. Around day 30 or so, I started to keep up with her but I do believe she would destroy me in a gym. She is the standard to meet for sure. Cj was beast mode too. Lisa is just HOT! Wondering if she is single 😉

      Back to business, this is a great work out program. I am already pumped to start phase 2. I want to be Sally ripped. It helped me get fit again. I will be adding some weight training to this phase. I think that will get me back in beast mode. I think everyone should try it. Hell it’s 20 bucks. You can’t go wrong! Just commit and watch how your body will thank you for it.

    24. I have told all my friends and work about it. I am on day 36 and love it! I have asthma and have a hard time working out to a lot of the other fitness and cardio videos. I love that – Supreme 90 Day gives you the breaks between circuits which allows me recovery time to breathe. My asthma is improving as well and I can workout longer each time.

      I have lost 10 lbs, my goal was 20 so I am on track. But more than just losing pounds, I am toning up and trimming up in the right places. My extra weight seems to be all in the stomach and hips. The core workouts are really targeting these areas and I can see the results even after only 36 days!

      Being a 47 year old mother of 2 and grandma of 3 (1 more on the way), working full time, and having a disabled daughter, I was having a hard time going to my gym as often as I wanted or needed to. With supreme 90, I can work out at home before work or after the grand kids are in bed. My 4 year old grand daughter even likes to work out with me!

      Thanks so much for this affordable and effective system!

    25. Bought this Supreme 90 Day workout program at Target and made the mistake of ordering the abs DVD using the phone number. Kept saying “NO” and it said “You have declined ” but when it got to the vitamins I say “NO” and it says “Thank you.” Kept going and no review or confirmation at the end of the call. Called customer service in the morning. “Your order’s not in the system, call tomorrow.” Called tomorrow same story. And the next day. That night I see my order on the website. So I call in the morning. “We can’t change your order IT’S BEEN SHIPPED.” Really. Before the bank paid. The website says it’s on 10-15 day backorder. But it’s been shipped. Sure enough despite four calls they billed me $65.96 for vitamins I did not order and do not want. DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER. Google “Telebrands complaints” or “Telebrands ripoff.” I wish I had!

    26. This was one of the best cheapest work out tapes I ever bought. I found Tom Holland Supreme 90 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I am on the last week of the 90 day program and I found that I have toned my body, however, I didn’t loose weight. One thing that I am really upset about is that I lost the book and really wish I could find another one like it.

    27. I have to say after 30 days of using supreme 90 I love it. It keeps me motivated and up for the workouts. I am a clean eater by choice don’t eat meat are fried foods. I am 44 years old and I’m going to get in the best shape of my life using this DVD set people thinks that just because it cost only twenty bucks it’s not going to work. Your wright if you don’t follow the workout and eating plan it won’t. it’s not a bad investment to find out if it’s for you and if it’s not I’m sure you can get all of your money back so you can get some fast food and lay on your couch and complain.

    28. As for the supreme90, I can honestly say I love the short (30-45min) workout by the time I am done I am sweating and out of breathe (and that takes alot for me to become out of breath) BUT I LOVE IT. I have truly seen a change in my strength and my body is even more ripped.

      I do not like though the packaging for it is not sturdy (matter of fact my case has already come apart and I am 1 week away of finishing the 90 days). The warm up and cool downs are the same for each DVD which I find boring and truly depending on the workout some of the warm up/cool down do not even pertain the the workout at hand.

      Tom Holland, is AWFUL. The editing for this series is bad. He messes up so much in regards to which exercise is next, stumbling over words, showing an exercise then doing it wrong (and having to correct himself) stumbling at one point over the dumbbells laying on the floor. Just not very professional.

      Then the gal in the warm up looks sooo bored. Truly they could of left her out of it–how motivational is that to see her look so bored.

      I do not due the diet plan for I am a healthy eater so was not interested in that (my body fat is 12% and I am a 42 year old mom of 4) however the diet looks boring…eating the same thing (just about) for 90 days…BORING..they could of done so much better with that portion.

      All in all, I have done the P90X and did like it my strength and endurance sky-rocketed but did not like the length of the workouts, that is why I tried Supreme 90. I also have to say that I did not sweat like I do with the Supreme 90 doing the P90X, for that I will a shout out to Supreme 90.

      So get past Tom Holland and I would have to say it is worth the buy (just don’t expect the case to hold up).

      • Really? “…colored gal?” You have got to be kidding. Funny how racism works. My first thought was that she’s vision impaired. Tom is “awful?” He’s a tri-athlete makes a FEW errors. Why is that a big deal? You sound like a compulsive nit picker. By the way, “…they could OF done better with that portion.” It’s HAVE done better. If everything needs to be perfect for you, I fear for your children.

        • I have no reference to “colored gal” in the review… However, I do this this is trivial to pick on Tom Holland… I think this DVD’s are a great value.

        • Jay,

          I agree, it is funny how racism works. I read Kim’s review three times, the last two times specifically looking for the phrase “colored gal”. Guess I need to do an eye-sight workout also, as I could not locate that phrase anywhere within the review.

          Perhaps you should consider a retraction or at least an apology to Kim.

    29. Many people here are talking about their experiences losing weight – my problem, all my life, has been the opposite. I have a naturally fast metabolism, and so putting on weight has been a nightmare, and most of my life has been spent down in the lower 100s. My self-esteem has been so low, that I would rarely go out in public, regardless of season, without long pants and long shirts, because I was so embarrassed at my stick-man figure. During an appraisal by a trainer at a 24-hour fitness gym, I was told I had the lowest body-fat percentage he had ever seen on a non-athlete at 6%.

      My dad got S90, and after seeing him work with it, I decided it was worth a shot. I got myself a protein drink, and started working out. 1 week later, I was already seeing more definition in my body, and I’d been using the Wii-fit to measure my overall weight progress. I’m now on my 4th week, and I’ve already put on ~6 lbs, which with my metabolism is a lot. I started out at 111, and my goal is 130 at the moment, and hopefully higher after that.

      But honestly? I’ve been ecstatic even over such a small gain as 6 lbs, after spending my time practically being skeleton. S90 works with dedication and pushing yourself. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to “die” after the workouts, but there’s no denying that it works, and I don’t plan on letting up now. I may not ever be a hugely beefy guy, but that’s okay. I’m going to be happy getting myself to a normal, healthy weight where I have higher confidence and more self-esteem, where I can go to the beach and wear tank-tops without shame.

      I write this post, so those of you who want to gain muscle and not just lose weight, can know that it works that way too. Even at my low weight, my family has already started noticing changes in my body, they’re going to see more.

      More power to the Supreme 90 Team!

      • Man I’m so glad I saw your comment. I bought it and everything and like I wasn’t too sure.Ii weigh 105..I’ve never weighed more. Is it hard following the eating program?

        • The eating program is all about eating clean. Eat 5-6 small meals a day-3 main meals with a snack in between every 3 hours. Eat a protein with a complex carb in every meal. If you follow this it’s relatively easy. No junk foods. I usually have a whey protein drink after the workouts. If you want to find out more about clean eating, I would recommend looking into Tosca Reno’s clean eating books.

    30. Supreme 90 may not be the most choreographed like P90X but it surely get the sweat going if you do the exercises. For those who are complaining about Supreme and saying stick with P90 is truly BS. It does not matter for the key to any exercise program is changing your eating habits and consistency. I have been using Supreme for 2 weeks and notice the changes in my body and increase strength. I challenge myself with heavier weights on some segments.

      The exercises gives you a means of starting a program and help you to lose weight if you are serious. If you are not serious then no program will work. Its about a lifestyle change and really after these programs you should mix them up with other exercise videos to keep you motivated. If you want to order the video you can order from Collage Video, received it within a week along with other videos. Or you can purchase from Walmart. Not a bad workout for the price and got the kids doing them. So as far as I am concerned with the obesity rate increasing $20 is a small price to pay to help stave off the increasing of body fat.

            • I’m 30 days in and I’ve lost inches all over and about 8 pounds. I’m at my target weight only 1/3 of the way through. Love it! The food is great, and even though I’ve certainly had times when I fell off the food wagon, I got back on and still have had amazing results. And I use the meal plan as a guide so I don’t necessarily eat what it says to eat for lunch on day 20 but I eat something equivalent. I don’t plan to stop the nutrition plan after the 90 days are up.

              My husband bought this at a clearance store for $6. It was actually a gag gift in my stocking for Christmas. But, I thought I’d try it anyway. The workouts are fun and this is a little ghetto but we made weights out of liter milk jugs filled with dirt —> FREE! I have grown two babies in this abdomen and for the first time in 4 years and after only 30 days I have a 4 pack and my tummy is flat. I can’t wait to see the results in over the next 60 days. I could care less if this is the poor man’s version of P90X, or if the workouts move too fast or too slow, or whatever other complaints are listed above, if you follow the plan it works! It really really works.

              So, for $6, some small changes in my eating, and some good hard workouts I honestly am thrilled with my body. Bikinis here I come. Yes!!

    31. Love it. Love it! I worked out all my life and was never able to see any changes in my body unless I worked or hours. With 90 days work out, the results are super fast without spending hours in the gym!

    32. Such great Stories.

      I have replied to some of you about the new project that we are producing. We are looking for REAL PEOPLE for the next Supreme 90 Day commercial.

      If you would like to be considered, please contact me at

      Thank you to this website for allowing us post this to their site.

      Thank you
      Team Supreme 90 Day.

      • My name is Christy. I work for a large physicians group who believe in healthy living. Our office even has a nutritionist and diabetic educator. My family recently went on vacation and saw S90 while shopping for things to take with us on vacation. While gone we decided to get S90 when we got home and started immediately. My husband and I just finished day 7 last night. Before starting, we weighed and took measurements. We have a bmi calculator that includes a measuring tape and bmi wheel.

        On day 7 we weighed and measured again to chart our progress, this is something we decided to do weekly to completely chart our ongoing body changes. We are measuring calves, knees, thighs, hips, waist, chest, biceps, and I even measured my butt! This program truly does work your butt off!After week 1 I may have only lost 1 lb but I lost 8 1/2 inches!

        This is truly amazing. I couldn’t believe I worked 1 1/2 inches off my butt already! My husband is following a much stricter diet than I am so he has even bigger results. My husband has lost 7 lbs and 10 3/4 inches of body mass! Amazing! We cant wait to finish the program to see what we really can do, and to see the new improved us!

        • WOW Christy…Amazing results. I would like to talk to you and your husband about the commercial. Can you email me at the email address above.

          Congratulations on such a Supreme success.

    33. Supreme 90 is an outstanding workout. I have been through the whole program and am in great shape as a result.

      But has anyone else ordered the BONUS ABS DVD? I placed my order for $5.99 over 3 months ago and it still has not arrived. I have called multiple times to ask about the status. Every time it is a different story. The latest story is that they are sold out and on back order. Earliest possible ship date is July 22.

      Has anyone actually ordered and received the BONUS ABS DVD? Is the mail order part of the offer a fraud? or is it legit?

      • Hi Roger,

        Would you like to be considered for the S90Day Commercial? This is a real request. We are looking for real people that have completed the program. If you are interested, please email me at

        Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.

    34. Loved Supreme 90, just finished 90 days and feel great. I’ve done p90x 5x and insanity 2x, enjoyed s90 more than either. Fast paced workout ups strength and cardio and left me hurting and looking forward to next cd. Gonna rest my bones and then run through another round. Miss some of flexibility work of p90x, otherwise supreme 90 is superior.

      Price is so reasonable because it isn’t paying for all the infomercials on 30 channels between 4 an 8 a.m. Every morning

    35. I just completed day 28. The workouts are great – some are quite a bit shorter than others. All are a workout and make me sweat. I like having someone telling me what to do and when to do it and mixing it up a bit. I may get tired of the workouts by day 90, but right now the calender motivates me to do the workout each day. Now, if I could just get my diet on track. I do not like “total” change in my diet, especially when I am not familiar with the recommended foods or methods for cooking them. I have been just trying to eat healthier, but I know I need to bump that up and follow the meal plan better. Results so far are negligible but I feel better and I am sleeping better. One more thing, I am oh so bad with the stability ball!! Not sure I am getting much of a workout as I cannot hold the ball still long enough to the exercises. So, I have not been using the stability all that much and doing the alternate exercise. For $20.00, this program was well worth it.

    36. I have done P90X and many others. This is a very intense and focused work out. My only question is many of the exercises if done according to the calendar are working the same body parts back to back which does not follow normal recovery process. I am sticking with it, but that seems odd to me.

    37. I’ve been interested in the P90X or Insanity workouts but the price held me back. I’m putting my way through nursing school with no students loans (I’m paying as I go) and I just couldn’t see paying that much for a workout. I just got it tonight and am getting ready to start. For those who say they can’t find it, I found mine at Walmart in the exercise section for $20. From what I see posted on here it works and I can’t wait. I’m going on vacation in 4 months and I HAVE to get bathing suit (hopefully bikini) ready. So here’s hoping.

    38. I have completed P90X 3X and insanity 2X. Just started supreme 90 2 weeks ago. The workouts are a nice combination of p90x and insanity. If you were to take the weight training parts of p90x and mix in a couple of insanity disks you would pretty much have this workout.

      The legs disk, in my opinion, works your hamstrings and gluts way more than p90x did. After 3 trips through p90x I did not think I could get really sore anymore. Supreme 90 legs taught me that I can still get pretty sore. Was hurting for 4 days after the legs disk. The whole supreme 90 day workout is just different enough from p90 and insanity to shock your body into growing lean muscle again.

      The warmup, which starts with core/ab work is a nice touch. You get a little ab work each day. This can never be a bad thing.

      The workouts are a little shorter than P90 but the pace is much quicker….almost too fast sometimes.

      Overall- well worth a 20 buck investment. If you don’t stick with, like most people who buy p90x, you are only out 20 bucks….not 150-200.

      • You are spammer. If your legs were sore for four days after a workout than you were either a fat tub that never worked out a day on your life, or a straight liar.

        • Rob, if you know anything about working out, you would know that you can be sore 4 days after and be in exceptional shape. If he was doing one set of workouts then switch to another it can target so many different muscle groups that the other videos didn’t reach.

    39. I’m on day 10 of the Supreme 90 workout program and I love it. It’s short and efficient. So far, I feel like my arms are changing the most; however, I know I’m only just beginning.

      I recommend this program because of the price, time requirement, and ability to meet my goals.

      Go for it if you want a challenge!

    40. As someone who has been going to the gym for 20 years now and can bench press over 300 pounds I am pretty shocked by this cheap program. I just got through my first week of supreme 90 day and can say it is completely legitimate. This program is pretty intense and will challenge every fitness level, especially if you keep up with the people on the DVD. You can also modify the exercises to do only what you are ready for. Having worked out for years I am very pleasantly surprised by how effective, fun, and strenuous these workouts are. It will definitely deliver on its promise and is an absolute steal when you can get it at Wal-Greens for $19.99. The music can be a little cheesy sometimes and the nutrition guide is great but not as complete as p90x. Other than that you can’t go wrong with it. You will need a fitness ball and some dumbbells.

          • Looks like Rob spends his free time busting chops over the internet. Hey Rob, buy the workout and get a life. Get off the couch you loser!

        • Shees Rob, what’s up with you? You’re funny, you do this to get a reaction don’t you? Cracks me up. I am writing this, so it works haha. But I’m curious if you tried the Supreme 90 Day? And if so, how did it work for you?

    41. I think that Supreme 90 Day is a GREAT value and I’ve been doing the program for 2 weeks now. My only complaint so far is that some of the exercisers move at breakneck speeds. There is one extremely fit blonde with short hair that looks like she is trying to win a lift as fast as you can race! I think that one loses a lot of the benefits of lifting heavy weights when you go so fast–momentum takes over. When I try to lift truly heavy weights at a safe and effective speed I end up trying having to pause the DVD because they are already on to the next group of exercises. Tom Holland says to go at your own speed but in the chest and back workout I have to pause the DVD multiple times. I feel like the producers of this system should have provided better instruction to some of the background exercisers. The speed at which they lift the weights is almost comical. If this really meant to be system where one is lifting heavy weights then the background exercisers should SLOW down!

      • hi Maria – Thank you for that feedback. We really do appreciate hearing from everyone. We would also like to hear about your accomplishments. Can you please email us at We look forward to hearing from you. – Team S90Day

        • I agree. I just did disc one (five minutes ago). The blonde is really off-putting in how fast she does the exercises. I personally would prefer just one person doing exercises at a reasonable pace (or two matching each other). I too kept having to pause to do the recommended reps. I felt like I was doing catch up the whole time and was never really sure how long I had before the next exercise segment because it’s hard to follow three different people and yourself at the same time. I kept thinking I was keeping up quite well and then he was suddenly on the next segment and I still had one set to go. Seems like it might work though once I get quicker, but I too question the wisdom of doing these exercises at breakneck speed which is totally against what everyone has always taught.

    42. Wow! I like reading all of these reviews and stories.

      Do you want to share your stories, accomplishments and results with the creators of Supreme 90 Day? We want to hear from you, the people out there that are using S90 on a daily basis.

      We are looking for Pictures, blogs, comments and video; anything that you may want to share with us here at S90.

      Drop us a line at:

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      (Regretfully, we are unable to answer questions or comment about the order house or distribution of the product. Please accept our regrets with delivery problems.)

      Team Supreme 90 Day

      • I did two days so far and I’m sore as hell! I need to do two days rest 1 day, two days, rest 1 day until I can do a full week. I feel that it is a very good program and I will be sticking with it. I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $20 and it was well spent. Good luck to everyone who is using the program. You won’t be sorry!

        • I know how you feel. I actually took 3 days rest after the first two days because I was too sore to continue. Now, I’m good to go. No more soreness…only sweat like I’ve never done before. Good luck on your journey to fitness Supreme 90 Day style.

        • Hey Pamela. We would love to hear from you. Can you drop us a line at the email address above. Thanks.

    43. You can find this program on eBay, with a faster delivery and no problems of having your credit card charged for other products you didn’t order. I strongly recommend it. Great workout!!

      • I just got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used a 20% off coupon to save $4.00. I can’t wait to get started!

    44. Bought the set and I use it in combination with other workout DVDs & WII programs. I follow both this eating plan and the flat belly diet. I like it, works great (especially in combination with other programs), and you get to eat real food, no expensive equipment to buy. It is up to you to make it work! I see no gimmicks here!

    45. Got mine at BB&B for $14.99 with coupon

      It’s your standard exercise and diet plan product… Calories are colories, so reduce your caloric intake and increase your physical activity… magically the pounds will shed! lol. It’s a great program and anything that gets you excited and moving is awesome, especially for only $15!


    46. I just bought this last night at Walgreens for $4.99.. All 10 dvds, a wall chart and eating plan.

      For $5, I have to give it a try. Gonna start 5/1/2011 and do it all summer.

        • I got mine for $16.15 at Bed Bath & Body Works. It was advertised at $19.99 but I used their $5 off coupon and saved. If you don’t have a coupon, you can sign up for their e-mails and they will e-mail you a 20% off coupon immediately.

          I do not see this product at Walgreens, but I see that they do have the pull up bar that could be used with this video. I assume Tim might have used some in- store rewards to get the discount and purchase it for $4.99.

          I haven’t tried the workout yet, but I will in about 15 min….see if I like it. After all for 16 bucks –and 10 dvd’s this is a great deal as it is!

    47. I decided to go get Supreme 90 instead of ordering online or calling…it saved a lot of time. It’s been 43 days since then and I’ve lost 32 lbs! Some people might say its a copy of P90x…and that’s fine cause P90x does work…but I don’t feel like paying $130.00 when I can pay $20.00 and get pretty much the same thing. bottom line….if you watch your diet…eat clean healthy food..low or no sugar, low carb etc… and you exercise you will lose weight!…after a month change up your routine and how many days & how long you workout..more results will come its just that simple!! Tony Horton didn’t think of anything new…Hes a great trainer don’t get me wrong but its all a sales pitch. SO… supreme 90 day works…p90x works….just pick which one you want…the $20.00 one or $130.00 one.

    48. I got mine at Dunhams sports store! for $19.99. I am on day two, and I am really excited! I can tell it def. has the potential to work…But any program just about does. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE PROGRAM WORK FOR YOU. If it is just easy, then you are not gonna see the results you expect! Good luck with everyone! Remember, it is all about pushing and challenging yourself!

      But I have a question, once the 90day program is up, what are you going to do… I think I am gonna “pay it forward” in a sense.

    49. I’m on month two of the S90 system and loving it. I have been working with weights regularly since Jan 2010 after getting out of shape during my pregnancies. This is a great workout and for the price you can’t beat it. There are some DVDs I have removed from my rotation that I don’t care for and add in another cardio workout instead. I am seeing some good results so far. I am following Tosca Reno’s food plan to a T, no cheating! I would encourage anyone who is following S90 to also go for it and follow the eating plan at least for a month. Remember, diet is 80% of the equation for successfully changing your body.

    50. Supreme 90 works great! Get it at TARGET for only $19.99 then you don’t have to worry about the shipping.

    51. I ordered mine on and it only took 1 week for me to get it. I’ve done 2 workouts so far, I can definitely feel it! Can’t wait to see how my body transforms in these 90 days…. maybe their customer service is not that great, but their product is really good! 🙂

    52. Does Supreme 90 Day really work as advertised on the TV? does it really deliver results in 90 days, do you think the Supreme 90 routines are an alternative to gym workouts
      – I am on day 13 and have already lost 6lbs and 2.5 inches off my waist! These workouts kick my butt and I would rather do these then go to the gym because I get a better workout.

      Is this Supreme 90 Day really effective?
      – I think so.

      What are the pros and cons of this Supreme 90 Day
      -Pro: Effective in minimal time.
      -con: I haven’t some across any yet.

      Where Can I buy Supreme 90 Day in stores? which stores carry them
      -I got mine at Target. They carry them online now at bed bath and

      Was shipping, handling and processing fee fair enough or was it exorbitantly high?
      -Bought in store

      Did you get a chance to review your purchase before hitting the order button?

      Did you receive the complete Supreme 90 Day kit as you were expecting

      Do you recommend this product to others OR do you know a better alternative to Supreme 90 Day
      – I love it and I would and have recommended it already

      Did you receive this product on time or was it back-ordered

      Are you satisfied with the Customer Service
      -Bought in store

      Do you think your information was sold to third-party?

      Do you think Supreme 90 Day is a scam?

      Do you think the Supreme 90 Day commercial is mis-leading
      – Not at all.

    53. I picked mine up at a local Target store. Haven’t really tried anything like this before, have just been doing my own thing for the past couple months with minimal results. I thought I’d give this a shot, heck, it was only $19.99.

      Today will be day 8 for me and already noticing a difference. I’ve always thought of myself as being a bit too scrawny for my age. Only about 5’9 and weighed between 124 and 130.

      After only a week, I have gained 2 inches on my chest and an inch in my arms. Not sure about body fat percentage, but as of my last check, my weight was at 133.4 lbs.

      Now, I haven’t been following the meal plan. Though I also know that meal plans with these are generally to help with losing weight. I have been working on getting more protein and increasing my calories a bit. I’ll post more as things progress.

      • Hi Derek – Wow great success, I hope you are still finding the same results. We would love to know. Please email us at, we would love to hear from you. Keep up the great work. – Team S90DAY

    54. I just ordered mine on HSN and I’m very excited to start the program with my husband. Will post the results soon!!

      • Bought mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond and was able to use a 20% of coupon so, I ended up paying a little over $15 for it.

    55. Just started today was my first day me and my wife love it so much it works all your body I mean all of it every muscle every bone is moving the very first work out I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99 its a great deal hope it works for the best.

      • Hi Joe – Glad to hear that you AND your wife love the program. We would like to hear more. Would you please email us at Keep up the good work. We look forward to hearing from you. – Team S90Day

    56. I am a 44 year old woman and have been working out my entire life. I picked up Supreme 90 at Boscovs dept store for $20.00. I am half way through my 90 days and I really like the program. I am always challenged and can see and feel my body changing. If you look at the meal plan, it’s basic food with no sugar, no dairy, and no fried or salt soaked treats. If you eat with those rules in mind, you will lose weight. I’m just cutting back, and so far so good.

    57. I bought the Supreme package and am pleased but if you order the Abs DVD, it never specifies when to implement this workout. Can anyone inform me when to add this into the “success chart”? Thanks!

    58. I have Supreme 90 day workout. In 2 weeks time I lost 11 pounds and 9.25 inches. I all you guys can complain about is how long it takes to receive it that’s a shame. The workout is very good, solid program and affordable to those of us cannot afford $120-$150 for a workout.

      You don’t have to order online. I didn’t. I got mine Bed bath and beyond for $19.99.

      • Hi Dana…WOW – How great do you feel? We enjoy hearing success stories such as these. Would you please email us to chat more about your progress at We DO look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the great work. – Team S90Day

    59. I’m 48 years old, and about 50-60 lbs overweight. I got my Supreme 90 at BBB for $19.99, bought a Gold’s Gym ball at Wal-Mart for $16 (I think), and 3 sets of dumb bells. I started walking every day for a month before I found out about S90.

      Wow! It’s NOT a scam, it’s a great workout. It is as challenging as you make it. The first week I couldn’t do most of the exercises, but as Tom says in the workout, I give what I can. So far, I’ve lost 17 lbs. I like Tom’s attitude in the workout. He doesn’t make you feel like a loser if you aren’t just like the people doing the exercises. He just says “give me 100%” and “modify if you need to.” The exercise team always shows the modifications for people who either don’t have the equipment, or can’t do the full moves. It’s great.

      I recommend it for anybody. Just check with your doctor if you have a question about your ability to do it. WELL WORTH the time and money. Highly recommend it to you.

        • I was on day 19 when I posted that. I had been walking for a month before I started. Now I just do S90 and no walking, so I’d say I’ve lost a good 10-12 lbs just since starting S90. The 2nd week alone I dropped 4 lbs.

    60. Got mine at walgreens..start seeing results first 2 weeks didn’t follow diet plan did my own load up on protein…worth the price sore after every workout.

    61. My plans were to order Insanity but I’m 5’2″ and 120 lbs and if I lose a large amount of weight I will disappear! so I saw good reviews for Supreme 90 days and the price was amazing so I ordered it… yes I will be honest, I wasn’t too pleased with the customer service.. they took weeks to deliver it but never explained to me how much was suppose to be taken out of my account or when it would arrive.. I had to call back in a few days to find out.. but anyhow …. once I received it and actually started doing the workouts I am sore almost every day and I love it because I know that its working and really isn’t as intense as I thought it would be but it works!!

      • Insanity is for people who want to loose a lot of weight. I’m 5’10” and 156 lbs. more or less, so I don’t want to loose weight, I want to gain muscle mass. I started doing a few dvds of p90x a couple of years ago. Not much cardios and jumping up and down excercises so I won’t have to loose weight. And it is great!! I’ve seen changes in my body. Now I recently bought Supreme 90 through eBay. I was anxious to buy it since the first day I heard about it. As long as we commit to the program, we can truly see changes.

    62. I bought mine today at Dick’s, but if I knew they had it at BB&B I would have picked it up there with the ever available 20% off coupon 🙂

      I am hoping that since I already have the exercise ball and free weights along with bands it will be effective and with the 10diff DVD’s to target diff areas maybe it will not become as boring as the day after day you get with some—here’s to 40 being the new 30!!

    63. I started supreme 90 days workout about 23 days ago. When I started, I weight in at 189-192 pounds. My wife’s and my body has started to change. I weight my self at this past weekend, about three weeks in to the program, and wow 179. I like to note, that after every workout my wife and I follow up with the Abs work out. We want to get the max results from every workout and this would just help us along. We have not step up to the meal plan, but we are eating a lot healthier now.

      If you can, buy it a local store. I had a lot of trouble ordering it on line and got five when I only need one.

      • Hi Not Fit – WOW what great results. We would love to hear more. Would you please email us at We would enjoy hearing more about all that you are accomplishing. You and your wife keep up the great work. – Team S90Day

    64. Does Supreme 90 Day really work as advertised on the TV? does it really deliver results in 90 days, do you think the Supreme 90 routines are an alternative to gym workouts

      Is this Supreme 90 Day really effective?
      I just did the first day and I can tell by looking through the videos that they are going to be intense. The diet plan may take some getting used to. It seems very involved. For now I will just try to make heathier choices on a daily basis in my diet. It also puts a lot on getting the recommended water intake and eating 6 small means rather than 3 large ones.

      What are the pros and cons of this Supreme 90 Day
      Pro- cheap compared to P90X
      Con- I’ve heard the company may be a little shady, but you can call around and find it at Walgreens, Dick’s, and Bed bath and beyond.

      Where Can I buy Supreme 90 Day in stores? which stores carry them
      walgreens, bed bath and beyond, dick’s

      Was shipping, handling and processing fee fair enough or was it exorbitantly high? got it from instore

      Did you get a chance to review your purchase before hitting the order button? N/A

      Did you receive the complete Supreme 90 Day kit as you were expecting Yes. It has a mail in order form for an additional Abs dvd. Considering all of the complaints I’ve read from this company, I don’t know if it is worth the hassle. It seems all of the workouts help to involve the core muscles so i’ll see how it goes.

      Do you recommend this product to others OR do you know a better alternative to Supreme 90 Day. For the price and just starting the workouts I would recommend this product.

      Did you receive this product on time or was it back-ordered N/A

      Are you satisfied with the Customer Service

      Do you think your information was sold to third-party?

      Do you think Supreme 90 Day is a scam?

      Do you think the Supreme 90 Day commercial is mis-leading. The commerical shows the best of the best changes. To achieve this you would probably have to follow the nutrition program to the T. People starting this program should have a realistic expectation, you aren’t going to look like the guy on the cover after 90 days lol sorry to burst your bubble.

      also I had trouble finding the dvds at first.. If you can call around to BBB and ask them to look up the SKU number of 18109743. The dvds are not on their website but if you call the number they can do site to store shipping for free, or they can point you in the direction of a store that may carry them.

      Hope all of this helps.

    65. I bought Supreme90 from Dicks Sporting Goods. I recommend not ordering online. I am sore from starting yesterday. (I started with the arms/ shoulders). I can’t seem to access the online support. I will give a follow up report after a week or so.

    66. People that can’t find this.. call around to your local Bed Bath and Beyonds and Dick’s, ask for the dvd set or they can look up the SKU for you.. it is 18109743 .. this dvd set is not on either of the two stores websites but I just saw it at both.

    67. I think there are fraud, I ordered the Supreme 90 which I got, then every two weeks I keep seeing 5 dollars deducting from my account, and yet there customer service department tells me they don’t see any deductions on there system, what the hell?!

      • Call your credit card company and let them dispute it for you. This is something everyone does when they have a dispute about an unauthorized charge on their card.

    68. This set can be ordered off of Here is the link and they have an almost 8 minute video clip of the various workouts, better than the supreme 90 website. I have ordered many dvds from totalfitnessdvds and Mary guarantees returns if there is a problem. Also if you order more than $19.00 you get 10% off and it is free shipping (you must use 10off at the checkout). Here is the link to view the video clip:

    69. I will be on my 7th day in the morning and I am very pleased with the workouts so far! My recommendation to anyone that wants to start the program, get yourself assorted dumbbells or get the dumbbells that quick change.. you will be using different sizes in a matter of minutes. I have shed about 4 pounds in the first week! I do the abs workout every other day…I seem to be on track to some cool changes in the next 90 day’s…THANKS SUPREME 90!

    70. What equipment is needed for this system? From the videos I saw online, it only looks like a few free weights, an exercise ball and push up bars are needed. I have nowhere to put a pull up bar, so I’m hoping I will not need one. I appreciate anyone’s response.

    71. I am on day 8. It is really working and I recommend it! I can already see/feel a difference. For those that are having trouble with shipping… I got mine from Walgreens for $19.99. I also work at Walgreens and I know not all stores have it. If you call your local Walgreens and give them the UPC number from the box, they can look in the computer to see if any other stores nearby have it in stock….the UPC number is 09729801310. The SKU number that was mentioned in another comment is not what Walgreens uses, but the UPC should work. Good Luck everyone!

    72. Haters will be haters. I got my Supreme 90 DVD’s after about 3 weeks. I’m on disk #5 tomorrow. Very happy with what I see so far. The exercises have been challenging throughout. Follow along with Tom and you will be fine. I have felt like I worked on every DVD so far. Was ringing with sweat and felt great after each workout. I’ll take this over P90x. It’s worth the $31.26 I paid. If you want to drop the $130.00 or so for p90x, go right ahead. Supreme 90 works for me, I’m very happy with it and I recommend it.

      • I totally agree with Richard. I am on day 9 and I just love the workouts. I paid $26.98 and it has been worth it so far.

    73. I received my Supreme 90 day last week. After placing my order, I received a notice that due to high demand they were behind in shipments. Since I had paid for the up-charge for expedited handling, I was not happy. I thought, Okay – here we go. However, I received my package and was not charged for expedited shipping – balance charged to card was $26.95. I have to say that I really respect this company for waiving the expedited shipping charge. I did order online so that made it a lot easier to bypass all the “extras”. So I really have nothing bad to say about my experience with this company.

      Did my first workout today and was pleased. Seems like a good, safe workout. I like the choices of the workouts vs P90X. While I love yoga – the 1 1/2 hour P90X DVD kind of seemed overkill to me and was very hard for me to get through – got kind of bored. P90X just seemed kind of extreme which is good for some people but did not work well for me.

    74. Yes it’s a cheaper ( money wise) version of p90x but people on here act like they have never used any non name brand product. P90x is just a name brand they don’t own the rights to ” muscle confusion”.

      Perfect example- when bare minerals first came out it was number 1 in mineral make up… Now.. You see it everywhere!!! Under different brands and cheaper! ( and more than likely manufactured by the sane place)

      Get over it people it’s a great program… Well structured… And at a great price ( especially in this economy )

      I don’t know how so many people ended up paying triple at checkout… If you read each offer clearly and clicked NO it was fool proof! It took about 1 month for me to get it ( NO surprise… It’s clearly stated numerous times)

      There’s no scam… If your that worried go buy it at Walgreens… And get to working out! And follow the meal plan or at least eat right and you’ll be fine!

      It’s not rocket science! It’s nutrition and exercise that gives you results … If you follow this and don’t lose weight then your probably not eating right

    75. Can anyone who has received this product give some ideas about the nutrition guide? P90X was rather complex for me. Hope this one is simpler.

      • It’s easy 5-6 meals a day.. Gives 2 menus for each ( women and men) as it says “don’t consider the meal plan as cast in stone” – it’s suggested and you can replace some meals with others.

        It’s actually a great menu with simple meals

    76. Hey, just do what I did to receive your free 10 dvd Supreme 90 Day w/ Bonus Abs workout set , go to torrents and download the whole thing at no charge ! FREE!

      • what link(s) did you use to download? I have already purchased but it is taking too long for delivery. I’d like to start soon.

    77. For those going to Walgreens and unable to find Supreme 90 Day, here is a SKU# for these workout dvds for Walgreens. SKU# 443285

      You can have them look the item up by the SKU# and they can tell you which location carries the Supreme 90 Workout Set.


      • I called walgreens and they are saying they have no such product and the sku number is not a valid one.

        Bed bath and beyond said you have to order it from their website but its not a listed product. The guy wouldn’t do an order over the phone.

        Please help…. We really want this system!


        • I just ordered it from Bed Bath & Beyond, Item SKU #18109743. $19.99. Call their 1-800 number. At first she said they didn’t have it but I gave her the number and wa-la…ordered. :)Shipping is only $5.99 but they send it parcel post. I live in AK so it took a while to get here but I have it. 🙂

    78. Great product, it had me sweating within minutes. I highly recommended to those of you that are looking to loose some weight and trim down.

    79. I agree. It is a rip off. I waited more than a month. Then I just got a post card saying they were canceling my order without any explanation. My card was charged for the purchase, and so far it has not been reimbursed.

      • You are having issues with the customer service, because millions have these DVDs and it is not a scam. I know, I have P90X and have done its rotation. Order from Bed Bath and Beyond the information on how to do so is further down this thread. Also some BBB and Walgreens have these dvds in stock and you can walk in and purchase without the hassle. Call your credit card company to have them reverse the charges.

      • RON, Same thing happened to me then I called and they told me the DVD’s were mailed on the 8th, I called on the 10th. I then received the DVD’s in the mail on the 12th. You should be seeing them son. Hang in there dude, it is an awesome workout, I did the Abs and the Chest routine and it smokes you. I have done P90X and this is a better deal for a lot less. Very affordable for ANYONE at $19.99.

    80. I ordered this Supreme 90 Day weeks ago and was hoping to finally receive it but instead in the mail today received a postcard saying that they are refunding my money (still shows as a pending transaction on my account) and that its not being shipped. Figured maybe they would say it was backordered or something but no just flat out not sending it so I would stay away or try to find it at walgreens or bed bath and beyond that some above have said they found it at.

      • I called the customer service because I had the same problem but they said the postcards are being mailed automatically and it was a mistake.they should ship it soon and you can check the status of your order on there website.

        • True! I got a postcard that my rock hard abs DVD would be cancelled… And 2 days later ( 4 weeks after ordering) it was in the box with all the rest of my package. So far I love this program…

    81. I ordered the videos a few weeks ago, I just received confirmation that they are in the mail! I can’t wait to start!

    82. Everyone is complaining about how long it takes to receive their package. Most are not reading where it clearly states 2-6 weeks. I”ve read some reviews that were positive…and for $20 give me a break if you aren’t happy….it’s a drop in the bucket. The negative comments won’t deter me from trying this…. however; my resolution for some of the feedback is that I’m going to purchase it at Walgreens or BB&B!! If Tosca is endorsing this and backing it up, I am a believer already!!! Good luck!

        • I’m with you Harriet, I do not believe that Tosca would associate her good name (The Eat-Clean Diet® /Oxygen Magazine) if it was garbage. She has too much respect in the field!

    83. I ordered Supreme 90 Day about 3 weeks ago. I was very excited. I started the work outs as soon as I got it. I on the end of the first week I lost 5lbs. This really works as long as you eat right not necessarily following the nutrition plan but controlling your calories. And make sure to eat healthy. To this is working great it isn’t a scam you just have to follow the steps and work hard and you will accomplish your goal. Supreme 90 Day works and its cheaper…..a good thing to look into!

    84. I ordered my Supreme 90 Day on Dec 30, 2010 and haven’t received anything. I go to track my order and it says “due to an overwhelming response your order has been put on back order for the next 15 business days please check back periodically for updates” every single day it says the exact same thing!

    85. I ordered these DVD on 15th January 2011 and paid the Expedited shipping fee and was assured that the DVD’s would be here at the latest in 5 days. I received an e-mail verifying my order and the expedited shipping. After a lot of research ( the website called does not work) I finally found a 1-800 number and this too was a dead end. Finally I got a telephone number and a lady kindly let me know that my order will be shipped out on 26th Feb and that I had not clicked the expedited shipping option. I don’t understand their response e-mail verified the expedited shipping. I am going to go and try and buy this at Bed Bath and see if I can buy them off a shelf and then cancel my order. I was so excited to start exercising to these videos don’t know if I can keep the enthusiasm going until mid March. Very badly run operation.

      • HI…Does anyone know the real number to call to cancel their Supreme 90 Day order? I called the 1-800 number on the website and it was not in use anymore. This is ridiculous!

        • 800-777-4034. BTW I ordered mine a couple weeks ago and received it today. this is the number that came in the package and I have called it. It works. Now hopefully the product will work too. lol.

    86. Received Supreme 90, watched all the workouts, here is what I think.

      I did not care for the covers that the DVDs came in, no biggie just transferred the DVDs to another case. But again, this is a cost saving measure.

      The warm up and cool downs are the same on every workout dvd. No problem with that, it saved money.

      The background participants worked out at various speeds, so for me, I am doing my own thing. I like to do a solid rep in good form versus trying to frantically keep pace.

      The set is pretty generic, it is not a turn off.

      Tom Holland does the warm up and cool downs, but instructs through the whole workout, he shows proper form but is not doing the complete workout. He continues to tell you the rep count and for you to go at your own pace. No problem there.

      The music is a P90X reminder, soft rock which will keep you motivated. It is not elevator music, so not a turn off.

      The workouts will make you sweat and clocks in around 40-45 minutes in completion. If you want to do extra cardio, which I will incorporate a few times a week, do so.

      Core/Ab work is in each workout at the beginning, which is nice. Also, you have the option of purchasing the Ab DVD for $5.99 but I don’t think you need it.

      Overall, this is a solid workout plan. I even read through the Tosca Reno nutrition plan and will try some of the items on the menu. I thought the nutrition plan would be kind of bogus, but it is not and I was wrong on that. Again, this makes you wonder why we are paying over $100.00 for other workout plans and Telebrands can bring a solid workout plan out to the masses for $19.99?

      Definitely, worth your money. In fact, I think this workout is worth more than $19.99. Unbelievable, makes you wonder why Telebrands can put this out for 20 bucks but other companies charge over $100.00 for their workouts!

    87. I ordered january 7th, I paid the extra $10 for expedite shipping. Its been 22 days and I still have not received my order. I don’t no if it is a scam or not but I should have got the workouts by now. 22 days later with expedite shipping and its still not here. Sounds like a scam to me.

      • I ordered mine on January 5th. I called them last week and they said due to the overwhelming response it is on backorder. I have checked on there website and it keeps saying it will ship within 15 days. The person I spoke to on the phone said it would ship by February 15th. I am about ready to call and cancel my order. I wanted this asap, not three months later.

      • I just went to Walgreens and they had over 20 of these in stock. I purchased mine there for a total of $21.36. I just got back home and called and canceled my order from the website. I suggest you look at Walgreens.

    88. For those leary to order off the supreme 90 website, these DVDs are in Walgreens nationwide. Look for them under the As Seen On TV area. If you can not find them in Walgreens, also some Bed Bath and Beyonds have this workout in their stores for 19.99. If you can not find it you can order it from Bed Bath and Beyond from their (800#) 1-800-462-3966. They charge minimum and state taxes. I ordered on Monday and got a confirmation from Bed Bath and Beyond and the set will be at my home on Friday. Oh, when you call the 800# use this SKU# 18109743 without it the customer service rep will not know what the heck you are talking about. Lastly, there is an ongoing thread from the website discussing this program. From everything I have read, it does give P90X a run for its money and for 20.00 you can not beat that. But everyone states it is better to get this workout from Walgreens or Bed Bath and Beyond, if not you are waiting a very long time to receive it. Here is the thread:

      • Thanks Linda,

        No luck at Walgreens or BB&B the first time I tried. Went back to BB&B with the SKU# you provided and got it ordered.

      • Thanks for providing the SKU. I went to a local Bed Bath and Beyond and was able to pick one up. They had plenty in stock . Saved me the hassle of waiting for shipment.

    89. I received my Supreme 90 Day dvds two weeks ago and just finished my second workout, and I love it. How is an exercise program a scam? you are told to diet and exercise to lose weight and be healthy. It is only a scam if you buy it and sit on the couch. All real exercises you use with weights and a stability ball. Not complicated to figure out. These are exercise dvds not the Biggest Loser Ranch. You don’t have Bob and Jillian kicking your butts 6 hours a day six times a week.

    90. I ordered the Supreme 90 Day workout 12/14/11 and have not received it yet. Why is it they can’t find out any information about this company or the system. THIS IS A SCAM! CANCELED MY ORDER!

    91. I ordered Supreme 90 day workout during the last week in December, I just received it today Jan 22,2011. They did not charge my card until they sent an email that it was being sent. With Shipping and handling my cost came to $26.95, which seems normal to me. I wish the site had more details on the workouts, type of equipment needed and the duration of the workouts, etc. I haven’t opened the Supreme 90 Day package yet and will respond back when I get into them next week.

    92. It ordered this Supreme 90 Day online and it had son many up-sales. The product was suppose to be $19.99 but when I finished it was $56.00 and I didn’t agree to any of the up-sales. It’s like they automatically charged me for an addition set of dvds…wow…….anyways, I tried calling the customer service but they were closed on the weekend. So I contacted my credit card company so they blocked my account….Don’t do it!

      • Yup…way too much like it. To the point where I would feel stupid for making it. If he can make an exact copy of P90X, why can’t I and make $$$$? Hope he gets his ass handed to him in court. Its a copy to the point where no work was put into it. So you cant really tell if the dude truly knows his stuff. I’ve seen it and he copies 90% of P90x.

        • I’m glad they copied it… who has $120+ to spend on workout dvd’s like P90X ? you don’t like saving money? Well I do and when I saw a dvd that was like P90X but for 100 dollars less I bought it right away.

          • I know right? geez! who cares if it’s a copy? the point is it’s a much CHEAPER copy of basically the same thing! thinner body , fatter wallets with the supreme thingy mabob=)

    93. I was just getting ready to order the Supreme 90 program. Something told me to check the web first and see what people are saying about this program. I must say, Wow, am I glad that I checked first before ordering. So far I haven’t heard anything good about this company. The fact that I have yet to read where anyone has even received the program is frighting. So, thanks you all for sharing, you saved me money as well as a major head ache. I have always had trouble wondering why a company with a decent product can’t just do simple business. It just seems to easy to be honest, mail the product and charge people fairly. I would think that you would make a ton of money doing it the right way. Amazing, and unbelievable.

    94. I still have not seen comments about those who have received it and are using it. So am I to gather no one has received it?

      I ordered on December 23rd. I read these comments and got nervous checked my CC and the charges are now on there – they did not overcharge me or pre-charge me.

      I am thinking this company is only guilty of not knowing what a big success they would be and they fell behind on orders. I will offer them more time and repost when I receive them or when I start having actual trouble. Right now only trouble is I have not received anything…but I will give them startup company issues. for now…

      • I received my Supreme 90 Day order. They did not charge my card until they mailed it and I was only 26.00 dollars. Nothing more! Started the Workouts today and I like them. There is a lot of core work which I need since having kids. I am not in horrible shape and I have been doing P90X for years. Just looking for something else to get into. I have nothing bad to say I have watched all of them and they are great!! NOT A SCAM!

    95. Supreme 90 day is a scam beware protect your bank account and don’t buy! I said no thanks to the 500 million offers they try to suck you into buying and at the end instead of $19.99 my total was something like $95.99 they added some 3 month vitamin regimen to my order. I called the customer service line and told them I wanted the vitamins taken off my order and after making several excuses as to why they couldn’t they finally said call back in a few days because we cannot delete things from you order before it ships because thats when we charge your bank account. Which made absolutely no sense to me. Anyhow I called back a few days later and they said they took the sixty something dollar vitamins off. But then I read people’s bad reviews about how people never received the DVDs and I started to get worried so I called back to check the status of my order. When it would ship and also what they had for the order to make sure they took the 65 dollar vitamins off. Those dumbasses had one order with dvd’s and vitamins for $95.99 and one order for just dvd’s for 35 dollars or something. Anyways I ended up canceling my order both orders and just to make sure I canceled the credit card I gave them.

    96. I purchased Supreme 90 Day on January 3rd. I have not received any thing from them. I have yet to find anyone who has actually received the DVDs. I think its a scam.

      • I received them. There you found someone who has received them. Allow some time. It says 2-6 weeks until you get them.

        • It clearly states 2-6 weeks. It amazes me how people don’t read the fine lines. As with “anything” there is a time frame.

          • I’m fine with the wait but I haven’t seen where anything has been deducted from my account. Its been about 2 weeks shouldn’t it have came out of my account by now? I didn’t receive a conformation email either. Maybe my order didn’t go through!? I’ll wait a while longer an if I see nothing I’ll get it from Walgreens. What do you guys think?

    97. A blatant piss poor rip off of P90X, how low, how embarrassing!

      Stick with P90X people, it’s the only real hardcore program and not some copy cat BS like Supreme 90. They can’t even be original, goes to show who’s the best in the game.

      Long live Tony Horton!

      • How long did it take for you to receive the program? Every review I’m reading seems that all who ordered hasn’t received it yet.

      • I agree. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against copy cat stuff, but this is way too much the same. P90 and P90x came out a while back. And P90x is STILL around. That tells you something. I doubt Supreme 90 will stick around…P90x is coming out with a new version at the end of the year as well. Google it and you will see…..It will focus more on size and strength….also P90x is harder than this. Thats why you get your $$$ worth. Real results will come. P90X has replay value. Lean, Classic and Doubles so does their eating plan. And it adjusts with you. Not for just 28 days lol. HATERS GONNA HATE. Pay more for a REAL workout not a piss poor copy that is way easier.

    98. I ordered this Supreme 90 Day on 1-4-11, but after reading your reviews I called and canceled the order as well as my card so that no charge would come through. I did wait on the phone for about 15 minutes but worth the wait after your stories. So I cannot give you a positive or negative on the product either way.

    99. Supreme 90 is BS! I’m on week 6 and have not received anything. Luckily, I have not been charged, but by my bank to stop any payment. Live and learn. DO NOT BUY!

    100. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever come across!!! I have been waiting 8 weeks and still haven’t received it! And the idiots on the phone can’t tell you anything at all. Don’t order……..stay away!!!

    101. What a rip off! Horrible customer service, on hold for an hour multiple times. They duplicated and charged me for 2 orders, plus after you check out, they add other fees. If you don’t buy the expedited shipping you won’t receive your package for 3-6 weeks. This is after you enter all your personal credit card and address info. They really suck you in. No wonder no one has a positive review or any type of review, no one can contact them or has had one shipped to them! Stay away from this marketing scam, go with something else or go to the gym!

      • Supreme 90-Day is working for me. I lost 7 lbs so far and only finished my 4th workout. I don’t follow their diet. as long as you control your portions you should be fine. I don’t like being told what I have to eat at each meal.

        • For those of you that actually HAVE received Supreme 90-Day, what is your take on it overall?

          I’m not looking to lose weight but rather, just get in good shape and maybe build strength/muscle. Will this do that? Or is it mainly geared towards weight loss?

          $20 from BB&B or Walgreens is much more appealing than $100+chin up bar and the other crap you have to get for P90x.

        • Then why do it? You do realize that this is a lifestyle not a drop x amount of weight and then go back to eating crap and gain it all back and then some. Diet is 80% of the battle. Abs are made in the kitchen, not stupid gimmicks that make crunches easier lol. 7lbs. in 4 workouts is water weight. Count calories at first and watch portions. If not, you WILL gain it all back plus more.

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