Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser Review

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One of the drawbacks of regular exercise routines is that it’s easy to get bored following the same regime day in and day out, which makes it tempting to give up. Rigorous routines also tend to lead to stress on your body, especially your knees and joints, which can lead to injuries. That’s why we often look for exercise equipment that makes your fitness regime lot of fun and less stressful.


How does Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser work?

Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser works on both counts and it also takes about 15 minutes of workout every day to get sensational results that improve your core strength, build muscles and improve balance and posture without you having to do much.

Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser uses the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding to great effect. It is known to help strengthen your spine, pelvic muscles and also improve your posture. Now you get all the benefits of horseback riding, which is great for people of all age groups, without having to step out of your house.

Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser offers two different kinds of motions; horizontal 8 and the up and down motion. These motions lead to you being off balance when you are using the equipment, which naturally contracts your muscles as you try to stay upright. This counter balance exercise works wonders for your pelvic muscles, thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps etc while improving your posture as well.

You get all these benefits without having to work hard for them as most of it happens involuntarily. Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser has a LED panel with controls so that you can set up the speed according to your preference and you have about 25 combinations to choose from.

What do I get?

You can buy Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser for $545 at


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