Spinning Home Workout Program

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What is Spinning Home Workout Program:

It is a workout program that you can follow at home and ensure that you tone and tighten your body effectively and quickly.

Spinning Home Workout Program asserts that it can help you burn up to 1000 calories an hour. Thus you can be rest assured that you are losing weight the way you want and quite quickly as well. There are many of us who are trying to lose weight and get into a fit shape. But many workout programs don’t bear the results you want and you don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for gym memberships. Spinning Home Workout Program claims that now you can burn calories quickly and enjoy a workout that is a lot of fun, while you get into a fit shape.

Spinning Home Workout Program and how it works for you

For starters, Spinning Home Workout Program maintains that it is the one and only original cyclic program that can be followed indoors. In fact, the program comes from the creators of indoor cycling, who have been transforming bodies for people all over the world for more than two decades. Spinning Home Workout Program guarantees you that you will be able to lose weight and burn calories with the help of the workouts you will find in the extensive library you get with it.

Thus Spinning Home Workout Program with its wide range of workouts makes sure that things never get boring for you, as often is the case with various other workouts. All you have to do is hop on the cycle and follow the master instructor, who gives you easy to follow instructions to do exercises that will bear the desired results. The good thing about the Spinning Home Workout Program is that you will stay energized and have fun with the exercises as well.


Spinning Home Workout Program and the DVDs that let you perform different workouts

Spinning Home Workout Program contains a varied collection of workouts in easy to follow DVDs that keep you in control of things at all times. There’s the Ultimate Energy Workout that lets you have fun while challenging you through smooth hills and straight-aways that take a cue from the open roads. Another DVD included in the Spinning Home Workout Program is the Maximum Results Workout. It stresses that it’s an ultimate weight loss ride, which ensures that you are in the best fat burning zone so that your thighs, calves and buttocks are toned.

Spinning Home Workout Program also has Spinning Ireland Road Tour DVD that brings to you the natural beauty of roads of Ireland while you have an invigorating and energizing workout, which prepares you to attack long roads. Those who want to build strength can find the Turn and Burn Workout in the Spinning Home Workout Program useful. It’s an easy way of enhancing your calorie burn rate, according to its claims. Train and Tone Workout on the other hand takes you down the rolling hills, with eclectic music playing in the background.

The Spinning Home Workout Program is complete with the Spin and Burn DVD, which offers you a 40 minute endurance ride that you can complete being pushed further by motivational songs including the pop anthem “I Will Survive”. One of the highlights of the Spinning Home Workout Program is that each of the DVDs are brought to you by renowned fitness experts, professional cyclists and trainers, who know exactly what they are talking about. Thus you can be rest assured that you are being led in the direction of your weight loss goals.

Spinning Home Workout Program and the features of the Spinner Pace Bike

Spinning Home Workout Program brings to you the benefits of riding on the Spinner Pace Bike, which has been smartly designed to offer you best results while you get complete comfort too. The Adjustable Cushioned Seat is one of the important features because it assures you utmost comfort. The 8” padded seat can be adjusted front or back, up or down to your convenience. Spinning Home Workout Program takes care of your needs at all times because the bike has a Water Bottle Cage that can carry your standard sized bottle while you sweat it out.

Spinning Home Workout Program emphasizes that it can be adjusted to your fitness levels and requirements too. That’s because it has variable resistance that lets you choose your own pace while you listen to a master trainer. You can turn it down or crank it up to face the major uphill challenge in your way. Spinning Home Workout Program is also convenient to follow at home because of the Multi-Position Adjustable Handlebars that are present on the bike. They let you adjust the height so you can ride comfortably. Different hand positions are also supported for complete flexibility in any kind of workout.

Spinning Home Workout Program and additional features of the Spinner Pace Bike

Spinning Home Workout Program lets you maximize your muscle use and calorie burn, according to its claims, because of the pedal cages in the bike. The straps present on the bike create a snug cage that can ensure that your foot is placed in the right position. It means you can utilize your energy more efficiently while you work out. Spinning Home Workout Program brings you a bike that’s known for its durable construction. The base of the bike is stable and claims to be of gym quality that allows you to have a durable platform to work out on.

The secret of the Spinner Pace Bike and thereby your Spinning Home Workout Program lies in the Flywheel. It leads to a smooth and continuous forward motion, which means you are propelled while you work out. Moreover you can make the most out of low impact, high calorie burn workouts. Finally, Spinning Home Workout Program can be followed wherever you are because the bike is easy to move and store too.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Spinning Home Workout Program for $699.65
  • Official website: spinningtv.com
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