Speed Abs

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What is Speed Abs

It is a use at home workout equipment that claims to offer you ripped abs and toned upper body.
Speed Abs promise to offer the right solution for anyone who is hoping to have washboard abs and a fit upper body. There are many who work hard in the gym for hours and might have tried several routines to get a strong core and ripped abs. But it doesn’t always bear results. However Speed Abs maintains that you can get flat abs by working out at home and that too in double quick time.

Speed Abs and how it works for you

Speed Abs has an ultra wide non skid wheel, which has built in steel coil to ensure that you have additional resistance. Thus it stresses on the fact that when you stretch and roll to do your abdominal exercises, you get optimum benefits out of them. Speed Abs also promises to help you guide and assist you back in a fluid and controlled manner, which makes sure you are getting the full impact of the abs workout. As a result you have resistance when you roll out and assistance when you roll back to make things easier for you.


Speed Abs has been specially designed

Speed Abs stresses on the fact that not only does it give your abs a solid workout but it trains your whole upper body too. That’s because of its smart design that brings results and keeps things convenient for you as well. Speed Abs has a high performance ergonomic rubberized design, which keeps you in a natural position. Hence it makes sense for beginners who will not experience any hand fatigue using it. It claims to prevent slippage while offering maximum stability for complete comfort.
You can go longer with your Speed Abs without any hassle or care in the world and make sure you get the best benefits out of it, according to its claims.

Speed Abs and how to use it

Using Speed Abs is very simple and all you have to do to get started is get on your hands and knees while taking hold of the handles. You can then glide the wheels back and forth across the floor. Speed Abs emphasizes on the fact that because your torso gets adjusted to the movements, at different points during the exercise various muscle groups of your upper body get the workout they need.

Speed Abs and the major benefits you can get from it

Speed Abs claims to let you have toned abs rather quickly as your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and the entire core gets worked on. It also maintains that it has benefits for those who are aiming for chiselled shoulders, shredded arms and v shaped back. Speed Abs promises to supercharge your metabolism so that you burn calories faster and build lean muscle like you’d want. Importantly, it guarantees to work for everyone; from beginners to fitness experts alike.

What do I get?

You get one Speed Abs and one Extreme workout and Nutrition guide for $29.95. Official website speedabs.com


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