SmoothXbike REVIEW

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What is SmoothXbike

It is a portable and affordable exercise bike that is aimed at providing gym quality workout right at home. SmoothXbike claims that it is the best home workout solution for everyone who wish to stay fit. Everyone loves a great body but may not be able to go to afford a gym membership or lack of time.


SmoothXbike Claims

Lose weight at home – The equipment that comes for home is quite expensive and space consuming. Smooth X Bike asserts that it was designed to provide a solution for these particular problems. SmoothXbike promises to be a great exercise bike that is filled with features equivalent to that of costly gym equipment.


Salient Features – smoothXbike alleges that it doesn’t require any power to run as it utilizes ultra-silent magnetic resistance pedaling mechanism.The features of smoothXbike are stated to be very different than other stationary bikes particularly due to its design that has soft saddle-shaped cushion seat which provides great comfort and safety. The seat design provides continuous aerobic workout and use of padded handle bars can help to achieve a semi-recumbent styled cycling experience. Smooth X bike declares that its steel frame is so sturdy and stable that it can easily hold and support riders up to 300 pounds of weight. The seat is adjustable in 9 different positions to accommodate people of any height easily.

The large flat pedals come with special grip and straps to lock the feet for optimum performance. Smooth-X-Bike proclaims that it is designed for beginners to advanced users with its 8 levels of resistance. Plus, unlike cheap stationary bikes, Smooth X Bike promises to give an all-round gym experience with 9 different settings and a LCD monitor that can display time, speed, distance and calories on the touch of a button. There is even a heart rate monitor through the handlebar for tracking the efficiency in workout. SmoothXbike maintains its stand of compactness by folding up easily in one simple motion for convenient storage. It also has integrated wheels for portability to roll it wherever desired. It comes in choices of 5 colors – Blue, Black, Red, Aqua and Pink.

SmoothXBike FAQs

Q. How much does the SmoothXBike weigh?
A . The SmoothXBike weighs just 41.5 pounds and comes with built-in wheels making it easy to transport from room to room or to slide out of sight when not in use.

Q. What is the max weight capacity of the SmoothXBike?
A . It can accommodate up to 300 lbs max user weight.

Q. How many calories will I burn with the SmoothXBike?
A . You can burn as many as 500 calories per hour depending on your intensity level.

Q. Does the SmoothXBike arrive fully assembled?
A . No, it can be easily assembled in just minutes and includes all instructions and tools for assembly.

Q. What color options are available?
A . The SmoothXBike is available in 5 colors: Red, Blue, Aqua, Pink and Black.

Q. How do I change the resistance level?
A . The SmoothXBike comes with an easy-to-turn adjustment dial with 8 resistance levels, from minimal to workout level. To increase the resistance level, turn the dial clockwise. To decrease resistance, turn the dial counter-clockwise.

Q. Is the seat adjustable for height?
A . The seat is fully adjustable and comes equipped with a secure locking system for safety.

Q. Does the SmoothXBike require electricity?
A . No, the unit does not require electricity. It is convenient and portable for use indoors or outdoors. AA batteries are included for LCD display.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive smoothXbike for $279.93
  • Official website:

    One thought on “SmoothXbike REVIEW

    1. I have no doubt the smoothxbike can work. It is no different than any other exercise machine, except for the problems I have with it. The site says made for any height person mostly. Well I’m not THAT short; I am 5’3″. Nevertheless, my son lowered it as much as it goes and I still had to use a step ladder to get on it. Since I have a problem with my balance, this is not a good thing without my son being there, and he lives with his wife and son. One of the wheels was loose and the screw not in box, so my son removed one from the handlebar/meter area, which had 4 and used that. My problem is that when I called to return it after a week, the lady told me I’d have to pay shipping, taking it to the post office myself as they would not pick it up. The post office wanted $75 to ship it back! So if you buy one, make sure you really want to keep it and don’t fall for the 30 day trial bit. I couldn’t afford to pay to return it, and if I’m paying $75, I might as well keep it rather than have nothing to show for my money and my son’s time putting it together. I was NOT a happy camper. I should have known better.

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