Smart Weight

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What is Smart Weight

Exercise equipment that is specially designed to transform your upper body from saggy to sexy in just about 3-5 minutes a day. It activates multiple muscles and gives a 360° movement workout.

Upper body transformed from saggy to sexy

Smart Weight is a 360° arms and shoulders sculpting exercise equipment that guarantees to come to your rescue if you are sick of having jiggling, saggy and shapeless arms even after all the hours of work out in a gym and lifting heavy dumbbells. If you sweat it out diligently every day with dumbbells but are still unhappy with the results on your upper body then, the special design of Smart Weight maintains to let you go from saggy to sexy by dedicating just about 3-5 minutes a day and having fun while working out.


Special design activates multiple muscles simultaneously

Unlike regular dumbbells, Smart Weight alleges to use centrifugal resistance in 360° direction to make you feel like you have been lifting heavy weights for hours while you have only used the equipment for about 5 minutes. It proclaims to do this by activating multiple muscles all at the same time and making your biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders and chest work out and chest work out simultaneously. Smart Weight states that when you use a dumbbell your triceps jiggle even when you lift the weight but it does not cause any jiggling or sagging so that the weight moves along with your body.

Magic in motion with 360° movements

Smart Weight declares to be magic in motion by giving you side to side, in and out up and down and round and round movements, that is 360° muscle sculpting actively. It claims that keeping the equipment spinning for 5 minutes is a tough task and will make you sweat in just about 2 minutes but that’s what brings great results too to make your upper body look sexier and more toned. Using Smart Weight alleges to give you the confidence to wear hot strapless dresses confidently and let you show off sculpted arms and shoulders. It claims to give you the shape with very simple movements and without having to go to a gym and spending hundreds of dollars and hours.

What do I get?

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