Slim T Shirts for Men Review

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Now tighten your waistline, trim down your love handles and even improve your posture with Slim Ts the new as seen on tv slimming garment for men that can instantly drop you up to 2 pant sizes and give you a slimmer, firmer and younger looking appearance guaranteed. No you have a secret weapon for the battle against the bulge. Look younger, slimmer, firmer guaranteed.


How does Slim T Shirt work?
Just wear Slim Ts under your clothes just like a under shirt. No one but you will know that you are wearing it. The secret of Slim Ts is 12 specially engineered structural panels. Slim Ts will tighten your stomach in the front, trim your love handles on the side, and the specially designed criss-cross back panel dramatically improves posture giving you a 360 degrees of superior support and comfort all day long.

  • Made of special Spandex-blend fibers – not hot, not constricting!
  • Slims, supports & reshapes instantly
  • Look firmer, younger & well toned
  • Fits under any other garments
  • Un-noticeable
  • Look inches slimmer
  • No diets, exercise, pills or gym memberships
  • Sizes S-XL (see the size chart below)



What do I get?

    1 Slim Ts Under the Shirt Firming Undergarment.


Sizes Available

Slim Ts SIZE CHART Small Medium Large Extra Large
Chest Measurement 36-40 41-44 45-48 49.60

When you order today, The Slim Ts are just $19.95 + $7.95 and are available in your choice of 4 sizes. Remember to order one size smaller than you normally wear, to achieve optimum slimming effect. FL residents add sales tax. Continental U.S., AK, HI, PR, VI, GU & Canada orders only. Continental U.S., AK, HI please allow 10-14 business days for delivery. PR, VI, GU & Canada please allow 1 additional week for delivery. There is an additional $10 shipping charge for orders outside the Continental U.S. Opened packages will be eligible for exchange only. Unopened packages will be eligible for a full refund. (less s&h). Official Slim Ts Website



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Slim T Shirt Video


38 thoughts on “Slim T Shirts for Men Review

  1. I was about to order my slim t when I thought maybe I should read some reviews first, I’m glad I did! I’ve been getting compression undershirts from for about 5 years and the slim t looked cool with the 12 panel thingies. Ill just stay with underworks, they have a huge selection and even though they are a little pricey ( about $25 a piece ) it’s worth every penny. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Give the website a look at least. http://WWW.UNDERWORKS.COM

  2. It’s a scam…They overcharge you…Then start charging your card for a membership you dont have…They promise a $100 gas card….When you call customer service they’re closed

    Don’t buy! Beware…Total scam artists!

  3. Ok if it says what it does and for example they say you lose 2 inches in waits where do those two inches go…they are still there so how can it reduce the waist by two inches and from the infomercial it looks weird around the waist IMO…again those inches go somewhere…I got a kick out of what that 250 lb bride said about receiving compliments on her special day…doesn’t everyone always say the brides looks great on their wedding day…is that bride related to someone from Slim T’s–maybe slim pickens perhaps…lol..

  4. What a scary situation I’m hearing on the Slim T reviews! Glade I took the time to read this. I also saw the commercial on the NFL ch. Thought it would work well while riding my atv. I won’t be buying a Slim T any time soon or ever.

  5. I’m a lady and I weigh over 250 lbs. I have a big bust (36DDD). I bought this Slim T because I wanted to look good for my wedding. They work! Everyone was telling me how great I looked! Even a 20-some year old guy came over and whispered in my ear he thought I was hot. I was cutting the cake in front of everyone and all of a sudden my shirt broke and my breasts popped out. It held my breasts so well until then. I am going to sue them for making such weak shirts that they actually break. I tried returning it but they wouldn’t let me! They are terrible people! Terrible! Don’t buy from them!

  6. After ordering my SlimT I was contacted from someone who I agreed to sign up for a good/service from. I was drinking at a bar and I have no idea what I signed up for. Now I’m being charged monthly and am clueless how to cancel.

  7. I got mine in the mail today… I am very pleased! I took a good look in the mirror before putting it on with my current outfit. then a look after I out it on with the same outfit…. I literally was all smiles! I know that sounds corny…. I will say, initially when I ordered it was a big hassle… they keep trying to sell you crap you don’t need. tell you that you get free trials of this and that… just politely say you don’t want any of the extra crap and they will ship. I ordered min on Oct 31st at about 3:45 am and today is Nov 9th. so the shipping wasn’t anywhere close to being 4 weeks. I wanna order more, they are a little expensive though. but I will see how this one holds up, then make a decision

  8. Hello everyone – I was just checking out Slim-Ts as I saw them advertised on my NFL Network subscription channel. I can’t make a complaint to the NFL as I haven’t made a purchase but maybe some of you guys who have been ripped off could tell the NFL how you feel about them advertising these fraudsters? Just a suggestion…

  9. I was going to buy a Slim T until I read the reviews. Instead, I’ll continue doing what I have been doing for a while now, which is buy “A” Shirts that are 2 sizes smaller (medium) than what I normally wear under my regular shirts (XL). They are stretchy, but buying them 2 sizes smaller helps combat the stretchiness and helps “hold you in” for a lot less and you can buy them locally!

  10. First I must say that they tried to fast talk me into committing to try various unrelated services which could be canceled later if I chose to. After several minutes of telling the operator I just wanted the “shirt”, she gave up the pitch. Weeks later I received the SlimT. It was half the size of (width) of a t-shirt. Instead of making me slimmer, the tight shirt made me look fatter! It was not “strong” enough to pull in the fat. The commercials are misleading as most of the models, wearing the product, are obviously already thin! Save your money thus don’t buy this product!

  11. I cannot adequately express my contempt for this rip-off. Like the other reviews, I have tried endlessly to contact their published numbers to no avail – as they are directing inbound calls around and around. You will not speak with a human. They are overcharging people all over the USA – they say they will charge 7.95 and actually they charge your account 7.95 for each shirt (3) and then put them in the same box. I returned my order, unopened to their address and received the same box of shirts, re-boxed and returned to me with no explanation whatsoever. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS AND LIARS – BEWARE AND WATCH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

  12. This is comical. What did you people expect? It’s nothing more than an under-armor tight fit.

    Did you really believe you could hide fat without constricting? Where do you think it is suppose to go?

    If it is not mashing your fat into your guts then it won’t work. There is no way you can do this without constricting and restricting blood flow to your abdominal quadrant. If it did work then shipping cost and fraudulent charges would be the least of your worries.

  13. I purchased four SlimTs for $74. I thought the shipping cost was too high. I measured my chest and decided instead to simply order one size smaller than I usually wear. I’m an athlete, 6’5′, 215lbs and I usually wear an XL. If I had gone by chest size I would have ordered a medium but instead ordered the large. I read the reviews on how hard it was to get them on.

    Now that I have these SlimTs, I really like them. I can easily get them on, they are great to wear under a dress shirt, they’re cool and comfortable.

    The price is too high, especially the shipping don’t order by chest size unless you are absolutely sure. I don’t think they “slim” you but I like the support.

  14. I just placed an order, I wished I read all these SlimTs reviews before I ordered it. How come they are allowed to be in business. I am so mad now they gonna charge me and I got nobody to complain about it. I am furious please anybody help me.

  15. do not order from this place they charge you then they don’t deliver, all I have heard for three months is excuses, it seems to me this is just a fraud being perpetrated across the US and Canada it’s time to go viral with this and put these fraudsters out of business. I will be posting more information regarding who owns the company where they operate and where they live so we can deal with them personally, keep checking back and we will prevail

  16. I really want to sue these people. DO NOT BUY THIS SlimT Shirt! They charge me 27 bucks for the shirt, but a hidden fee of 25 bucks a month which they told me about and I asked if I could cancel it. They said no not for the first month. They said it was free for the first month. ITS NOT! They keep calling me and I said I wanted to cancel it and they did. They called me again and I said I wanted to cancel it, they did even though the stupid woman didnt know what I was even talking about. Then the third time they called .I’m PISSED! My bank calls me and said that somebody is fruading your account. I’m like really? Who is? They told me straight up SLIM T’S!!!!! The slim ts people said I couldn’t cancel it after the first month. So I had to go to my bank and they called them and told them they couldnt do this. So they gave me all my money back. NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER SOMETHING FROM TV unless its a well known brand. DO NOT BUY THIS! SLIM TS IS A DISGRACE! I HATE THEM I HATE THEM.

  17. I am so angry with these people. I ordered my SlimT in May and still haven,t heard anything from yet. I am thinking about suing them. Can anyone send me some info on who to contact, to get to the bottom of this mess. That’s why, you have to be careful of what you order over the internet. you can get robbed blind, and not even realize it until you’ve been taken for lots of doe. So, be careful people!

  18. Has anyone had a positive experience with the Slim T? I know that bad experiences get much more PR than good experiences. Just wondering.

  19. SlimTs doesn’t work at all just fits really tight. I look more fat wearing it. I don’t even consider myself fat, I just got one because a friend at work told me they help with back pain.

  20. I just watched the slimt’s commercial and made a call and got an answering machine. I left my name and phone number and asked if they were registered with the BBB. I am also going to contact the A.G.O in my state to investigate this company. I think they are just a store front with no windows or doors, No more than a credit card scammer company

  21. I paid extra for shipping but they were on back-order, so I called and they took off the charges. I bought this for back support after surgery and it helps but it does fit awfully tight. Has anyone else had problems with getting it on and the tightness of it? Feels like it is squishing my insides.

    P.S. I have started to receive phone calls from solicitors that started when I ordered my shirt…so watch out for that to start happening. Marketers!! They never quit!

  22. “SlimTs Tank Top” Charged my credit card for $47.85! I thought I was receiving the special 3 for 1 sale but only received 1……Been trying to contact them but to no avail. No answer from e-mails and recorded message says “The beepers to go number you have dialed is no longer in service”! I don’t know about the SlimT’s located in California but the one in North Miami Beach is BOGUS! BEWARE! I am going viral with this one on the internet!

    • M.Jackson-Let me know how to join your complaint/or make my own complaint on the internet as you mentioned – Thanks.

  23. Are you just a bunch of crooks? You do not have a working email address, you do not have a real customer service number. I have been trying for days to contact you.

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