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What is Sit N Cycle

Sit N Cycle is a stationary exercise bike that states to be an efficient way to exercise at home while having fun. The hands free design of the Sit N Cycle bicycle assures that your core is engaged in workout as you pedal on it. So, it assures to give you cardiovascular exercise while also building your strength.

The above-mentioned claims of Sit N Cycle sound too good and convenient. So one must read the Sit N Cycle reviews to verify whether the exercise bike really works or not. If the Sit N Cycle reviews are to be believed, it is just a flimsy exercise bike that has no back support and handles, making a lot of customers call it a scam.


Sit N Cycle REVIEW

Sit N Cycle Grievances and Drawbacks

Ineffective for arm exercises – If the reviews of Sit N Cycle are to be believed then it does not have an arm exerciser unlike traditional exercise bikes.

Lack of back and hand support – According to Catherine, a user of the bike, it does not provide back or hand support making its use very uncomfortable.

Resistance Bands Snap – A user Magali Acevedo states that Sit N Cycle is worthless and adds that it does not work as it claims to. The substandard resistance bands snap very easily.

There’s no mention of the type of resistance (tension) that is used – whether magnetic, mechanical, digital or fluids. The creators (Smooth Fitness) also don’t reveal the levels of resistance it comes with.

Expensive – The usual complaint of customers is the steep price of Sit N Cycle. Other similar exercise bikes usually cost less than $25.

No Calorie Counter – Another common issue that Sit-N-Cycle reviews reveal is that the bike doesn’t have calorie or distance traveled counter.

Sit-N-Cycle is not very Effective – A disappointed customer of Sit N Cycle Lisa Ballard customer says in her review it’s nearly impossible to focus on the exercise and get the most out of it. She further states that using the exercise bike gives the same results as walking for about an hour or tapping feet to music. Working out on Sit N Cycle could get monotonous, too, she adds.

It falls apart – Even though its promoters Smooth Fitness claim that the user can do any task they want while pedaling, it might prove to be a dangerous thing to do. That’s because one can fall and hurt oneself since Sit N Cycle is not sturdy at all and its components start falling apart.

Difficult to return Sit N Cycle – A reviewer Deborah Krieger says that Sit N Cycle has issues like lack of tension. But the sellers do not fix the problem and instead ask to send the cycle back for replacement. And returning it is the bigger hassle. The sender has to bear the mailing cost for it, which works out to be very expensive. Because of that, returning for replacement is a bad idea.

False claims – One review rebuffs the claim that it is possible to do anything you want while working out on Sit N Cycle. Traditional exercise bikes that are made in the US are sturdy and they don’t make such ridiculous and false claims. You cannot possibly do anything you want while pedaling and exercising on it.

Disappointing Warranty – A user Catherine reviews Sit N Cycle and reveals that in spite of the big amount one has to pay the cycle, you only get a 90-day limited warranty on its integral parts. Because of this one cannot have a lot of confidence in the bicycle. The reviewer things it’s a useless piece of junk suspects and has a short warranty because it’s probably made in China.

Not ideal for people of small frame – A reviewer of Sit N Cycle states that anyone who is less than 5 feet would end up struggling with this exercise bike. People with small frame need to step on something to get on the cycle. Short people cannot even reach the pedals, making it quite useless for them. Not everyone can use Sit N Cycle.

Assembling is arduous and confusing

A user of Sit N Cycle Darren Samuel reviews that the cycle has 11 parts and 23 screws. But assembling it is a confusing task because the screws are not identified. Because of this you need to use the ruler to measure them so that you can differentiate them. This proves to be a big problem and even though there are drawings to aide you, they are too small and hence useless.

For any item that needs installation, it’s a given that the manufacturer will provide detailed instructions on how to put it together. But Sit N Cycle does not come with installation instructions and one would wish there was a close up video to identify the screws and install the bicycle. At least a CD or link to a YouTube video would have helped but there is absolutely nothing to fall back on installing.

The reviewer also adds in the review that you will be able to figure out the right way to install the bicycle but only after putting in a lot of effort and wracking your brains. However, it will still not be an easy task because it’s not really a job for just one person alone. One person is needed to hold the bike in position so that you can work on the pedals and other such installation needs. This proves to be an added hassle, which only worsens your experience even before you have started using the Cycle. But your struggle will be far from over because getting on the bicycle will give you a feeling that it might topple once you try to ride it.

How does Sit n Cycle’s state it functions?

The promoters of Sit N Cycle, Smooth Fitness claim to engage the “Active Sitting” (or dynamic sitting) method, which is a fitness multitasking workout method wherein activity is done while being in a sitting position. The Active Sitting method is very popular in modern times amongst professionals, busy moms, elderly people and everyone who needs to sit in one place to work. To help such people, the market is inundated with many “Active Sitting” products such as exercise chairs and workout balls. Sit N Cycle states that with this exercise bike, Smooth Fitness has introduced the first “Active Sitting Bike”.

The TV Infomercial of Sit-N-Cycle by Dorothy Hamill proclaims that even if you are too busy to work out, you can still burn calories and stay in shape with the cycle. The cycle promises that it is a Portable Exercise Bike that it will keep you in motion thus helping you burn calories while being a fun and convenient way to exercise that too alongside doing your regular chores. You have a way to work out on the cycle and burn calories while you watch TV, work on documents, read, knit or do just about anything else because you will be losing weight while engaging in your regular activity. What helps you get great benefits for your body is the fact that the portable exercise bike Sit N Cycle gives you aerobic activity right at home. It has minimum resistance and core-engaging design.

Sit N Cycle assures that it is easy to use and has hands-free design that should be beneficial – in theory. The ergonomic design of Smooth Fitness alleges that it lets you sit up straight so that your posture will be enhanced while building your strength. The peddling with Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike is declared to be absolutely effortless and you can do it with no strain at all. Sit N Cycle is maintained to be lightweight and the wheels let you take it anywhere you want to use it. The low-adjustable resistance is ideal for longer workouts and the design makes it usable for hours of use while giving you maximum benefits. It’s the easiest thing to lose weight and Sit N Cycle has made that possible.

Claimed Sit-N-Cycle Features

  • Its design is space saving as it occupies just about 6’x6’ space in any room.
  • Warranty: it comes with a one-year warranty on all parts and 90-day in home labor.
  • The cycle does not require electricity to run.
  • Great comfort: the cycle has an extra wide seat to provide comfort and the pedals are non-slip to prevent accidental slips.
  • Lightweight: at just 26.5 lbs, it also has wheels to transfer it wherever you want.
  • It is of commercial-grade quality and can withstand up to 300lbs of user weight.
  • Optimum workout results: it is possible to burn up to 500 calories in one hour depending on the intensity level of the exercise.

Sit-N-Cycle Specs

Maximum User weight : 300 pounds

Size and weight

  • Foot print – 24″L x 17″W x 30″H
  • Unit weight: 26.5 lbs



  • Frame Warranty: 1 year
  • Parts Warranty: 1 year

What’s included

1 Sit N Cycle Portable Exercise Bike
All this for $240.00 with FREE SHIPPING Official website |

79 thoughts on “Sit N Cycle REVIEWED | Piece of Crap!!

  1. bought sitncycle before reading any of these review. boy wish I had. first of all putting it together was not easy. glad I had put bikes together before. l am tall and long legged, the set does not have enough height for my comfort. getting on it is next to impossible unless I am hanging on something. it has a habit oftipping over. made of mostly all plastic and the little gauge for time,etc. not work correctly. will be returning it, but at a cost of $50 for shipping. mentioned all the above to the sales rep at customer service, no help. BUYER BEWARE AND WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!

  2. I am very disappointed with the Sit N Cycle. There was never a total cost stayed on the item only the shipping charges of $19.95. When I asked for the total I am now up to $139.92. When calling the # I have been cut off.Just called them again and have been told that the total cost will be 6 payments of $39.99 and they do not charge shipping charges. When ordering this I was to the understanding of $119.99 plus shipping. It has been a big fares. And it is a big piece of CRAP.

  3. It was false advertising and almost impossible to get a straight answer. After they get your credit card, they bill you forever. They should be reported and put out of business!

  4. I ordered this Sit N Cycle for $19.95. After giving all my ordering and credit card info, I submitted the order and was VERY UPSET to see they charged my credit card for $239.49 This is FALSE ADVERTISING! Do not order. I immediately called the company at 8 am when they claim “customer service” opens and they said to call back in 24 hours for it to show in the system. After waiting several hours, I called back again & was told it had not been entered in the system yet & they would look out for it & cancel it. I asked to speak with a supervisor & supposedly they were all “busy” & someone would call me back. No one ever did. I called today and was told the same thing & that my order had been shipped out. How could my order have been shipped if it wasn’t showing in the system? SCAM! Liars! I was told that when my order arrives to refuse the order. I called my credit card company & had them to conference Sit N Cycle & we were told on a recorded line that their customer service is just the shipping company & there was nothing they could do to cancel or reverse the charges until the order is received back which is NOT what I was explained on yesterday. She stated that once the order is returned to the company they will credit my charge card. LIE! Do not let them fool you into ordering this product. Customer service nightmare…

  5. I saw the sit N Cycle on facebook .The ad read “just $19.95. However after I gave them my credit card number I discovered that that was a very missleading price and only the first payment. The total price for this piece of junk is close to $200.00 . I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. I tried to call sitN cycle and was given a run around . Sad when a company has to stoop this low to trick people into getting their money.

  6. I have had my Sit N Cycle for about 6 months. I am 79 years old. I ride it an hour at least 3 times a week. It has improved my breathing when walking up steps. I have been real pleased with mine. I would recommend it highly

  7. terrible customer service after talking to 4 of them they have no clue so I cancelled my order. then it took 2 days to cancel my order they have an excuse ever time you call and they say call back in 4 hours call back in 4 hours omg now many calls do I need to call to cancel to much of my time on this issue.
    Find another product and I didn’t even try it customer service turned me right off.

  8. I recieved the Sit N Cycle on June 4th. I opened it to look at it and it is cheaply built and I decided to send it back. Well if you open it you pay for the shipping to send it back which is a total rip off. I spent $60.11 to send it back which included $6 in insurance. Their first question when I called was have you opened it, if yes.. you pay the shipping!!!!!


  10. DO NOT BOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!False advertisement. I almost fell off twice. They don’t tell you that you have to pay to send it back,

  11. false advertising, they got the 19.99 but I change my bank card number they won’t get another dime out of me!


    The ad said 19.95 with free S&H, 30 day trial. No where did it give the total price before putting in my credit card # until at the last screen for order confirmation. Total price then was $239.94. I called them immediately but was told to call back on Monday. I said by then my money is spent and it will already have been shipped! She hung up on me! So I called my bank (who I can get a hold of 24/7) and reported it as a scam. She reversed the charges and said they will investigate. I snipped this proof of reversal along with copies of the order they had already sent immediately and emailed it back to this fraudulent company telling them to cancel my order! I will be calling them on Monday also.
    What a rip off!

  13. if you post a bad review they want even post it,,,,,, what a scam and a shame!!!! If I could rate it a 0 I would!!!!

  14. OMG we love our sitNcycle at work. It is foughth over. I am sitting on it right now and typing to you from my sit/stand station. The bike fights under the workstation. I adjust accordingly and ride away. 40 minutes easy peasy. We pass it around beween 3 people who use it every day and another 3 that use it several times a week. Want a real bike to ride get a real bike!!!! Which I have also.

  15. We are on a our third sit n cycle within the last 8 months, this thing is a piece of JUNK. When they designed this product it was obviously for people who buy exercise equipment, use it for a few weeks and then start piling laundry on it. The first one lasted 2 months and the belt broke, they sent us a new one. That unit lasted 6 months and again, the belt broke, this time I had to pack it up (keep the box) and send it back before they will send another one. There is a 1 year warranty on it that starts from the time of purchase so if the belt on this next one breaks after 4 months I’m screwed. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT, it is a cheap piece of Chinese CRAP. Unless of course you only plan on using it for a few weeks then it’s fine.

  16. Easy to put together with the instructions provided. I’m barely 5 feet tall & it’s just perfect for cycling in my socks; did it for 40 minutes on tension 6 with no problem.

    • Hi Anne,
      Hope our feedback helps others, as I am five foot tall and have had over twenty abdominal surgeries alone in 2012. My point is, if I can use this machine with the seat all the way up and tension on eight and nine for an hour, anyone can. Yes, it does work for the abs. With that being said, I feel it is a great item to have in your household. No problems, have had it before Christmas. It also works you into a good sweat. PEOPLE, GIVE IT A CHANCE!
      Thank you.

      • thank you for posting something positive. I ordered one on Wednesday, and all i see are bad reviews, and makes me wish I did not order it. I do hope I made a good choice. Thank you.

  17. This company is “ripping off” people and they need to be stopped. They practice deceptive advertising and do not refund customers’ total purchase price even after the product is returned to them.

  18. This company is “ripping off” people and they need to be stopped. Thy practice deceptive advertising and do not refund customers’ total purchase price even after the product is returned to them.

  19. Do not believe the $19.95 price it a scam, when you check it out it cost $239.99, then they will tell you they can’t cancel the order,

    • I was duped by the $19.95 price too. Went through all the screens and not until the very last screen with the order confirmation did it ever say it was going to be more than that! Customer Service not available until Monday which I knew would be too late so I called my bank immediately and reported it as a scam. They credited my account back the total $239.94 and said they will investigate this issue.

      What a Rip off and FALSE ADVERTISING!!

  20. Read the directions, watch the video. Read where the directions say to go either count-clockwise or clockwise when putting certain parts together. I put it together partly before I went to work and had no problem whatsoever. I let you know how I like it when I get it together.

  21. I purchased the sit and cycle as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law through QVC. After 7 months of limited usage, the pedal fell off. I should have read all of the reviews before I purchased.

    For those who have just purchased the machine and are rating it highly, I give you less than a year; you too will change your mind and rate it poorly. It is very poorly made. Most of the negative reviews complain either about the pedals falling off or the belt burning. Either way, it’s not worth the $200 one will pay.

    Again, Stay AWAY from this purchase!!!

  22. Came not complete! Bar which the pedal screw on was not threaded. Can not ride it! Called four times now and said they were sending item! They lie and this a piece of junk! I am not paying for this, will send back!

  23. You can post this if you like……..this sit n cycle is definitely not something you want to buy. The persons that have made comments and have posted them are ‘right on the money’. As soon as I paid for this cycle the tension control no longer worked. Sending it back would indeed be a hassle ref to the fact we would have to pay for this large thing to be mailed back. Also, I would not allow an elderly person to get on it unless they had something sturdy to hang to….not safe. EEEgad-this item is JUNK. Marsha Veisz order 74801201416166021-as you will be able to see, when you look this order #up-I just bought this cycle

  24. I put the sitncycle together with help from YouTube so no problem there. The only problem was the seat I was not able to screw in the bolt because the thread was not made properly. I called customer service and they sent me a new seat within 4 days. I have used the cycle usually in the evening when I would normally be lazing around and feel a lot more energetic and I can feel my circulation moving after 20 minutes or so – so am pleased about that. I am 54 and my metobolism seems to have stopped so am hoping that at least 30 minutes a day on the bike will speed this up for me. I have had the bike about two weeks and so far so good.

  25. The problem with this bike is the bolts keep getting loose and my husband has to tighten them up every 3 weeks!
    I would never recommend this bike to anyone. A real disappointment and what a pain. Will probably never shop at QVC again.

  26. I got the SitNCycle last month. My husband put it together. I rode it approx. one week about five times and it started to make a noise like something was loose inside, then started to get louder. My husband took it apart and we found that the belt was beginning to have a piece come off. We cut that piece sticking out off. I rode it one more night and the belt completely broke. I called customer service to ask them to send me a new bet and they said that they don’t replace belts, to throw the old bike away and they will send me another. I told the lady not to send another until I talked with my husband. I just called again and they lady said they have sent me another, this without my confirmation to do such. She said that now I have to tell the Post Office that I refuse the package to have it shipped back to the company and I can throw the old bike away. I now am convinced that this is a company trying to rip off people by selling them a bike that only works for a couple of weeks and then relying on people to wait to long to call customer service and end up paying for another bike. It is not worth the money everyone.

  27. Directions are available for correct assembly & safe use in both video and manual. Just a matter of looking. One place is is on QVC. Very clear, easy to understand and follow. Specifically, Video under ‘Assembly Instructions’ Step 1 states “Take Styrofoam from box and place upside down & place SitNCycle main frame in the Styrofoam” which steadies it so one person is able to work on it. Also, part of page in Manual reads: “Unpack the box in a clear area. Review the Hardware Kit List below. This chart is provided to help identify the hardware used in the assembly process. Place the washers, the ends of the bolts, or screws on the circles to check for the correct diameter. Use the small ruler to check the length of the bolts and screws. Do not dispose of the packing material until the trial period has expired

    NOTICE:The length of all bolts and screws, except those with flat heads, are measured from below the head to the end of the bolt or screw. Flat head bolts and screws are measured from the top of the head to the end of the bolt or screw

    Note: Please review the contents of the hardware kit pictured below. Some small parts may have been pre-attached for shipping. If a part is not in the hardware bag, check to see if it has been pre-assembled. You can refer to the exploded diagram on page 13 for hardware placement HARDWARE KIT Part No. and Description Q’TY
    #16 Bolt (M10x13mm) 4 pcs
    #34 Screw (M4x12mm) 4 pcs
    #33 Screw(M5X15mm) 6 pcs
    #35 Screw(M5x30mm) 2 pcs
    #3 Bolt (M8x13mm) 5 pcs” ( part of the page didn’t copy -the pictures of the screws)
    Any negative reviews on that site also appear to be from those who didn’t follow directions. BTW, have been a QVC customer for nearly 10 years and have never had problems when calling CS with questions, issues, problems with products.

    In addition to assembly, it is explained, the point of the SitNCycle is core strengthening in addition to lower body exercise, weight lose, and increased endurance while cycling. A person can incorporate light weights or something similar if so chose for upper body but the main goal is for sedentary people can benefit from some sort of exercise even if for short period of time. For those c/o too high of seat, they should have read dimensions. No big deal to put near chair to hold on to back for a second while getting on or use a step stool. I have to use a step stool every time I need something from my kitchen cupboards, so quit whining & get cycling.

  28. My, My, My, I read 28 review online. I was surprise all the neglect feedback. First saw SitNcycle on Steve Harvey show 2014. Purchase from Bed Bath and Beyond on 31 January 2015. Watched Superbowl with friend and family. Which in 11 days later lost 10 pounds. Maybe it’s water weigh, time will tell, use it for 4-5 hours per day. Installing was easy within 30 minutes. I read instructions and watch youtube prior.. All the hardware and materiel was included. You have to use additional screw driver and wench if the on in package isn’t strong enough. I used WD-40 on the area in which was difficult. Anyway, no problem, Tips: REVIEW YouTube and read instructions will save time to install and easy installment. Second tips: start will lowest number tension and move to next level. It’s a new machine will need break-in. Third tips: stand in front of machine with your hips touching the seat is the best way to get on the seat. It wasn’t make with handle because the purpose is SitNcycle. I was hesitate to purchase. I am 55 years old female, License Massage Therapist/Physical Therapist Done research prior to purchase. Like the concept sitting and exercise, watching tv, reading, computer and laptop. If you have a high condtianer top or kitchen island works well. Was diagnose with orthoarthritis and bursitis. SitNcycle is the best relief I felt in years. Bottom line everyone isn’t going to be happy with everything in life. Happy!! SitNcycle. Thanks of reading this review.

  29. I saw the commercial with Dorothy Hammel which said 90 day trial for $19.95. BY LAW, products must have a disclosure statement… This one does not. I wanted to order it, but when I found out it was nearly $200.00, I said “no way.” DO NOT ORDER IT!

  30. All the SitNCycle reviews I’ve read are accurate and similar to my experience. I love the concept but after 5 minutes I have to get off to fix the tension that doesn’t really work and tighten the foot pedals. If I cycle in reverse I can last maybe 6 minutes before having to stop. Too bad about this because otherwise it could be a good bike for me. Now it is just waiting for the next large item trash pickup day.

  31. Can some one tell me where I can get new belts foe my Sit-N-Cycle as on broke and I cannot read the number on it.

    • good luck with that. I just called the company and found out that you can not get a replacement belt. you need to get the whole damn cycle. this is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard. My understanding of the law is that if a product is sold, parts need to be available for 5-10 years this company seems like it’s in business with the sole purpose of ripping people off.

  32. I purchased the Sit N Cycle, I put it together myself and was pretty proud of what I did. was not that easy to get on, but I did and I was peddling fine for a couple of days. After that, the right peddle came off and I could not get it back on. My brother was able to reconnect it. Started back using it again, and now the right peddle and arm are loose and wobbly. I should have read the reviews before.

  33. My husband ordered SitNCycle for Christmas, when putting it together, he looked inside and saw that the frame around the main pole was broken. Item was then on back order for almost 5 months. After he put the second one together I was testing it out and want to test all 8 levels, so, when I got to the 8th level, the noise was unbearable. My husband called and let the representative hear the noise and proceeded to send yet another one. Well, guess what, it makes that same horrible crunching noise on 7 and 8. We will be calling yet again to send it back, only this time we will NOT be requesting a replacement. If 3 bikes have defects to the same customer, then there is something REALLY wrong at the manufacturing level that NEEDS to be rectified.

  34. I was so excited to get my Sit N Cycle…on my second 30 minute work out the pedals came off. Nice.

  35. I have no problems with this bike… took awhile to put together but I did it myself and I am a 56 year old female!!!! I don’t have problems getting on it and it is plenty sturdy.

  36. Sit N Cycle is a piece of Junk

    I bought this piece of junk from QVC, the pedal kept getting loose and I had to buy a step stool to get on it because I’m only 5 feet tall. When I finally got through assembling the Sit-N-Cycle, I got on it and a clacking noise started, all of a sudden no more resistance. When I disassembled it I found one of the resistance bands torn. I exchanged it and the same thing happened. Don’t waste your time and money. Piece of crap!!!

  37. I bought Sit N Cycle. And I like it.

    Sit N Cycle does have a couple issues though, getting on and off. Because there are no handles means you must be very careful not to lose your balance. Also the wheels work great on hardwood floors. But not so well on carpet. Not having a back or handles actually means your workout does better for your core. It works, gets your heart rate up. For those that think it does not work. I don’t understand why they think it doesn’t. Its cycling, and cycling DOES give you a workout
    Also there were issues with a couple holes drilled too large. And I had to search for larger bolts. That is a quality control issue. That should be addressed.

    • Mary, you are lying!!! this piece of crap does not work. It is a flawed design, maybe your company did not have the funds to put a back support and handles. Low grade morons…you should be ashamed of yourself trying to sell this POS to older people. GOD IS WATCHING.

  38. The Sit N Cycle is too short for most people causing them to pedal in an unnatural position. This can cause problems in the knees and hips. As a short person, I find it ridiculous that I am having to buy an additional seat to raise me up so that I can pedal. Very sorry I bought this item.

  39. I received Sit N Cycle for Christmas. I tried it for a few days. The pedaling on the cycle is jerky and after a five minutes I noticed that my muscles were not affected at all. I get more burn by going up a flight of stairs once. The ad says that you could watch TV or text while on the cycle, but the seat is so uncomfortable, that you would not want to be on the cycle for more than 5 minutes. I have been calling every day to get a label to return the cycle, the representatives are courteous on the phone, they give me a time frame when I should receive a label but have yet to receive a return label. It has been 8 days now. I think they delay so you would not be able to return in a timely manner. I told my daughter to put a hold on her credit card. Do not buy this cycle unless you do not want any results and are willing to spend your time calling every day to get a return label.

  40. Do not get the SitnCycle. It is junk. My wife bought it from QVC and the pedals would not bolt on. I had to retap the holes for the pedals to go on. Very poorly made.

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