Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL 2015 REVIEW | Don’t buy Sit N Cycle Deluxe

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Annie exposes Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL Assembly issues. Review date:15th Jan 2015
Annie who reviewed Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL revealed in her review that the assembly of the bike is not as straightforward as it was described. She claimed that it took very long and even then things weren’t falling into place. She was upset that her husband had thrown away the box, which meant she couldn’t return the bike and was stuck with it.


Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL needs to be of a certain height By Ian in early Jan 2015. Ian who bought complained in his review that though the advertisement for the bike claims that it works for everyone from the height of about 4 feet that’s not the case at all. He says that he is about 5 ft 2 but still struggles with the bike at its lowest level. He reckons you have to be over 5 ft 5 to get on the bike without any difficulty. He also complained about the tricky installation of the bike in spite of following the instructions. What’s worse is that the pedals come off only too easily. He believes the bike he got is defective and wants to get a refund for it.


Wrong delivery
Kevin who used Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL exposed in his review that his experience with the bike started off on the wrong foot right from the word go. Firstly, he got the delivery of the bike in wrong colour. Besides that there were several parts like spring washers that were missing and he had to fork out extra to buy them. He also moaned that the assembly was difficult and he had to force parts into place. That has left him worried that they might break at any point. Since he didn’t open the box right away and only realized some of the faults after a few days he missed the deadline for returns.


Problems galore
Maureen who bought Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL on 2nd Jan 2015 complained in her review that there were way too many problems with the bike, something she did not expect after spending substantial amounts on it. She was frustrated with the difficult installation of the bike and thinks the commercial for it is completely misleading. She says that she is 5 ft 5, which means she can get on the bike easily but can see how some others might struggle with it. According to Maureen, she bought the bike because she wanted a low resistance workout given that she has trouble with her knees. But she thinks that the bike has only aggravated the pain and she has stopped working out with it completely. She thinks there might be better options in the market that she would like to try out rather than this bike, which is a complete waste of money.


Missing parts
Alan who reviewed Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL exposed in his review that it was a complete scam because the bike arrives with several parts missing in it. That means you have to buy the missing parts just to get it to work and there are extra costs that are involved with that. Even after having all the parts in hand he couldn’t get them to fit well, which was another disappointment.


Not well made
Delilah who used Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL complained in her review that though she could install the bike easily she has serious concerns about some of the parts it has. She is particularly worried about the pedals that don’t seem to fit well at all and has collapsed on a couple of occasions while in use. You are given a wrench with the package to tighten it back in place but that barely does the job. She complained that she has had to use it several times within a month of use. Overall she thinks that the bike is cheaply put together and definitely not worth the money they charge for it.


Have its limitations
Emily who bought Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL on 8th Jan 2015 revealed in her review that there are some good things about the bike that she appreciates. For example, she is happy about the fact that it’s quiet and she can now exercise without disturbing anyone. She also says that since she is quite handy with tools, she didn’t mind the fixes it needs every now and again. However there are problems according to her, like the fact that it was delivered to her in wrong colour. She also adds that since she is 5 ft 4, she has some problems while getting on the bike. Although she kept the bike on the lowest setting she had to tilt it a bit to get on it. What also makes the bike quite dangerous is the fact that the weight is not well balanced at all. Emily says that all the weight seems to be at the front, which can be a nuisance. Another problem she mentions is the increasing noise levels as one moves to different levels of resistance. She wishes they had paid more attention to this aspect while making the bike.


Cheap junk
Robert who reviewed Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL exposed in his review that the bike is nothing more than a piece of junk that is completely useless to him. He was surprised to see that some crucial parts of the bike were missing and things just wouldn’t align in place. Things were so shoddy that the top of one of the screws wasn’t even cut. He adds that he got practically no help from the customer service department of the company and wishes that he hadn’t wasted his money on the bike.


Not easy to work out
Dan who bought Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL complained in his review that the bike is very tricky to work out with. He bought it for his mother who has trouble with her knees and the bike was supposed to offer a low resistance exercise. But that has not been the case and she doesn’t like getting on the bike. There were problems with the installation of the bike as well and once that was done he realized that the seat was too high and the pedals just too close. Dan was also upset that when his mother got on the bike it tipped sideways and it could have been quite dangerous had he not been around.


Can’t attach foot pads
Kurt who reviewed Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL complained in his review that the instructions the bike comes with are quite poor. He found it especially difficult to attach the foot pads because it’s so tricky. The bigger problem is that the bike is practically useless without the foot pads and he has no option but to put it back in a box and return it.


It’s a let-down
Karen who bought Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL in the 1st week of Jan 2015 complained in her review that the bike has not lived up to her expectations. She bought the bike because it looks compact and practical, but practical is one thing it isn’t. She was very annoyed by the long winded installation of the bike, which is just impossible with several of its parts missing. She also complained that the plastic parts don’t align well and forcing them is pointless. She just thinks that it’s a badly made bike that shouldn’t have been on the market.


Not worth the price
Sophia who used Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL exposed in her review that the bike is definitely not worth the high price they charge for it. She had expected a lot more for the price she was paying for the bike but what she got was a cheaply made product that won’t last for long. There were several flaws like loose pedals and creaks, which should have been avoided. Overall she thinks that the manufacturer should have paid more attention to the quality of the bike before putting it on the market.


Appalling customer service
Carole who bought Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL complained in her review that not only was the installation difficult for an elderly woman like her but there were parts missing too. She had no option but to call the customer service for the missing parts and was told that they would be delivered to her in three weeks. She called again when they didn’t arrive and was told that they were back ordered and she would have to wait longer for the delivery. It has been a one long chase for her since and the customer service she has received is quite substandard according to her.


Not long lasting
Tony who reviewed Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL revealed in his review that the bike is not well made and falls apart within a short span of time. He was happy to work out on it initially but soon enough it started falling to pieces. The pedals came off first and then the resistance setting broke. It has been one thing after another since then and he has been trying to fix these parts constantly. He claims that it’s the only exercise he is getting at the moment and can’t get on the bike at all. He is also upset with the customer service of the company because he hasn’t gotten any help from them whatsoever.


Poor quality
Katrin who used Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL complained in her review that the bike is of very poor quality. She says that she is a petite person and even then the bike comes apart way too easily. She has used it only a handful of times but the tension band has already broken. Another problem she highlights is the costs that are involved with shipping it back because the bike will not fit in the original box due to the assembly requirements. She is quite disappointed with the false marketing of the bike because it says that there are several improvements in the bike. But clearly they don’t show at all and she wishes that there were several further improvements that were made to it. According to her you need to find another bike in the market that will do the trick for you.


Only good for a short time
Peter who used Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL revealed in his review that he bought the bike after he was diagnosed with diabetes and wanted easy-to-use exercise equipment at home. While he thinks the bike fits the bill initially there are several problems that creep up in a matter of months. He thinks that’s because the manufacturer hasn’t thought about the quality or the longevity of the bike at all. Since he was happy with the bike initially, he didn’t think he would have to return it. But after a couple of months the whole thing came apart and it was too late for returns.


Makes a loud noise
Sandra who bought Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL complained in her review that since she had knee pain she bought the bike as it claims to have low resistance. But she wonders if that’s really the case because her knees are hurting while using it. She also noticed a loud clicking noise every time she changed resistance and believes it can’t be a good thing. The pedal kept locking up as well and that made exercising on it quite difficult. She has now put aside the bike because it’s useless for her.


Belt falls apart
Andrea who used Sit N Cycle Deluxe XL exposed in her review that it’s one of the most poorly made product she has ever bought. She wishes that she had read other reviews of the bike before buying it. She says that not long after she had started using it the belt started giving her trouble. When they disassembled the bike to look at the problem they realized that parts of it had already shredded off. She also adds that the tension wouldn’t adjust properly, which makes it a decent idea but very bad execution for her.

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