Simply Fit Board REVIEW

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What is Simply Fit Board

It claims to be a unique exercise board that offers easy twisting motion along with pivoting action to engage the core, tone the muscles and lose weight.

Better exercise board – Simply Fit Board assures to provide weight loss, toning and core strengthening with its one simple motion. Simply Fit Board states that its unique design helps provide twisting motion while standing over the board that pivots to engage the muscles. The twisting action causes the core to stay engaged, tones up the abs and legs while targeting muffin tops and bellies. More shall be revealed after Simply Fit Board is reviewed.


Simply Fit Board REVIEW

Not well made – Rose who bought Simply Fit Board complained in her review she ordered it for office after hearing about it on Shark Tank. She is not a large person but her board split into two within a month. She reached out to the makers on social media but got no response. According to her it seems like the board cracks in the middle where it seems laminated. She found it hard to get in touch with the customer support and some of the buttons on their website don’t work.

Ordering nightmare, painful results – Lars who reviewed Simply Fit Board revealed in his review that he ordered it from the company’s website but wasn’t told that it was out of stock till he had paid for it. He is annoyed that you are charged shipping and handling fees when they don’t even deliver it for a month. When he received his package he was happy with the instructions that came in the box but wishes they were in color so that he could read them easily. He has been using the board but not often because it hurts his knees. He thinks he has made a mistake by ordering it.

Not as expected – Ronald who used Simply Fit Board exposed in his review that he was shocked to see a poorly made one page instruction sheet with the box. He also realized that the board just didn’t look like it was depicted on the website. He says that he is a fairly healthy middle aged man but he still can’t twist on the board easily like you see on YouTube or Shark Tank. He reminds that the board comes with a disclaimer “The user agrees to assume and accept all risks of bodily injury due to using the Simply Fit Board”. That set off alarm bells for him and he put the overpriced board away.

It’s a scam
Mike who bought Simply Fit Board complained in his review that his board wasn’t delivered and was told that the payment would be pending till it is shipped. He was also told that he would be given a tracking number but none of that has happened and the payment has gone through. He tried calling them but got no response and thinks it’s a scam.

Disappointing product – Chris who reviewed Simply Fit Board revealed in his review that he was hoping this board would be the answer for his workout needs, but he can’t even keep his balance forget toning. It is very hard and doesn’t move easily on carpets. He suggests that you don’t go by videos or positive reviews of this board, because it’s nothing like it. He bought the MaxiClimber and preferred it more.

It has limitations – Gerry who used Simply Fit Board complained in his review that it doesn’t work on carpet even with exercise mat, but it does work on wood and vinyl floors. He doesn’t like how it moves while using it and unfortunately it made his sciatica problems worse with pain.

Simply Fit Board Claims

Exclusive features – Simply Fit Board emphasizes to be easy to use and can even help improve the balance. Design wise, Simply Fit Board alleges to be lightweight and portable so it can be carried anywhere and even stored easily. It also allows user the chance to perform a quick exercise anytime, anywhere. Such farfetched claims by Simply Fit Board will be proved once it has been reviewed.

  • Max user weight supported 400 lbs
  • Available in 4 Colors (Orange, Green, Magenta and Blue)
  • 6 workouts


What do I get?

  • 1 Simply Fit Board
  • 1 Workout DVD
  • 1 Eating Guide

Price: $39.99 + $7.99 S/h. | Official website:


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74 thoughts on “Simply Fit Board REVIEW

  1. I bought the simply fit board review for my mom seeing the hype around the product and it simply proved beneficial for her exercise regime. The board was great to use. There is just the right amount of instability for you to balance and there is enough stability to do the exercises. I even found her standing on it while doing other things like watching tv or working at her kitchen table. I was always reading some reviews before ordering and got convinced somehow. It came with a DVD that gives instructions on how to use the board properly for an effective workout. It is great for balance and for someone who may get board with exercise or doesn’t like to exercise…it is easy to use, doesn’t break the bank, we recommend buying a mat to go underneath it to protect your floor

  2. I cannot say enough good things about my board! My board definitely moved before I got the true balance and using hand weights. It took me about 3 times before getting it right and I feel like I stay right where I need to now. I have been using my board for several weeks. I’m especially excited about the inches coming off of my waist! (I am 51 years old and have noticed the muffin top over creeping in. ) I do not have a mat, but use my board on an area rug in front of our tv so I can watch the news or my favorite show. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine because of the results I’m seeing. It’s fun, too.

  3. Purchased the board two weeks ago…I am a 55 year old woman with no back issues. After the first use (10 minutes) I had back pain the next day. I continued to use the board (thinking I just needed to get used to it and stretch my back) approximately 8 times.

    I am now in severe back pain….will not use this piece of garbage again and want to warn others about this.

  4. I use that board and have no problem. I bought the mat and I can’t get past the smell. It is so strong that I can’t use it. I start to sneeze and my throat starts to hurt. It is a very strong rubber smell. I put it outside for two days thinking it would help, but it didn’t at all. I keep it rolled up in a bag, and I keep trying to use it, but I give up. It’s terrible.

  5. I love my Simply Fit Board! I use it when I don’t have time to go to the gym and I want to get a quick cardio workout in. I turn on my favorite dance tunes and twist away. I use mine on a 5×7 area carpet, so that I don’t ruin the hardwood floors. When I first used it I was sliding all over the place, but Irealized I was not balanced on the board. I lost 3 inches on my waist in about 3.5 weeks.

    • I was wondering if it would wear out the carpet pile in the area it is used – have you noticed anything different about your carpet?

  6. I got my magenta SFB at Walmart. Have had it about a month. I have bad knees, but no problems with the board. I’ve noticed a substantial improvement with my balance. It’s a great cardio workout, even in short bursts, and lots of fun. Absolutely NOT a scam!

      • You need to be perfectly balanced on it to keep it from walking. sometimes leaning the board back a bit helps. its just takes time to get to that point. I used it about 4 days before i could stay in one spot.

      • I found that my board moved about on me too, and when I got my arms more in the rhythm of the swing that helped it stay put.

  7. You can buy this product at Bed Bath and Beyond and use their coupon. i am an avid gym person and thought I’d try this board for my core. The second time i used it i stayed on the board for 15 minutes. the next day my back was in very bad shape. it is 3 weeks now and still not good. i did the motion correctly as the board did not inch forward but it “tweaked” my back way too much. I won’t use it again.

    Be careful..keep knees bent a bit and do not swing too much to the sides. Definitely not worth it for me as now I can’t play tennis!

  8. Has anyone purchased their board off of Craigslist? The gentleman told me the boards he is selling are extra ones left over from an order that was placed for an order that was distributed to Wal-Mart & other stores. The man had all the colors of the boards with him when I met him to pay for my board, even though I told him I would like a blue one. He said he brought others with him in case I wanted a different color. He said the boards he had don’t have the DVD or instructions just the board. I said that’s fine, plenty of videos to watch on YouTube. I payed $25 for my board, but I’m leary of the real thing because the Simply Fit boards say Simply Fit in the middle of each board. Mine just says FIT. Is my board an authentic board or a knock off? Before I use it I will get a mat of some kind to use. I have pergo wood floors, don’t want to ruin my floor as I live in an apt. Feeling positive to use this board & see some weight loss!

  9. I ordered it online, it came quickly. I’m 51 years old, 220 lbs, I use it at a pretty high intensity for 30 minutes every other day. Board is exactly as advertised and is a nice supplemental cardio workout, as well as muscle toner. I put a piece of 36′ x 36′ laminate wood over carpet and it works fine. First few times I did it right on the carpet but it was wearing the carpet. Would recommend to anyone looking to mix up their fitness routine.

    • Sounds like a bunch of bunk, why didn’t the company tell people about the possibility of scratched floors, and the possibility of breakage? Songs like you may be working with the company to give good reviews.

      • I lovery the simply fit board some people aren’t meant to do it. But it works for me it’s great and if u pulled a muscle in your back or anywhere else that means ut not doing it right

      • I haven’t bought one yet but it was obvious to me just seeing it that it would scuff and scratch wood floors, perhaps tile and care wear in the carpet.

    • If you go to menards or somewhere where they would have leftover pieces of carpet or flooring then you can put that where you want it. I have really old carpet so I don’t mind the wear the board is so much fun. Right now I’m battling with leg issues but as soon as I get better I’ll be back on it. Also check out Rosalie brown on YouTube she’s awesome

  10. I am starting to get a little worried. I ordered my fit board online on 1/8/17 and on the 12th I finally heard back thanking me for the order. I received a tracking number and it stated that a label was printed but my account was never charged. It showed that the shipping date was on the 12th and delivery date was pending. Two days later it said it was shipped but FedEx tracking info hasn’t changed. I spoke to someone and the guy said I should receive my fit board plus package within 7-10 days. I’m thinking yeah right! Does that sound familiar to anyone??

  11. Got Fit Board for Christmas. You can buy a plastic mat on the website that will save your flooring but I went to winners and purchased a large thick plastic cutting board to place over the carpet. This works great. Fit Board glides smoothly. I have a magenta board and it is not cracking. Proper foot placement and twisting at the waist is critical to minimize knee and back pain if you are prone to that. I have sciatic problems and it is not making things worse.

    • This is great info to know. I got one as a gift and noticed my knees and sciatica flare up! I have on a rug and so fare no color bleed or cracking, I have only used it a week now.

  12. I got the first board right after the shark tank presentation. It is a very good and easy to use board which really enhances abs. Love it. It cracked in the middle very fast and it was promptly replaced very fast. The second one with very mild use cracked in the middle as well and broke apart. Idea of the product is very good, but something does not work technologically. Trying to find similar product on the market, but so far unsuccessful.

    • Have you found a comparable product? There have been balance boards that one twists on over the years. I remember one from the 60s. It’s not a new invention but the molded plastic is.

  13. I ordered it on the 30th of December and received it today the 4th of January. No complaints so far, now let’s see if it Works!

  14. January 1st started using the fit board. I enjoy it so far, be careful on tile floors it really moves fast. Do it on carpet it is harder to use. Start out bye holding on to something..I bought mine at Bed Bath And Beyond

  15. This is a total scam, why don’t people go dancing every friday nite or better yet take dancing lesson and having fun.

    • I don’t see it as a scam at all. They didn’t have the color I wanted so I settled for a different coIor. Took a while for delivery but they didn’t charge me for postage because they didn’t have the color I want. I have had it for over a month and after a couple of weeks I am doing fine not it. Have to be a bit careful though because of some knee pain. Not sure where the scam is!

  16. I ordered the Fit board and was told and received confirmation that the cost would be $57.73. No where did it say this was US funds and that it would cost me $79.45 Canadian. The ad said they shipped from Canada. I could have have picked it up at a couple of store in the City where I live and paid less $57.00 Canadian. Never, Never again will I order anything on line and especially from this Company. It is a SCAM with a big capital S. I should have read the reviews. I have a couple of friends who were thinking of ordering and I will all them immediately and not recommend this product. In fact, I now do not trust the company, so I will be cancelling my credit card so they will not be able to use it.

  17. I am very over weight and thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. I have bad knees and walking is hard for me to do at any length. SO if I were to give this a number from 1to 10, I MUST give it a 10! I bought mine from the website (official) this holds my weight no problems. Easy on my knees. And in one month I have lost 2 inches on my waist. 3 inches on my chest and 2 inches on my hips. I use it 3 times a day. For AT LEAST 10 minutes but try to do 20 minutes each time. I wear a Fitbit and it shows how many steps, calories burned etc. I recommend also buying a Fitbit or some other brand of wrist sport band which also keeps you wanting to do more. ALSO important is to eat only veggies 2 times a week. I eat them either raw (yeah dipped in ranch dressing) steamed and roasted. You can eat them all day long and it’s like eating nothing TWO DAYS a week. Also I drink crystal light at least 6-8 bottles (glasses) a day. The rest of the week I eat what I want. This is what is working for me.

    • We also bought it from Bed,Bath and
      Beyond. They shipped it out quick with
      free shipping and I used my 20%off
      coupon. My daughter and I have used
      It a few times. We are starting out slow
      Since we both have bad backs. So far so
      Good. We are pleased with our purchase!

      • My husband got me one for Christmas. I tried it out for a few minutes and realized I needed a pad under it as we have wooden floors so I haven’t used it since. I’m an RN. I started having left knee pain at work the day after Christmas. As of today, January 8, I’m using a crutch to get around. I’m not sure it was the Fit Board but it’s the only thing I can think of where I used a twisting motion on my knee.

        • I use it three times and been going to a chiropractor and water aerobics, but both the knees are hurting so bad since I used this board. I hope it gets better.

        • Did your knee get better? Mine are hurting going on 4 weeks. Going to doctor tomorrow. My knees want to give out. I have fallen 3 times.

        • I have jumpers knee, and do physical therapy for it I use the board for therapy and if not just you but anyone it experiencing knee pain it’s bc there is a muscle that connect from your hip to your knee cap that is not normally used when walking running or any of that unless you’re a dance or martial arts, so the reason it hurts it because it’s growing that muscle and it’s as if you are doing physical therapy so it does make you very sore. Also if you’re experiencing back pain then you’re not using the board correctly, twisting to much for your body to handle or try using weights while twisting like they do in the videos to balance out the muscle mass that being gained on the core and legs

      • No it doesnt hurt the knee. I too have a bad knee and back and have had no problems, i took a few tries to get my balance right on it, but I’m doing a lot better, the more you use ot tje better youll get.

  18. This is such a scam, was not told they were out of stock until order was placed on Dec 5, 2016. The delivery date keeps changing every day. My credit card had a $100 hold put on it. I think i will just cancel my order.

    • I ordered minemail online from Walmart. I bought a few other things, so shipping was free and everything arrived in 4 days.

    • I’m standing here at walmart and it’s only $39.88 no shipping etc. I’ve been on it twisting holding on to cart the past 15 min. I feel my sides and abs… So if 15 min can give a lil burn I can only imagine what a real workout will be on a daily after a month or 2. So doing this along with my cardio I’m sure to drop my wt get back into my skinny jeans.

  19. I called by phone to order my board, received within 2 weeks. I’am 70 years old and quite limber and agile. These people complaining are probably not using board correctly. I wouldn’t use one if I had back problems. I really believe it is helping my core. Ladies are asking me to do a class but that would be a risk, too many don’t follow directions. Anyway, I love my board.

  20. Just bought it at Walmart. The jury is out. You twist your lower torso. You do not want to ever twist at your knees for ANY exercise. Will see…

    • I purchased my simply fit board at walmart just after Christmas and I think it’s great. It’s what I expected it to be. I’m a 65 yr old woman, have worked out most of my life. I more less quit the gym a few years ago and gained a few lbs so I thought this would help motivate me. I’m 5 2′ 115 and just out of shape. This I don’t believe will help you lose weight unless you work in other cardiovascular with it along with reducing calories. I feel my core getting stronger and that’s good for me along with walking and eliptical
      work out.

  21. I ordered a board from the Simply Fit Board website October 26th, 2016. I checked on the order November 11th and was told it would be delivered November 22nd. I never got it. And, when I emailed them to check on the order, I was told it would be delivered December 23! At this point, I just want my money back. I feel this is a scam.

  22. I bought it on line and had no problems. Although 57 years old, I am in reasonable shape at 140 pounds and I use it with my Fitbit to get 10,000 steps every day. I can “mile up” my daily count really fast using the board. With the long dark nights, it really helps because walking outdoors gets exponentially more difficult. I use a scrap piece of laminate underneath to save the floor and go like crazy! I have learned to keep in one spot and can direct the travel and orientation if I need to. Highly recommend, but I suggest only for people who are already physically literate.

  23. I bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond using a 20% off coupon, so it was “only” $32 and I didn’t have to hassle with added shipping costs or customer service issues. There was a DVD and short instructional brochure included. It takes a bit to figure out the proper form for the basic twist, and I didn’t find the instructional video to be all that helpful. You’ll know you’re doing it wrong if your knees start to hurt. You have to twist from your hips, which doesn’t really make sense to me, but I’m learning. I used it for about 15 minutes each of the first three days and didn’t think it was doing anything until I woke up with sore abs on day four. I recommend using the board on a low-pile or berber rubber-backed area rug placed on a non-carpeted surface. If you use the board on carpet, the carpet will get matted down and worn, and if you use it on hardwoods or vinyl, you’ll have wear problems there too, it’s much cheaper to replace a small throw rug than carpet or other flooring. I don’t think anyone is going to have a huge, dramatic weight loss story from using this board, but combined with a sensible eating plan and other workouts, it will definitely help improve muscle tone. And you can use it anywhere at anytime because it doesn’t produce any noice…unless you count the crashing sound if you lose your balance and fall off! All in all, I think it’s a helpful tool and worth the investment.

  24. Me and the little mrs. Tried a naked dance on it , went ok for a while. Got into it pretty good and the board slid out from under us and we busted our naked butts on the floor and never got to finish toning our core !

  25. I personally had zero issues with ordering, paying, or receiving the board. I ordered it in early October 2016 and received it within 12 days of ordering it. I got a DVD and instructions. However I am a millennial so who needs instructions when you have YouTube? Haha. If you’ve watched the episode of shark tank or seen the infomercial it’s pretty self explanatory of how to use it for the basic twist. I don’t plan to do planks and push ups with it. Those are exercises you don’t need a board for. This board you twist with your hips not your legs. If that makes sense! I would recommend this board! I don’t regret ordering it. I got the magenta one. I weigh over 250 lbs and it hasn’t cracked on me yet so we will see. I use it on carpet. I agree on hard floors it isn’t as smooth working. But it does still twist on various floor types! Carpet is your best bet though. 10 minutes a day is kinda hard to make it to when you are first starting out. What’s worked best for me is counting twists to 100. And try to do that 3 times a day! I feel the pain and burn in my muscles and know that means I am getting a good leg and core workout! Not sure why others have had a bad purchase and use experience but so far it’s been a month and I love it!!!

    • I just read your review. So it appears you have had it for a little over 2 months now… are you still happy with it?
      Also if i am not being too nosey, have you noticed any weight or inches lost?

    • I’m probably about your same weight and age. I was wondering if you still like it? Some people have had problems with them breaking but they don’t put their weight in the review.

  26. Just from commercial my first thought was is would scratch a wood or vinyl floor and carpet would get netted. I kept trying to see if bottom had a flat pad with some sort of bearing or something that stays stationery.

    Apparently it does not for that reason alone I would not purchase. For 40 dollars to should have one and would be worth it.

    Without it easily should sell for 19.95 us dollars. Lori must have been in a generous mood that day to jump in. I would like to see her use it in a work out spandex and I would by it plus the video.

  27. They are right it is a scam. Still waiting and never told me when shipped or when I would get it. If I would of paid on credit card I would of cancel but paid with pay pal! When I called 3 days ago said shipped today said it hasn’t shipped bunch of liars

      • Wish I had just done that instead of through website – ordered board + accessory pkg – waited for it to arrive – when it finally did I had the board … no instructions – no DVD – no mat – none of the extras I paid for- called customer service & got an oops … well send your stuff in a week or so …. this was a birthday present – kinda too late … very upset about lack of professionalism

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