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As many of us understand the importance of losing weight to get into the shape of our lives, we are looking for smart and healthy ways of achieving our goals. You know it’s not only about looking good and making the right impression but leading a healthy lifestyle as well. However we also realize that it can be easier said than done, particularly when there are programs that are supposed to offer you good results but they don’t. You put your body through great rigours but to no avail. Thankfully now you can rely on Shapely Secrets and in seven minutes with these secrets you will have found ways to lose weight in pounds and inches as well.

How does Shapely Secrets Work

The results are guaranteed here, which is why these secrets have become such a rage today. And the results are startling to say the least as you can lose up to two inches or ten pounds in 14 days. This weight loss program will also help you lose up to 1 dress or pant size; results like these you can otherwise dream of but now they are well within your means. And the good thing is the results are seen rather fast, which keep you motivated.

The magic behind this weight loss program is the amazing discovery of motionless exercise. In this type of exercise, power of one muscle is used against the power of another. As a result five muscle groups get a workout at the same time and your exercise becomes a lot faster. Studies have shown that it can work your muscles around 5 times more effectively. Now in seven minutes you can sculpt your body even if you are standing still and motionless.

This program is helmed by Greer, who has helped millions of women with her secrets for the past two decades or so. And now her secrets have been taken to a whole new level altogether in this path breaking program, which has a lot in store for those who are looking to lose weight and get that shapely body they always wanted.



What do I get?

  • Two Videos (VHS or DVD)
  • Motivational Audio CD
  • Full Color Program Booklet
  • Shapely Makeover Secrets Booklet
  • Sand Timer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Designer Makeup Bag
  • Trial Sample of Essential Boost
  • Fat Burning Multivitamin

All this for just $29.98 + $12.93 s/h. Official website



Shapely Secrets Video

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